Looper: Why Time Travel Is NOT Possible

October 6, 2012

Hollywood’s latest time travel thriller starring Bruce Willis is nothing but more hogwash about how humanity will one day develop the technology to travel through time. That will never happen…….because it isn’t possible. We are bound in three dimensions by the fourth dimension of time ruled by Kronos or the planet Saturn, which Jews and Seventh Day Adventists worship because it is analogous to Satan. Satan is time. How could we possibly travel back to Satan or forward to Satan? Forget the fact that the elite would never allow the common man access to such technology even if it were possible.

We believe there is a past because our brains record the things that happen to us in 3D five sense reality. We remember. We reminisce. We long for good things that happened in the past to happen again. We pray that the bad things never repeat themselves in the future. What we don’t realize is that we are trapped in samsara. We cling to what feels good and we run from what hurts us. That is the past and the future. They do not exist outside of our perception of them. The future nothing but us worrying that negative things will repeat themselves or that good things won’t. It’s all based on a lie. That lie is time. That lie is Satan.

Time backwards is the word “emit”. When we feel things about the illusory past and future we call them emotions. Emotions is nothing but “emote+ions”. We are emoting ions when we feel emotion. Humans are electrical beings. We are made of ions. We are made of water. That is why when we cry the tears are salty. It’s water and salt which form an ionic mixture which conducts electricity. That electricity is us emoting ions. It is time. It is motion. It is a lie.

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