Blacks Were Never Offered Nor Accepted US Citizenship

February 15, 2013

Blacks in America are seriously deluded. We clamor for equal rights and equal protection under the law. We complain about the Voting Rights Act expiring, as if there will ever be a candidate that supported black interests under a government of white and Jewish supremacy. Remember that Jews are genetically African. They just mixed with whites from Canaan when they either left or were thrown out of Africa. They know this and geneticists have confirmed it time and time again.

When Lincoln so-called “freed” the slaves an offer was never made to blacks to ascertain whether we wanted to become US citizens or not. By the time slavery had ended blacks didn’t even care really because they knew it would be in name only just like today. Regardless we were used to living in America and most chose to not repatriate to Liberia in Africa. We should have all gone but we didn’t. Sometimes what seems like a step backwards can be two forward in the long run. Now today blacks believe Africa to be a continent of brute savages  fighting over land and bread crumbs while practicing voodoo when in fact it’s a bunch of whites pitting Africans against each other for control of natural resources. It’s also a land of Malthusian depopulation in the form of malnutrition, HAARP-induced famine and AIDS which continue to devastate the continent all by European elite design. All races are participating for enough money.

So why do blacks now believe that after being originally declared 3/5 of a person that we now are citizens? Because we were born here. We think that makes us citizens. It doesn’t. Others falsely believe that since our parents were born here that it makes us citizens. Clearly that is a fallacious argument since our ancestors were not citizens either. We believe the Constitution protects all races. It doesn’t. It protects wealthy white aristocrats only, not even poor whites. The fact is that legally, although the US government will never admit it, we are resident aliens. Whether we are legal aliens or not matters little. The police treat us like illegal aliens just like they do with most Mexicans who are undocumented. Undocumented is just the white man’s way of saying “We don’t think you should be here because it says so on this piece of paper we signed.” It’s rubbish. This planet belongs to no one and everyone at the same time. This is the sickness of whites in power and everyday whites who tacitly condone this psychopathic yet normalized behavior. It is a God complex where they feel they have the right to dictate to everyone of a different race where they can live on the planet and under what circumstances and conditions. They are in direct violation of God’s natural law…..DO…..NO….HARM….

I am not trying to justify the white man’s treatment of blacks in the hands of this racist system where individual “well-intentioned” whites can view themselves as innocent bystanders but rather attempting to demonstrate the legal legerdemain that has occurred behind closed doors unbeknownst to all of us. Whites and Jews in power know that blacks are NOT citizens. That is why no one listens to us when we complain about injustice except for some incendiary, short-lived, politically correct bullshit that never amounts to a hill of beans toward establishing long-lasting freedom and equality. We will never find justice in America as long as this system is in place and the system will remain in place as long as everyone is brainwashed to be a servant of Federal Reserve notes printed by elite Jews.

So the answer is always what it has been even before the time of Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X…..separation. The problem with separation is that whites and Jews will not give us the land they owe us. That means we have to stay here as a permanent underclass unless we are willing to wage war and die for our cause. Most of us aren’t. That means then that we are pawns of Jews for the foreseeable future. Jews hate Gentile whites as much as they hate blacks and anyone of the African diaspora. They want to mongrelize Gentile Africans and Europeans to create one muddy races of light-skinned subjects while preserving their own racial identity and purity. They are well on their way with the brainwashing from TV and music that is promoting interracial relationships. Interracial porn is making it even worse. Americans soak up filth like electronic sponges. Then they swear to you that they are in control of themselves after all the mental crap has set up shop in their subconscious.

Blacks are just pawns in this tribal conflict between European Jews and European Gentiles. Jews need us here to keep whites pissed off because white aggression has to be vented. Jews have insulated themselves from attack by writing falsehood into our history books, lying about the Holocaust and proclaiming themselves to be God’s chosen people. It’s all lies because that’s all Jews know how to do. Even the well-meaning Jews are brainwashing into permanent victim-hood believing every Gentile is out to get them. Why do you think so many famous people are now converting to Judaism? Madonna, Amara Stoudemire and Colin Farrell are just to name a few. They want some of that special treatment that white Gentiles dish out to Jews out of some perverted phony guilt complex for things that never happened and outright lies. Whites get the shaft but blacks take the blame. It’s called projection. Jews do it too. They accuse others of doing what they are really doing to everyone else. The examples are countless.

That is how Lincoln saved the union, not by freeing the slaves, but by keeping us hostage here in America. As long as whites have someone to blame for the problems that Jews have created Jews will never be blamed for anything in a media which they own and control. They have stacked the deck psychologically against all of us. Nothing is going to wake up the average American other than God itself and that won’t happen until after death and having your soul purged of its complete lack of consciousness. Of course if Americans are asleep now then most likely they’ll be asleep in their next life too repeating this cyclical and meaningless existence of Jew worship. It can’t last forever and the elite Jews know that eventually God will intercede on our behalf but they know that will take thousands if not millions or billions of years so for now they are content to play the role of God until the real one shows up and ends this charade they have created for us in this 3D hologram of thought…..all inside the mind of God itself.

So to all black Americans out there who are fighting for justice: You will never get it because we are NOT citizens!!! No one ever made us an offer of citizenship so whether we would have accepted it or not is immaterial. We are just here……period. We have no rights under this system. All we have are the natural law rights afforded every person by God. Man does not recognize those rights. Whites will continue pretending that we are citizens. Many whites are just as duped as blacks are in thinking that blacks are citizens. Black votes will never count because we are NOT citizens (not that they would count anyway). Obama would have won both elections either way. We didn’t have to vote for him. Our (or I should say their) presidents are selected long in advance by the elite. The election process is just a front for “patriotic” fools who believe their opinion matters and that they are performing some civic duty. Morons………


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