Why Do Men Have So Many Extra Sperm?

October 1, 2012

Americans, and humans in general, (actually most people are intellectual animals and NOT humans because humanity requires compassion by definition) believe so many falsehoods because we are taught lies in school, by our parents, by the media, etc. Most believe every word from the mouth of politicians and Ivy Leaguers who are actually paid to lie. Why does it make someone intelligent just because their parents paid a ton of tuition to get their kid accepted after they also made a large donation to the alumni association? Americans never really question anything from birth and then even worse we take this “assumed” truth and then spread it around like wildfire as if we are originator and authority of it. Our ever expanding egos always want to be accepted and appreciated by others since we continue to suffer from the embrace of the “I”.

One such example is the fact that men ejaculate millions of sperm to fertilize one egg. Now ask yourself……why would you need millions? At the most wouldn’t a few hundred or a few thousand suffice? I mean they’re all in the same general area and it’s not like they don’t know where they’re going. Scientists say the inordinate number increases the chance of fertilization. Of course that’s what they are going to say when they know nothing about the spirit. Science without religion is void. If some of the sperm are defective and not strong enough to penetrate the outer shell of the ovum then why would our bodies even bother producing those anyway? With fewer sperm each one would be stronger. With only a few or even one just imagine how strong and determined that one would be to carry out his mission after emission!!!

So what happened? Well the ancients say that man indeed initially only ejaculated one sperm to fertilize the egg. Over time man has degenerated via involution, the opposite of evolution, due to our embrace of our animal nature and rejection of Christ consciousness. That is where we remain today, basically at the end of the involution and the beginning of evolution. Even if we have truly begun our ascent of evolution back toward the Divine but these things take a very long time and that doesn’t even include how the demonic elites who know about this will and are trying to prevent it or slow the process. They relish control of this world and want to keep all of us here reincarnating over and over as their slaves unaware between lives of what is happening. Enlightened people actually remember some or all of their previous lives.

There have been numerous reports in the past decade or so about how the number of sperm in the average male is beginning to decline. Several reasons have been cited for this phenomenon: environmental toxicity, smoking, prescription drugs, food additives, drinking, etc. Those may be factors as well because we know the elite have a well developed depopulation agenda but perhaps the real reason is that we are evolving back to our previous precious state of one egg and one sperm.

Oh and for the people out there that didn’t know…..you can still get a woman pregnant if you put on a condom before sex because the clear pre-ejaculate has most of the sperm in it, not the white semen that comes out later. That is really just  lubricant and nourishment to ensure some of the sperm can reach the Fallopian tubes. They didn’t teach that in sex ed or when I came up. You should put a condom on before any sexual activity at all, not just penetration.



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