Is Love In America Dead? Yup………

February 14, 2013

It’s a fitting topic for Valentine’s Day where single women bemoan their very existence and envy the women in relationships who get flowers and candy. I could write a very lengthy book about this topic but I won’t. We all know the answer. Yes love is dead in America. What we have now is a simulation of love. We go through the motions but it’s not really love. Sadly we are exporting this sickness to the rest of the world with our technology as well so pretty soon the rest of the world will be utterly miserable and hooked on drugs as well.

First let’s distinguish between real love which is the love God feels for us or the love a good mother feels for their child. The West is fond of the phony notion of romantic love. Romantic love means you love someone as long as they love you. It’s the opposite of platonic love which means it shouldn’t be called love at all. It’s a complete misnomer. It should be called a temporary convenient arrangement. That is what marriage has been reduced to these days. Humans have always confused passion with love but none more so today when sex is the #1 hot commodity that it is. Nothing sells like sex including sex itself. Americans have sacrificed morality and tradition for some illusory notion of freedom. It’s not freedom for women to walk around half naked all day keeping men living within sexual fantasies for the better part of the day. That’s immoral and it is destabilizing to the family, the very bedrock of society. It’s not freedom to plaster porn all over the internet. Both feminism and rampant hardcore porn are courtesy of our good friends the Zionist Ashkhenazi Jews. They corrupt a society, steal everything and then leave it for scrap before parasiting on another nation. Why do you think their Hollywood is making so many movies about vampires and zombies. We’re the zombies and they are parasiting off of all of us. They throw it right in our faces and laugh at us while we keep giving them our money thinking it’s all just harmless entertainment.

Americans now worship sex and money. That is what elite Jews worship. They turn us into them, just like when a vampire bites you and you become one overnight. The elite Jews do not know what love is. All they know is the seven sins. They know they can never know the true God so they set up shop here in the third dimension to try to make this their heaven on Earth where they can be Gods. They know how to control us. They’ve been doing it for thousands of illusory years. They have it down to a science. Resistance is futile. Mankind, and America in particular, is going down into the abyss. It had to happen. It didn’t have to happen this quickly but it did have to happen. Cycles are just part of God’s creation. A few of us rise and 99.9% of us fall. We can dispense with the notion of infinite hell here and now. Our suffering is never eternal. A loving God would not do that or it would demonstrate lack of love. There are techniques to skip this suffering but their success has to be experienced directly in other dimensions while you are asleep but conscious. Since few know how to astral project they all remain asleep and must be purified by God through hundreds, if not thousands, of years of suffering in lower hell realms. It’s that simple. Karma takes no prisoners. God doesn’t punish us. We punish ourselves by abusing free will and reaping the karma we deserve.

Everything in America is objectified and disposable now. Any slight problem in our relationships and we scrap them for another one that ends up worse. We use our words harshly to harm others. We gossip and spread vicious rumors. We do things that hurt others only to hurt ourselves. We do not see that we are all part of the same one God and that we became individuated through the fall of Adam and Eve when we learned to abuse the animal orgasm. That is what the apple represented. The story is NOT literal. Fornication is our problem. We have been cast out of paradise and now most of us operate as if God did not even exist. We are a nation of nihilists and atheists. We worship the ego, the “I”, which is Satan. I am not a religious person. I am a scientific realist. True religion and science are the same thing. We have been given phony religion and the true science has been hidden from us. How many people know that minerals like rocks are actually alive? We think they’re dead because they’re not carbon-based. We’re fools. We think they’re not alive because they don’t move, speak, breathe or eat like we do. We’re morons. Minerals exists at the lowest end of creation where we are heading right now. God exists as the Ain Soph Aur (light without limit) at the other end. Our task in life is to break free of the cycle so that we end not only our suffering but the suffering of all beings. Did you know that? Probably not.

Instead we’ve chosen to glorify the ego with houses, cars, clothes, degrees, multiple sex partners, fame, fortune and whatever else accelerates our descent into the abyss where God will mercifully but slowly purge us of our willful stupidity and blind ignorance. I want off this train ride and I’m trying to get off right now, not so that I can escape while others suffer because that is going to happen regardless of what I do but because the sooner I help myself the sooner I can help the rest of us. God knows we need it bad and need it NOW!!!

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  1. i sometimes feel that love is dead.it will take a miracle for me to see that love can still be alive, because all people seem to care about is spreading their gene pool and acting like savage animalistic Neanderthals, not to mention reproducing to the point where there are not enough resources ! i for one don’t care about money, looks, etc., i just want a guy who isn’t some pre programmed stereotype, just someone who has a spark of life, the main reason, IMO that love is dead is people are just so picky and resorting to this so called sexual selection, i.e, men want hot stunning women, women want handsome, rich men. RUBBISH! is it enough that i just want a guy who is different and who has a spark of life and who isn’t a stereotype?!

    *ahem* sorry if i rambled on too much, I’m just sick of it!

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