Clues from Clone Wars: 3/11 and Temple Mount Bombing?

February 9, 2013

Remember the Madrid bombing on 3/11/2004? Remember Fukushima on 3/11/2011? Well we are approaching another 3/11 in about a month and I noticed something very peculiar in the Star Wars Clone series today S05E17. Everyone should know by now that the Jedi are the bad guys. They want to kill the separatists who want freedom. Jedi is nothing but a conflation of Jew, Levi and mostly likely Edomite. The Jedi speak words in a similar order as Hebrew which is why people find Yoda’s diction strange and humorous.

Anyway on today’s episode the Jedi temple was bombed by a terrorist. That is akin to the Third Temple most likely being secretly built right under Islam’s nose and the Temple of the Mount. The bomber’s name was Jakar Bamani. I did a search on that and it came back with the Dark Knight. Why? Because it’s similar to Joker and Batman. That is clue#1. The ritual sacrifices at Aurora and Sandy Hoaz (I meant Hook) are both related to all of this death energy used in Jewish blood rituals.

Secondly Jakar Bamani is another B and J reference. We all know it really means Boaz and Joachin, the twin towers of King Solomon’s temple. Boaz is mercy which Jews don’t have. Joachin is justice which they also do not possess. It’s a temple of sacrifice, not of animals like goats but rather Gentiles. This is what 9/11/2011 was all about. The bomber in this episode had explosive nanodrones in his blood that were detonated, much like suicide bombers strap explosive devices to themselves externally instead of internally. Is Israel going to play the false flag game again and blame an attack on the phony Al Qaeda or maybe Hamas?

Third, Madrid was 9 years ago. Fukushima was 2 years ago. If you know any gematria you can tell that’s another reference to 9/11. 2=1+1=11 with 9 makes 911. Also 29 is the number of death. More people die on the 29th day of each month than any other day. It’s a fact.

There has been speculation that Israel is already secretly rebuilding the Third Temple or that they have planted bombs near the existing Al Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. Surely Israel wouldn’t be this bold? Pleaseeeeee……..these Ashkhe-NAZI Jews are pure Satanic not to mention genetically and culturally deficient of any type of morality.

Finally it’s a New Moon on the last day of the Hebrew month Adar. New moons are periods of darkness and low energy because the moon in completely obscured. It’s also exactly two weeks after Purim, the favorite day for Jewish elites to slaughter unsuspecting Gentiles. It’s also on a Monday which is Moon day. This world is ruled by the Moon because we are all lunar bodies until we build solar bodies by practicing sacred sex aka Karezza, Maithuna, AZF or what Westerners call tantric sex.

On 2/11/2013 it was reported the Pope is stepping down exactly one month before 3/11. What’s up with that? At the same time it is being reported that Sarah Silverman’s sister the rabbi has been arrested for trying to pray at the Western Wall wearing garb supposedly reserved for male rabbis only.  Something is afoot here folks.

Watch out on 3/11/13. That #13 may turn out to be some of the worst luck ever.


  1. As much as I try to understand their numerology, its mind-numbing. Why, I ask? But then again, why ask why.

    • 3/11 is a famous day for sacrifice of Gentiles (non-Jews). Look up that day in history and you’ll see. Fukushima. Oklahoma City. They love the solstices and equinoxes too because those are maximum and minimum energy points. Everything we see, think, feel, touch and taste is a number, a frequency, a chakra, a color and a note. We are ruled by the planets……As above so Below. That’s why the zodiac don’t lie. They have even proven scientifically that the universe is a hologram. Of course real adepts knew this thousands of years ago. Their technology is infantile. They know nothing of astral travel. I have done it myself several times and remember everything I saw. We exist in the mind of God only. Nothing else is real except free will and the karma that goes with it.

      BTW Purim is coming up this Sunday. The phony Jews use these Jewish holidays, when the real black Biblical Hebrews suffered, to commit mass Gentile genocide. There will be carnage in the next few weeks. 2013 is a good year for them. It’s all about channeling energy. Fear is their fuel. That’s why they love sodomizing little boys. They steal their vital energy to prolong their lives and then use them as mind-controlled slaves later in life when someone needs to be assassinated or they need a mass shooting. They want to be gods here because they know they can never leave the 3D realm. We can….and we will. They will take most of mankind with them.

      I am a Gnostic in case you didn’t know 😉

      • Thanks for the explanation. I am currently studying the Dogon. Heavy stuff but fascinating. And yes, our chakras as being used against us. See my post on Darkness Matters and Confessions of a white racist.

      • Yes the Dogon have white people very confused and frustrated. “How can these primitive (meaning non-whites) people have so much knowledge about the universe and the cosmos?”. Hahaha……whites are fools. They equate technology with civilization and their technology is severely deficient as well. That is why they steal everything and then re-label it in history with a European moron. Anytime someone discovers something great they kill them so they can keep making money the old way….by poisoning the planet, the very organism that sustains our lives. Case and point: the car than ran on water.

        Everything is alive……the planets……even the rocks we kick around and skip in lakes. The sun is a planet…..not a flaming ball of gas. Beings live there. This has been known for eons and hidden from mankind. After the fall of Adam we lost all of our spiritual abilities because of the abuse of sex. Now most can only think in 3D with five worthless senses. That’s why there are so many 3D movies and 3D TV sets now. They want to make sure the masses stay stuck in the destructive frame of mind. Apparently most of them have no problem with it.

      • Yes, Credo Mutwa speaks of the Sun Peoples too. He also speaks of the “demonic beings” that live here with us. Ever have that funny sensation where the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Ever have a “dream” that you’re being held down and can’t move or speak?

        It’s not a dream.

        These beings are very real, my friend.

        It’s 10.00 now and I must rest so I can make money for white folks tomorrow. Talk later, beloved.

      • Good night sister. Sleep tight and leave your body with ease to see the delights of higher realms.

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