My First Conscious Out of Body Experience

August 11, 2012

Out of body experience is real whatever you want to call it. Some prefer the moniker “astral projection” or even “lucid dreaming” but it’s all the same. My history with astral projection from an unconscious perspective is a lengthy one like most people. We all do it whether we realize it or not. I used to be afraid of the dream state and still am when shocking things occur.  The worst part used to be the frozen feeling you experience physically as you enter what is called the “phase” state before you actually separate from your body.

After reading “School of Out-of-Body Travel – A Practical Guidebook” by Michael Raduga (download for free at obe4u.com) I am now learning to utilize some of the techniques to overcome the barrier of taking control versus being controlled. I am still a beginner but for the first time this morning I could feel myself leaving my body. I didn’t get completely out after trying three successive times but both of my arms were completely out and yet my physical arms had not moved one inch. I could hear an electric buzzing sound while it was happening like a bug zapper. I actually noticed small bruises on my arms later in the day. I think I failed to separate completely because I opened my eyes a few times. Fortunately many people don’t need any techniques to separate. It just happens for them when they enter the “phase” state but the techniques are goo to know when it doesn’t happen automatically. The most important thing is to exercise strong intention before going to sleep, upon awakening and during the actual experience. Also you want to avoid fear unless it helps you separate. It’s not a dream. It’s just a different dimensional reality where the so-called laws of physics do not apply. It’s a matrix.

It is said that our astral bodies travel in the fifth dimension. Our planet used to reside in that dimension before we fell through the fourth to the third. I don’t think we can fall much further. We’re pretty much at the bottom and completely unconscious of reality at this point. Why would anyone want to do this? That’s easy. Perhaps you want to talk to dead relatives and friends. Maybe you like flying. Maybe you want to use telekinesis or teleportation. Maybe  you even want to have wild, unbridled sex with your favorite porn star. Who cares? You can pretty much do anything you want as long as you have the confidence to do it. As for me I’d like to explore different parts of the solar system, galaxy and universe. You’re not limited to an earthly experience at all. The only rules are that there are no rules. I wonder if really experience travelers could even track down assholes like Henry Kissinger and beat his ass or maybe discover what NASA and the Vatican are hiding from the general public.

I’m sure religious people out there are thinking this is black magic. Wrong. Black magic is ego. It’s psychic vampires. The elite use it to keep mankind enslaved. It’s worship of money and self and rejection of the Divine within. It’s what Christians do to non-Christians and each when they pretend they’re going to heaven for being evil while you’re going to hell for being good. Organized religion has everything completely backwards and most will remain oblivious to it until their souls are purged of their stupidity in the afterlife, that is if there is anything left worth purging and saving.

Astral projection can also help you ascend the tree of life when it’s combined with other techniques like kundalini yoga, tantra, meditation, various mudras, pranayama and even a healthy organic diet. Ultimately it depends on your consciousness but these techniques condition you for an awakening although they cannot precipitate it. That all depends on YOU!!!! Know thyself. We are at the bottom. There is nowhere else left to go but out of existence or up. It’s your choice.

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  1. First off let me say I greatly appreciate the ‘work you put in’ on this site. Your 2010’s Laker-Celtics article won me over, and ever since I tend to check up on the site. Anyways, I have experienced a few episodes of what is called “sleep paralysis” and strongly believe that this is no ‘neurological’ issue & that it may be a gateway 2 something larger. Can this really be another ‘dimension’ so to speak? Basically when your brain is fully awake, and the rest of your flesh, body is not. Also I find it strange that 90 percent of all the experiences turn sour, and lots of reports of a demon, unwelcoming presence, being on top of or near by. Please, if possible, make time and respond because I rather not mention ‘the good stuff’ on this blog just yet. God bless…

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