Why Women Still Can’t Keep a Man: Media Monkey-ism

October 26, 2012

Women just never seem to learn. You can’t keep a man by just being physically attractive. Physical beauty fades for almost everyone over time and time waits for no man or woman. Besides if you are just a nice piece of ass then after the sex grows monotonous and repetitive the guy is most likely to leave unless he’s so ass-whipped that he likes it that way. That’s rare and most women don’t like guys that are pushovers anyway. Women can smell desperation from a mile away and it almost always turns them off unless they’re a dominatrix or something.

If you wander the streets of any major metropolitan city in America you can see the look on the faces of single women of all races. It’s sadness. It’s loneliness. It’s disillusion. Career women are some of the most depressed women in the country. They believed the feminist lie that having a career was more important than raising a family. They tell themselves that they really don’t want kids when they really do if they were listening to their instincts instead of the TV. Feminism is ultimately all about depopulation, the gay agenda and creating discord between the sexes. It turned women into men in female bodies and now the battle of the sexes is at an all time high because of male backlash from feminist misandry. Feminism also destroyed the family. It destroyed gender roles, the bedrock of the family and country. Now what we have is a bunch of one-night stands, short-term flings and shacking up with no commitment. That is not emotionally satisfying to women but it’s all that is available now because the only people getting married are the rich so they can keep the money in the family.

So what does that have to do with women not having personalities? A lot. The media gives most Americans their personalities these days. Americans don’t realize how they absorb the characters from TV once their brain waves have been altered into the suggestible beta frequency. They don’t call it the subconscious for no reason. Women are particularly susceptible to this form of social engineering, not because they are more emotional than men (they aren’t) but because they are more empathic. Women need that because they raise the children normally and kids often cannot express what is bothering them. Once again nature did it…….not men. Most women are at a loss to why they cannot keep a man whether he’s good or bad. After a few bad men they decide it’s all they deserve so they usually just settle for a bad one since it’s a challenge to control him. Until women have been abused by a sufficient number of bad boys most of them are incapable of finding good guys attractive. Good guys get the leftovers from the bad boys. It’s a fact.

The saying goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Wrong. The way to a man’s heart is through his mind. You cannot connect with anyone without a real personality. If you are a media monkey that mimics what you see on TV you are worthless to those around you, especially anyone with a real personality like myself. Media monkeys are like widgets. They’re disposable. A woman can have a body like Kim Kardashian and most men will tire of her in a few weeks tops because she lacks substance. A few women out there have caught on to this and taken advantage of it by pretending to be different from the herd but they aren’t. Time shows their true colors. If you want a real woman who knows how to cook, who’s not a slob, who knows how to raise children and still take care of her man then you have to be extremely lucky in America or look overseas which is not a financially viable option for most men. It’s sad that we have to live our lives out this way with a bunch of brainwashed misandrists who worship their bodies and money but it is what we have collectively allowed to happen. Karma’s a bitch.

Most women believe that as long as they have a big booty, large breasts, wear makeup and revealing clothes, work out and the like that they can keep a man. The truth is that will attract many men but none who want to commit. Why aren’t more parents teaching this to girls at an early age? Even if they were most women would ignore once the media got control of their brains like it has today. The media is powerful my friends. It has created this false reality we live in now and it is NO accident. This destruction of the Gentiles has actually been planned for centuries if not longer. You are just a victim of lost safeguards that some of your ancestors refused to protect. They got sloppy. They got lazy and then they had the nerve to call themselves “the greatest generations”?!?!?! My ass….the baby boomers were not vigilant. They were too busy spending money and having a good time. Now we’re slaves to corporations and there is almost nothing that can change it because most people think it’s natural and normal.

Americans are really just a bunch of machines. We have a brain that can think so we’re moderately useful to corporations for a while. Once we start to age though corporations value us less and less and eventually force us to take early retirement or just fire us outright. They don’t care if it looks bad to throw old people onto the street who have huge medical bills that corporations created from stressing out and overworking their employees. The dollar is god to corporations. The trick was getting Americans to worship it too so they followed the Edward Bernays playbook of manufactured needs to a “T” and now Americans are slaves to debt. It is reversible but not as long as these people are in power and we refuse to dethrone them because most of worship their toxic goods. We equate money with self-worth and want more stuff than our friends so we can brag about it and make them feel bad for not having as much. It’s immoral to say the least. I guess that’s why the average American has three or less confidantes in the world. Most of those are relatives too, who feel genetically obligated to like you when in fact they despise you as well.

Money represents Satan. The love of money is the opposite of the love of God. We are all a tiny piece of God the infinite. We are trapped in these flesh machines for about seventy years at a time so that God can see himself through us. We abuse this privilege when we chase material possessions and fame. We abuse it when we have meaningless one-night stands which drain our vital energies and age us much more quickly than we normally would. The ancients had great wisdom and knew this. All we have is a 55 inch “tell-a-vision” with a bunch of “programs” that we run on our computer brains every day so that we don’t deviate from what the elite have planned for us. We can’t even admit we have a problem because we haven’t hit rock bottom yet. Don’t worry. Rock bottom is closer than you think. God cannot be mocked. Whatsoever a man (or woman) soweth that shall he (or she) also reap. Love of money destroys your soul. Love a person instead. First though you need a “person”-ality.

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