The Real Meaning of Being Born Again

October 10, 2012

Christians and many others believe that being “born again” means to profess your sins and believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins. Then they falsely believe that they will go to heaven when they die based upon that shallow belief with no other effort. Why would eternal life be that easy to obtain? Almost nothing in the Bible can be taken literally and that is why it was written in the way that it was with tons of allegory and metaphor hiding the true meaning from those ill-equipped to become initiates of the true science. That accounts for well over 99.9% of the seven billion intellectual animals that currently inhabit the Earth.

Being born again is a complicated process but it can be summed up quite easily. You have to destroy the “I” or the ego. It is the part of you that thinks you exist separate from God. It is a lunar body and we seek a solar body. We think that our personalities survive death and that we will see our loved ones again after death. We will not, not unless all of them including ourselves, realize the Being within ourselves and slough off the shell of the “I” that keeps us returning life after life to this world of suffering. Nothing else will do…….nothing.

Three things die when we leave each successive life: 1) the physical body (3rd dimension),  2) the vital body (4th dimension) and 3) the personality, because it is formed in the first seven years of each life separate from all other previous personalities. Some even believe that we change genders between returns to this existence. The point is that everything that what you call YOU does not survive death so there is nothing for your loved ones to recognize physically, verbally or emotionally from this world when they leave other than universal consciousness within the confines of the current dimension. The Supreme Being resides in the seventh dimension so it takes much spiritual work to reach that ultimate goal. Many have done it under difficult circumstances so it is not impossible. What we call ourselves is fully contained in this 3rd dimensional prison. Sure we can practice using our astral bodies in the fifth dimension by leaving the physical body during wakefulness but ultimately we return to the physical body until we expire from this life. Then we go to cleanse bad karma fr a period, if possible, and then it is decided whether we ascend to a higher dimension, return to the third dimension, descend to the animal or plant kingdom or have our souls destroyed because we have completely neglected our astral body in the 5th dimension.

Most Christians will lose themselves because of the literal interpretation of the Bible. They are not ready to receive the truth because of the “I”. The “I” tells them that what they believe is already correct. It is a demon. The “I” is not one demon. It is countless numbers of demons that inhabit our minds and block us from discovering what we truly are. They attach themselves to us as we age and teach us that self comes first and to neglect the needs of others for material gain at any costs. The saying “You only live once” is true in a sense. The real YOU does only live once but it traverses many lifetimes as the “I”, which does not die until you destroy it. This is very difficult for me as well. Knowing the solution is just the beginning. It must be put into practice. Books won’t do that. When someone verbally assaults me many times I still want to retaliate when I should just take a deep cleansing breath and realize there is no YOU to insult until it is awakened. Those people are zombies and psychic vampires. Ignore them. Before you awaken you are only a physical body and a vital body with a personality that will perish at death. The real you is untouchable. It is part of God manifest once you realize it. Then no one and nothing can hurt you. You become free from craving………free from samsara and free form return to this world.

Many believe that reincarnation is a synonym for return but they are misguided. Only the adepts are able to reincarnate. They have already attained their solar bodies and choose to reincarnate to help the suffering masses of humanity who through their own arrogance, ignorance and ego perpetuate their own plight and the plight of this world. At this point I am not sure if I would return to this world but perhaps my heart has not yet taken the proper form for me to make such a magnificent sacrifice. 99.9% and more return. The few reincarnate. The difference is night and day.

The question then becomes how do we stop this cycle of endless suffering and obtain the solar body? Namely through study and perseverance in the techniques. Study alone will not do it. The heart must be transformed and there are three sets of tools to assist in the endeavor. The first is the minor set of tools like yoga, pranayama, sungazing, mantras, mudras, genuine philanthropy and the like. They put your body and mind into a state that is more receptive to the transmutation but they alone cannot transform you. The change must occur inside within your Being. The second technique is meditation. This doesn’t necessarily mean sitting down, crossing your legs, closing your eyes, breathing steadily and trying to think of nothing. It simply means being mindful at all times. You must watch your mind. When bad thoughts arise recognize and annihilate them in the present moment. It is difficult work to say the least. That is why there is a third method that drastically increases the chances of success and speed with which you obtain it as well.

It is Maithuna. It is AZF. Some call it Karezza. It is the sacred sex. You must learn and practice the sacred art of tantra within the confines of marriage. The Ens Seminis or semen can set men and women both free from return. The average person will laugh at what I just stated because they are a fool. They do not comprehend the Law of Correspondences from the Kybalion that states “As above so below”. The semen corresponds to the Christ within us. It must rise from the coccygeal region  of the base and sacral chakras to the crown chakra. It can be used to more quickly transmute the sexual energy into the Christ consciousness. You will become as gods. The powers you gain must not be abused or misused, however, or you will lose them and descend into the abyss. The other clincher, and this is the most important part, is that when you practice sacred sex the male must not ejaculate. When you spill the semen it causes all of that kundalini energy that is trying to ascend the 33 vertebrae of the spine via kundalini to do a 180 degree turn and plummet into the Satanic abyss of the Kundabuffer or Satan’s tail. That is why Satan has a tail. It is wasted sexual energy that has been misused by the ignorant masses. Women too must withhold so as not waste their sexual energy, even though few actually ejaculate during sex. The sex must be pure and undefiled full of caresses and gentleness. The carnal sex of animal lust must be unlearned and forsaken or else it leads to the abyss, regardless of matrimony. You must have, in the words of Samuel Aun Weor, the Perfect Matrimony.

Now you ask yourself how can I have an orgasm without ejaculating as a male? The answer is tantra. There are techniques for training yourself to do just that. The orgasm is separate from the ejaculation. There is no reason to spill millions of sperm even if you are trying to impregnate your wife. The clear  pre-ejaculate contains most of the sperm anyway. The white semen is a lubricant to ensure they reach the ovum safe and sound but it also houses the magnificent energy of the Christ incarnate. This knowledge has been hidden from humanity until fairly recently. When practicing the sacred sex a single sperm is all that is needed to induce pregnancy, just like women have one ovum released per month. We have devolved as non-human intellectual animals to this state where men now waste hundreds of millions of sperm, mostly via fornication. The child of sacred sex is a Christ child. The vast majority of children being born today are damaged children of fornication. Their futures will be full of pain and suffering because their parents brought them into the world improperly. These are the “I’s” that are returning to continue their quest to realize the Being within but we are not giving them the head start they need with fornication, adultery and animal lust learned from pornography.

This is not some antiquated crock from the Bible or other religious text. This is religious science founded upon thousands of years of experience across ALL religions. This knowledge has been given to us freely now because we need it most now. The adepts and the arahants are making it so out of love for us. Few realize that they they are really just a collection of “I” demons. We feel this way one day. Then the next day a different “I” demon makes us feel another way. The Christ consciousness stabilizes us in stillness. We do not vacillate.  We do not deviate any further. The white magic of Maithuna is the only surefire method to reveal the real self. The sexual black magic of Aleister Crowley of spilling the seed leads to the abyss where most people are headed this very moment. You cannot unlock your Divine overnight. It may take several lives but eventually you will succeed with persistence and love.

You have a choice to believe the truth or continue in the false perception that Jesus will save you without you doing anything to save yourself.  Jesus was only the metaphor for demonstrating how to realize the Divine already within each of us and escape the pain of return after endless return. Almost all of us have been here before or in some other lower realm. Some have even fallen from higher realms. We lose our memories when we return so that our previous lives do not hinder our progress in the current life but with meditation and sacred sex we can remember our previous lives and what we have lost. Most importantly we can regain it and ascend to realms of peace and bliss once and for all if we so choose. Some make the ultimate sacrifice and delay bliss to return and assist mankind in his quest. Satan’s job is to keep you here returning forever. Satan is time. Satan is money, the phony substitute for God. A man cannot have two masters.

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