The Christian Black Codes of 1724: Blacks Have No Nationality

February 19, 2013

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  1. More of us need to hear and be aware of this. it’s sobering to reveal to people that we do not or cannot own land. Remember when Katrina hit?

    The reporters were referring to the residents of the ninth ward as refugees. That says it all.

    • You hit the nail on the head sister. They tell us right to our faces. That is our legal status on paper.

    • It’s probably tied into that subprime mortgage fiasco that got blamed on us as well. Of course what doesn’t get blamed on us?

      • Jabari

        My fear will soon be a realization when the other coloured nations come to power. Since most of us take on the identity and attributes of our oppressors, the Latin and Asian peoples will do the exact same thing to us…if not worse.

      • Yes it sounds bad but we should consider all non-black, non-whites to be enemies until we know otherwise. They frequently sell out for a buck and adopt by proxy a white supremacist attitude, especially those that recently arrived in America. Each race has the same problem though. Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese think they’re white and they look down on the darker skinned Asians like the Thai, Koreans and Cambodians. I don’t think the Latinos will sell us out so quickly, as least not all of them. Mexicans know the deal. The Cubans in Miami have already sold us out and I know we can’t really count on Puerto Ricans either. Indians (as in from India since I have to explain thanks to dumb ass Jew Christopher Columbus who got lost) usually adopt a white posture as well. We know where the native Americans stand. They got it worse physically than us but we got it worse mentally.

        It is safe to say that blacks have no real friends, including ourselves most of the time. The truth is painful but we have to accept the fact that most descendants of African slaves are all but lost. Those of us who are awake need to start forming alliances and partnerships with conscious people in the African diaspora and with all other victims of global white supremacy. How we do that is up for debate.

      • Jabari

        I am mentally exhausted from coming up with ideas that go nowhere. Unless blacks WANT to wake the hell up, there’s not one damn thing you can do.

      • Amen-ra. Amen-hotep. Hallelujah. You are exactly right. We are largely contaminated with the mentality and lack of spirituality that whites naturally possessed with their calcified pineal glands before they came into contact with Africans again. Whites naturally devalue nature, their women and everything that is not material. They exploit each other. They are extremely violent. They are oversexed and know nothing of tantric or platonic love. All the things they excuse us of is what we have learned from them. A spiritual awakening must happen within each individual and we have no control over when that happens. We all have our own soul on its our journey back to God. We have lessons that must be learned to go to the next level.

        Since whites lack any spiritual unity they have united around materialism and the collective exploitation of people of color worldwide. It’s always in the back of their minds even without them knowing it. Without black (meaning descendants of African and African slaves) unity we have nothing. Whites will never grant us equality out of goodness they do not possess. This war against white supremacy is too massive for only a few thousand or even hundred thousand “blacks” to fight it. We need the 38 million “blacks” in America to come together but it is impossible at this point without some cosmic intervention or without whites doing something so terrible to all of us that we are forced to unify once again like we did under chattel slavery.

        I feel your frustration but everything in nature is a cycle. Life itself is a death of a previous life and death is a re-birth. We need urgency but also patience at the same time. The pendulum always eventually swings the other way in a world of duality so do not despair. Each day holds new meaning for each of us so we have to ask God for guidance and our dreams will give us the answers we seek. We can only change ourselves. Others are more likely to follow our example than our words. I need to improve in this area myself.

        Take care, Jabari

  2. Jabari

    you have no idea how much I needed to hear that! 2013, in my estimation, will be an awakening for some of us. Those that are ready for it shall be “activated” in some way shape and form. Do you know that when I pass by certain people, I can now “see” them? I see their true self.

    Most often times than not, they are empty.

    I stopped using store toothpaste, even the ones that *claim* to be free from pesticides and now use my own home recipe of baking soda, peroxide, coconut oils and herbs.

    My goal is to disconnect myself from them as much as possible. I get plenty of sunlight, drink water, no soda and have stopped drinking juice from them. I eat brown rice and lentils with steamed vegetables most nights with a small piece of fish here and there.

    The biggest change for me was to stop eating their white sugar. Sugar is a Demon. And the most addictive drug EVER made. Of course they know this…that’s why they take our sugar cane plantations and eat the raw cane and molasses and sell us the white waste product it leaves behind.

    I have a segment on my blog called Blacks and Health. I hope my readers will follow my humble advice.

    Thanks Prince for your encouragement.

    • So true about sugar. I still have a weakness for it but I’m working on it.

      Beware tomorrow. It’s Purim and the phony Jews who control Mossad like to stage false flag attacks on that day, since the real Jews were persecuted on that day on history. Ironic isn’t it? They are fake Jews mis-using a real Jewish holiday. They also like to stage false flags on 3/11. Fukushima and Oklahoma City both happened on that day.

      • Thank you sir. Tomorrow, I shall stay in a watch the snow. You be careful as well.

    • This is what Rev. 3:9 says, See I am giving those of the congregation of Satan, who say they are Yehudim and are not, but lie. See, I am making them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you. This come from the original scroll. The word jew does not appear because there is no “J” in the Hebrew Alphabet. There is no nation call jews and the Messiah was not called jesus.

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