Black Females Now Dating White Males (actually it’s the money)

January 4, 2013


I’m sure many brothers out there have noticed this phenomenon in the past few years but I finally feel like commenting on it briefly because I haven’t see anyone else talking about it in the media. We all know that black men have been banging white chicks for hundreds of years, even during slavery. Black men and white women have a sexual bond produced from our common white male oppressor. Sure black female slaves were also oppressed, usually by rape, but the main target of white male aggression during slavery and still today is black males. Black women were attacked mostly to emasculate the black male. White women just became tired of having to live under the authority of white males and taking ass whippings whenever they got “out of line”. They were and still are attracted to the black beast (and other non-whites) because they are still largely turned off by the intellect of the white male. Those are just stereotypes of course but they are played out effectively by the Jewish media, which is behind all of this brainwashing and social engineering to destroy all races except their own. The media tells you what to think and most people do it…….just like a monkey.

What does the history of slavery have to do with young people today? Not much really. They don’t know or care that much about slavery or how generational racism has left blacks with the short end of the proverbial stick to this day. What they do know is that black males get thrown in prison disproportionately for selling drugs even though whites consume the vast majority of them. They know that 70% of black mothers are single moms. What they don’t understand is that once slavery ended there had to be a way to keep blacks and whites divided. That is where TV and the Jewish media came into play. Jews own 98% of the media which means they control the thoughts of most Americans who endlessly consume this filth. These Gentile morons will deny they are controlled because the programming is subliminal and glides in undetected iuto the subconscious, slowly resurfacing over time back into the conscious once again undetected. Then you behavior is changed. Pretty slick huh? They spend billions upon billions on developing these techniques to keep us dumbed-down and programmed to behave just the way they want.

Black women have always hated when they saw a black man publicly dating a white woman because they never found white men sexually appealing and didn’t want to date other races. They thought of white males as goofy, nerdy, feminine, rhythm-less and sexually inadequate. This is different from the beast mentality driven into white women via gangsta rap that black males are oversexed, unintelligent, criminal and violent animals that are nonetheless “cool” because they keep it real and make life exciting with all of their drama. Women of all races instinctively love that type of animalistic male. Now the Hollywood Jews have programmed many white women to have babies with black males with shows like “Khloe and Lamar” and “Ice Loves Coco”. White women believe biracial babies to be better than black or whites ones because of their light skin and “good hair”. They think it’s hip because it’s on TV. White males, naturally, couldn’t be more pissed and have taken to projection onto black males instead of the Jews where it belongs. I have written about that before.

Despite this most black women still remained loyal to black men as a whole because they simply had no attraction for white males. Enter the Jewish media once again. Two things have changed the black female attitude toward white males: 1) The American obsession with money and material possessions, which is inextricably linked with whiteness and 2) the media’s current reverse portrayal of many black males as goofy nerds while portraying white males as athletic, rugged and macho. It’s a role reversal for Gen X. Almost every white hero on TV and in movies has a grunge beard now that somehow women find masculine. Now some black women, after dealing with black men sleeping with white women for centuries, finally have been programmed to find some white males physically and sexually attractive. That means they no longer want black men at all. They have had enough of the emotional and physical abuse (of their own doing from choosing the wrong black males from more Jewish programming) and now are content to seek white males who are better providers for them and their children. To them white males have money and are macho too just like black male professional athletes. All this has happened in a relatively short period of time. Black women want revenge and now they are having it. All they needed was more brainwashing by the media to get over that sexual “hump” that had previously prevented them from being stimulated by white males. In other words some black women out of frustration of not finding a good black man (which is one they don’t really want because they prefer thugs and gangstas) have convinced themselves that they are attracted to white males as a substitute because they have more money in general or at least are a symbol of success and acceptability. It just shows how little self-esteem these women really have and how they refuse to accept responsibility for their poor choices of black men. Good luck white dudes finding happiness with a black woman. It occasionally DOES happen but the odds are stacked against you. Guard your wallet and your bank accounts.

This is all by design of course. Women are being turned into men and men into women across the board, physically and emotionally. Younger white males are also being emasculated with the likes of metrosexuals and the gay agenda in Hollywood. Teenie boppers actually find these effeminate white males attractive, even though most of the guys are not interested in pussy at all. Each generation has its own set of specific programming. The television “tells a vision” and its shows are called “programs” because that’s what they do……..program your brain to modify your behavior in line with the social agenda of the New World Order. Like I always say the average person is average for a reason. The elite Jews don’t care about people like me who are not affected by their techniques. They just care about the average dope who has no fucking idea what I’m talking about and thinks I need to seek professional help because it makes them feel better about being completely asleep. That is where we are now and that is where we will remain. The Age of Aquarius will not help us until we decide to help ourselves. America is doomed because we externalize God instead of looking inside where it was all along. You cannot worship money and God at the same time. They are polar opposites. Jews create our money and they worship Satan or the ego. That is why they worship on Saturn’s Day or Saturday. It’s Satan the ego. God is their enemy and as long as you love money……..so are you. We all know who wins in the end. Better decide who’s side you want to be on folks when it all goes down…….and I do mean DOWN!!!!!!!

And as always any ridiculous or hateful comments will be deleted. The truth hurts. No pain. No gain.


  1. Hear, hear. I’ve written about too! LOL!


    Please know that the construct of feminism, a white, Zionist tool against the white female, has permeated the black female as well. Some black women are simply disgusted with some black men through their own trials and tribulations and wish to left alone.

    Some are greedy and indeed looking for a cash cow.

    And some are on the “trendy bandwagon” to try white meat. lol! All apart of predictive programming, like those violent video games that teach our young boys to shoot innocent people.

    But, at the end of the day, it is only the black man for the black woman. Those that deny this are in for some rough awakenings.

    Another look at this incredible ruse that has been played against us, is internalized hatred and racism. You cannot love your man/woman id you hate yourself.

    • The funniest part for me (actually it’s not so funny) is black women hate me because they say I’m too white when all I try to do is wake up black people so we can save ourselves. How is that acting white? To be well educated? To speak several languages? To know true history? I had to rid myself of my pride and ego because it’s not about me. Black people practice self-hatred like no other race. We want to be materially successful in the white man’s world but we also want to retain our blackness, our coolness. The problem is the two don’t mix unless you’re a rapper or athlete. haha……I like what I like and I do what I feel God wants me to do. The black women I’ve met in Charlotte NC want me to fit a media mold and I refuse. I like yoga. I like meditation. I like reading. I like healthy food and working out. My family hates me for that. I hate gangsta rap. I like tennis…actually I love tennis. I won’t live my life trying to match the image of a black man they got from the Jewish media just so they can get their freak on like an adolescent by another adolescent and create a baby neither can afford or raise properly. That’s the cycle that we have yet to break. I am a real man but most black women don’t want one. Slam……….

      Check this out. You’re a real sista so this doesn’t apply to you of course šŸ˜‰

      • Jabari

        My dear, I just advised a dear female friend on trying “wake up” sleeping black people. There is a separation happening between us. Those that wish to be wake and those that do not.

        Keep doing what you can for self-awareness, especially tapping into your Chakras. You’ll be needing them for the up and coming fight that will surely arise. As for people berating you…I wrote this last year:


        Most agreed, some wrote me to chew me out.

        Truth is painful. And we are in a lot of pain.

      • That’s powerful sista. This self-hatred was created by whites and Jews purposefully. Both of them are known to be lazy (which is why they call us lazy and hooked many of us on welfare) and uncreative (since creativity can only come from your internal God) so they follow the same playbook every time. Why lift a finger destroying us when we can do it to ourselves? It’s evil genius. Sadly we still haven’t caught on even though they do the same things to us over and over again. We fall for it like it’s the first time every time like a we haven’t seen the re-run a thousand times.

        The media brainwashing can only be overcome through spirituality, internal not external, but at some point we have to turn off the TV and stop learning their lies. Whites gave blacks an external God but deny the internal one. Most of us are worshipping the wrong God. Prosperity gospel is sacrilege. Money is the opposite of God. It turns everything and everyone into something to be possessed for instant gratification and then discarded for something else less familiar and more titillating. Apparently we don’t understand the many forms that Satan can manifest here in 3D. The Satan is us and our lack of unity which has caused most of us to sell out to white materialism….losing our very souls in the process.

        Look at the huge differences between the Old Testament God and the New Testament God. How could that be the same God when God is unchangeable and ageless? Haha…..The Bible is loosely historical and largely symbolic. It’s coded in Jewish gematria and its core meaning relates to the fall of Adam and returning to the Garden of Eden via tantric or sacred sex, which is spiritual sex minus the animal ego orgasm. Our brothers and sisters got it way twisted…..My father was a Methodist minister by the way. He passed in 1992 and my mother has since disowned me. It only made me stronger.

      • Sun Tzu spoke of this, no?
        “All warfare is based on deception.”

        There is no greater deception that to convince a nation of Dark Peoples to hate themselves. Can you image if every African woke up tomorrow morning and loved our noses, lips and hair?

        Can you imagine what would happen if we ALL loved our dark skin? And stopped calling each other Niggers, bitches and hoe’s? Can you imagine what would happen if we stopped having sex with whites, which is by definition, bestiality?

        Can you imagine the chaos? The terror? No amount of guns and bullets would satisfy the European Khazar.

        I’d like to give you something to listen to when you have the chance:

      • You read my mind sista. I was just talking about the Art of War an hour ago. Synchronicity is real. I’ve already read Michael Bradley’s “Iceman Inheritance” but I will still listen to this interview because I’m sure it’s enlightening beyond the book itself. I’ve been on this voyage for a while as the “smart black guy” that whites and blacks both hate. Haha……I can laugh about it now but it took awhile.

  2. The Black community need to wake the hell up! The Jewish Zionist media wants to destroy the Black race in America and aboard

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