Why Some Black Men Prefer White Women

October 3, 2012

The question has been asked a million times by the black and white community and we’ve heard nearly as many answers. So the question still remains: Why do some black men prefer white women? There is no one answer but here are some of the main ones:
1) White women in general are more demure and passive than black women meaning there are less arguments and physical confrontations.

2) Americans of all races are raised on the same European standard of beauty so men of all races are conditioned to find white women attractive, not just blacks and whites.

3) White women are more open and willing to experiment sexually than most black women. Sorry it’s just a fact. Most black women take a very conservative approach in the bedroom, although there are plenty of exceptions.

4) Having sex with a white woman is revenge or payback on white males for the historical, daily and future racism that black males endure in all walks of life in America and even globally.

5) Many black men get traumatized by an emotionally painful breakup with a black woman early in life and then just never look back.

6) Many black women have too many kids.

7) Many black women are out of shape and don’t exercise.

8) I’ve heard black men say that white women are more upbeat in general. I have found this to be true as well although blacks in general have more to be depressed about from the impact of racism on their lives.

9) Some black women are overly focused on career and material possessions, unable to capture the real meaning of life and love.

10) Some black women treat black men like sperm donors who use them to make a baby and then get full custody, locking the father out of the child’s life forever.

11) Many black women say they want a good man but then settle for booty calls with childish thug losers who either sell drugs, do nothing or spend most of their time in prison.

12) The Jewish media is promoting interracial relationships and people don’t realize that it is influencing their preferences subconsciously.

I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons but these are the ones I see frequently. I’m not promoting or discouraging any particular type of relationship. Your life isn’t my choice. It should be yours. Unfortunately for most people and unbeknownst to them, the choice has been made for them by the brainwashing and social engineering supplied by the Jewish-controlled media.


  1. Interesting. And ALL true. Thank you for having such insight.

  2. I agree. Most Black men who date out is because of self hate. They don’t feel adequate about living in a society where they are thought of as lesser than. And there are some Black men who find love in another race and I applaud them for that. Far too many Black men date non Black womem for the wrong reasons.

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