White Male Sexual Frustration and the Black Male Scapegoat

November 27, 2012

American white males are sexually frustrated. Why? Because they are not getting laid as much by attractive white females. Why? Because the Jewish media is promoting mongrelization of the races as part of their agenda of control. The Jewish media is planting subliminal suggestions into the minds of white females that they should date black thugs (or at least black males who dress and act the part). Combine that with the recent phony re-election of Obama (all presidential elections are phony) and you have a very volatile and emasculated segment of society. Why would Jews want to mongrelize all the races (except their own of course)? Groups that possess solid racial identities are a threat to the power structure. Of course inbreeding is not the same thing as marrying or reproducing within one’s own race. The elite prefer the former. They are all a bunch of in-breds just like “kissing cousins” William and Kate. In breeding is also known to cause a host of genetic disorders which are far more common amongst Jews than other races. Probably the most famous one is Tay Sachs.

We have to realize that we are ALL victims of this Jewish game, including non-elite Jews who consider themselves to be victims of longstanding Gentile persecution and oppression. Gentiles don’t oppress Jews (we just try to defend ourselves from their clandestine assaults) but when Jews are indoctrinated in youth very few of them overcome that victim-hood conditioning. That is why it is of utmost importance for parents to know the truth and to teach it to your children to nullify the programming they receive from public education and the media. Of course most parents are under the same spell as their kids so it becomes the blind leading the blind. That is a very hopeless situation because when people are challenged on deeply held beliefs they lash out to defend them in anger resulting in even more hardening of those cherished but wrong beliefs. Our willpower is being diminished by this programming so that the masses become one giant cohesive mass of Star Wars Clones fighting for Israel. You have to use whatever remaining willpower you have to overcome the lies. It’s the only way especially when few want to hear the truth from others who know because they don’t want to feel like the ignorant student out of ego.

Even on the far left I often hear white males complaining about black men taking their women. It’s the same as blaming black people for being dependent on government when whites set up welfare to do just that. Black men and white women are victims of brainwashing but the Jewish media did it, not black males and not white women. We should all resist the programming but most people simply don’t have the wits to do it. They are mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually “average” people. They have no wherewithal to decode this agenda. They are sheep being led to the slaughter. Now white women and black men both are willfully destroying both of their races and all we see on TV is those pretty light-skinned people of mixed heritage who have “good” hair.

Until whites, blacks (and even Latinos and Asians to a degree) come together and stop blaming each other for our problems as races we will continue to submerge ourselves deeper and deeper under Jewish control. Our end will be the one they fabricated for their holocaust except ours will be a real one. Is that what you want? To let genocidal maniacs get away with destroying America and the world while you do nothing but vent on black males for banging some white chick who probably didn’t want you or would never meet you in person anyway? White males still think they OWN their women and that is part of the problem. No one except God owns anything because God is everything. Whites who want to separate from the rest of non-white America should be allowed to do so but not until all non-Jewish races unite temporarily to identify and eliminate social engineering from the Jewish media. Then if some people of different races still want to date and marry inter-racially they can make that decision without undue external influence of programming.

That is what should happen. What WILL happen is that white males will continue blaming black males because they are too afraid to address the Jewish question once and for all. They would rather vent on black males because it is the easy way out and white males already feel insecure because of the black male phallus myth and having Obama in the White House. Black males will continue banging white chicks. White chicks will continue chasing black thugs. Why not solve the problem instead of just complaining about it? That is what lazy people who feel dis-empowered do. It is the hallmark of a defeated people whose bark is much worse than their bite. There is just plenty of insecurity to go around in America these days. Every group wants to blame every other group but no one wants to pin the tail on the Jew, the source of all of our misery.



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