The Rise of the PAWGs in America

May 25, 2013

There are several theories out there about why some white women these days have asses that are as big or bigger than those of black and Latina women. The truth is probably a combination but it is a very interesting phenomenon because it has occurred within the span of my life. When I was little ( I’m 43 yrs old now) I never saw a white woman with a big curvy ass. Sure I saw fat white women but never any phat ones. White women had no curves and their butts were flat as hell. There are still plenty of those out there so they must have missed out on something. Now 20-30 yrs later you can find a white woman with a big curvy ass on almost any street corner in any major city to a small hicktown. How did this happen? And conversely what has happened to black women? I see black women with flat asses all the time now. Perhaps my perspective on asses has changed as well. Today males are inundated with images of big asses to keep us horny, distracted chasing ass and using porn. They even invented a new acronym for this class of women called PAWG. It stands for Phat Ass White Girl. Go figure.

austin-taylorYou have to get to the root cause. What causes a big curvy ass? Mostly genes. Your genes also control your natural hormone levels. Hormone levels can control how curvy a female appears. Hmmm…..you are probably asking yourself…genes? White is white and black is black right? Nope…not anymore. Blacks and whites have been mixing with each other secretly and publicly for hundreds of years. Maybe we have finally crossed some genetic threshold where black female traits (since our genes dominate) are being conferred onto white women. Maybe the same thing is happening to penis size for white males? I wouldn’t know but I do know the myth about black male penises is really just a myth. Some brothers are gifted. Most are not. Some white dudes are gifted. Most are not. That is the only real truth. What women prefer really depends on the shape of their vagina anyway and what they have been conditioned to find attractive. Sex is, was and always will be mostly mental.

Another major theory out there is the chemicals in our food and water, specifically hormones. I’m no endocrinologist but this one definitely makes sense. We have seen a dramatic shift in the composition of our diets in the past 20-30 years. Genes on the other hand have not changed that much in such a short span of time. It’s scary that hormones could cause such drastic changes so quickly but there is really nothing else that can account for the obvious dramatic increase of the size and curviness of white female asses. Hormones are in everything that isn’t organic and that’s almost everything. Meat and milk are obviously two of the main foods that contain hormones but women these days also take estrogen for a variety of reasons. When you combine it all together you probably end up with what we are seeing in front of our very eyes. Who knows what effect GMO foods might have on human genetics but it is clear that women are reaching puberty far earlier than they used to and far earlier than they should since they are now attracting older men who can manipulate them since they don’t have the life experience to match their developed bodies. I won’t even posit what the effects of rampant antidepressant use by women might do in combination with everything else mentioned.

big booty

I have a friend who believes that the real reason behind this is that white women work out more. I think that is most likely a tertiary cause, although not insignificant. Yes it is a fact that white women in general work out more than black women. White women also tend to eat healthier, cleaner sources of food since they have more money in general (don’t respond to me complaining about how poor the trailer park is…….I already know that….I said in general) along with the capacity to make more money since they’re white to begin with. Yes racism still exists in spite of Obama. Blacks are more concerned with surviving as opposed to the quality of that survival. We don’t have organic food stores in our neighborhoods and fast food restaurants in black areas are open 24/7 many times. Stress also plagues the black community causing high levels of cortisol to remain in our blood constantly. That surely affects the endocrine system because, as Gnostics, we understand that hormones condense in humans from the tattwas of the ether in the fourth dimension. You cannot understand that without awakening consciousness so proving it is a matter of personal experience in other realms via astral travel, not the ignorance of flawed human science.

big booty2

Now that we know some of the reasons white women are more voluptuous than they used to be the other question becomes why are the elite doing this to them? Perhaps white women are not the target. Perhaps it is women or humans in general. Perhaps this is being used to feminize men and masculinize women (that’s probably not a word). Perhaps they want younger women dating older men and older women dating younger men because those tend to be unstable, ephemeral relationships. Perhaps they want women to have children at an earlier age so that they are born into unstable households since teenagers rarely can support a baby on their own, especially without dropping out of school (although not being brainwashed by public education may be a blessing in disguise). Perhaps these hormones cause illnesses like cancer or they increase the sex drive so much that people forget what love really is in the chase for the next orgasm. Whatever it is you can be sure it isn’t being done to benefit mankind. That is anathema to the elite.

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