Watching Sports Excessively Doesn’t Make You A Man

November 19, 2012

American  males have been so emasculated by Jewish feminism that hardly anything resembling a man now remains. Of course that is exactly what it was designed to do. Women now have nearly equal access to the workforce and, as a result, equal and separate access to the addiction of consumerism and materialism. Women can sleep around with whoever they want, inside or outside of marriage, with no social stigma or ramifications whatsoever except perhaps being considered a victim by the police, feminists and courts of so-called law. Even though women still make less than men they make up for it with the huge transfer of wealth that happens in traditional relationships where gentleman are still expected to pay in addition to the huge payouts women receive from divorce settlements in alimony and child support, much of which never goes to support the children at all.

So now we have women in almost every major position of power. We have women running corporations. We have female airline pilots. We have women serving in combat in the military. On and on it goes. There is nothing wrong with that per se (as long as they match or exceed the skill level of men) but you have to look at the intent of this psyop (and that is exactly what it is) when paired with all the anti-male legislation has come out of Washington and the state and local governments over the past ten years, largely thanks to Joe Biden, the most pussy-whipped, gutless, loquacious loser in the world. The elite know that gender roles and norms are healthy for families. That’s why they had to destroy them but it’s not all about making women more masculine but also making men more feminine. That was largely done with the gay agenda and chemicals they are adding to our food. Cheap types of soy have been demonstrated to produce more feminine characteristics in males over time.

The two genders are slowly being merged into one androgynous being. That is what our current gender-based humanity evolved from initially during the time of  the previous four root races. We are the fifth with overlap from the fourth fading away and the sixth rising. The fifth is the Aryan race which refers to Mars, the planet of war. That is why mankind is always at war with each other. We are the Aryans of Mars. Aryan does not refer to any specific race whatsoever. Hitler adopted the term and misused it for white supremacy, most likely out of ignorance. The problem with our return to an androgynous unity is that we are doing so out of sexual debasement instead of purity. That makes us all black magicians instead of white ones. Black isn’t negative absolutely because it’s just the label assigned to impure things by whites. White magic could just as easily be assigned the negative label and no one would know the difference except for whites who would be viewed as blacks are today as naturally evil, criminal, lazy and oversexed.

So now we have a bunch of older males who have been emasculated from women’s liberation, which of course did not liberate them at all but rather made them into slaves of consumerism, and younger males who are being feminized with chemicals and via the gay agenda in the media. Women of all ages are being de-feminized all while the family is being destroyed. Men are clinging to any symbol of masculinity that they can find and for some it’s joining the military since there are few jobs. For some it’s playing violent games on Playstation but nothing ties the bind like NFL football. It’s grotesque and latently homosexual violence runs the gamut of American appeal even across genders. Women unwittingly cheer for their own destruction and the relegation of men to the role of soldiers, ditch diggers, movers and construction workers who can barely afford to take them on dates.

What do men do when they are sexually frustrated and powerless now? Well for one thing most masturbate to Jewish porn. Then on Sunday we get a full day’s dose of tribal violence via the NFL. We could mobilize and try to reverse this Jewish plot to destroy us but most of us are still brainwashed Christians who think six million Jews died in German extermination camps at the end of WWII and that Jews are God’s chosen people, both lies. Most also continue to deny that Israeli Mossad was largely responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The evidence is loud and clear. Israel did it. America is being destroyed systemically by Israel and the Jewish elite. It’s not anti-Semitism to point out who is trying to enslave and kill you. It’s called self-preservation but the fear of being labeled an anti-Semite along with the complete control of the media by Jewish elites has all but silenced American males. Now we are content with these token sports gestures of masculinity, also controlled by Jewish elites, which are no substitute for real manhood but rather brutish physicality in3D separate from all spirituality. I guess we’ll take whatever we can get at this point. Why else would K1 fighting be so popular right now? Instead of fighting for our freedom and ridding ourselves of the Jewish parasite, American males have chosen to capitulate to feminism, porn, media propaganda, social engineering and phony history and religion all courtesy of the Jewish elites who remain untouchable because they have effectively divided the races to spread the blame everywhere but back on themselves where it soundly and completely belongs. They are sending America straight to hell in the most literal and figurative sense. It couldn’t happen to a worse bunch of people. Maybe you really DO get what you deserve. God cannot be mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. Karma makes no mistakes……only us. Now we prepare, as we do every year, to honor the genocide of the native American people by spending money, the one and only religion in America. Say your prayers varmints!!!!!!!

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