Why Blacks Should Vote For Romney

November 2, 2012

Make no mistake about it…..the electoral system in this country, including the electoral college, is a complete sham. There is no reason at all to vote other than, intentionally or otherwise, to lend credence to this phony status quo whereby Americans pretend that pushing a button for one of two corporate career politicians actually represents democracy. No one should vote at all. No one….period. Then the people would at least get the attention of the elite behind the curtain with a demonstration of unity.

The last four years under Obama has been pure hell for black folk. We fallen behind further and further in every facet of American life. Our incomes are down. Prison incarceration is up. Dropouts are on the rise. Single moms are on the rise still. Now the media is promoting interracial relationships to delete the gene pool and destroy the one remaining thing  that can unite people against a common enemy: race. You saw a good example of it with the Tea Party. They weren’t united for America or freedom or anything positive. They were just united against the nigger in their precious White House.

This anger from conservatives trickles down into every walk of life for blacks from an angry white man in traffic to your boss being overly critical of you for no good reason. I want Romney in the White House. Give the white man his White House back. We are taking too much abuse at the hands of angry racists who think Obama actually has the power to make decisions. They don’t understand that white men, including European Jews, have destroyed them…..not a single blackface puppet playing his role as CEO of the America Corporation. White males need to vent and project and black males are and always have been the recipient of that aggression. These racists never take a look at who is really pulling the strings because they’d rather be screwed over by another white man than a “mongrel” like Obama. He not only represents black males in general but also Arabs and interracial relationships in their eyes with a white mother and black father.

Since who is in the White House changes nothing and Americans are determined to choose one of these losers blacks should vote strategically. Obama will not help us. He’s one of them. All he did was slap us in the face and every time we go back for more like an abused puppy. When will we learn? Never. The history of racism against blacks go back too far and too deep. The majority of blacks will always support a black Democrat no matter what and Democrats know that since Republicans are viewed as the party of the KKK and lynching. If anything Obama has been lynching blacks for the past four years and we honor him for it just because he has a phony magnetic personality and speaks to us like a gospel preacher. We go for all style and no substance.

I’m not saying that Romney would benefit blacks at all. I’m saying it would be a symbol to the white man that everything is going to be ok now so they can calm down and stop venting their hatred on us in harmful ways on a daily basis through job discrimination, racial profiling and the like. Four more years of Obama and we literally might be back in chains. Forget the mental ones that most of us carry around all day like a badge of honor. Remind me to renew my passport.



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