Olympic False Flag This Sunday 8/12/2012 During Closing Ceremony?

August 9, 2012

The only things I will add to these two articles is that Obama is the 44th president born on 8/4/1961. He will be 51 this year. Also the international code for Britain is +44. More fours…….Originally they thought an attack would happen on 8/4/2012 but this is just eight days later and makes more sense being the closing ceremony. War with Iran cannot be far away now. Why else are we exploring the Mars now? It’s the planet of war and aggression. NASA aka NAZI is appeasing their god. If we’re wrong it may be because too many people know about it so they call it off because it won’t produce enough fear. That is a good thing so never think it was just a nutjob conspiracy theory when the numbers add up like this. The dark occultists make their living in numerology and of course sodomizing little boys to turn them into mind control slaves while sucking the life force out of their souls from the base chakra to keep themselves alive longer.



Spread the word so the dark occultists will have to delay it when it’s brought to the conscious. We will NEVER know if we actually prevented this false flag but it’s worth trying anyway, unless you want another 9/11 on your hands.

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  1. London is the headquarters for the world wide banking system. In that capacity it is the location for one of the largest gold and silver vaults in the world. The gold is already gone, stolen by the people who are about to bring down our fiat monetary system. The very people who gave us 9-11, and for the same reason….. to destroy the proof of a theft of monumental proportions.

    “We are so sorry, the vault was nuked and all the records of who owned what, along with all the gold was vaporized.” Why do you think they destroyed Building #7? They stole the gold stored at the World Trade Center, then destroyed the WTC to cover their theft. When they rigged the charges they stole the gold. They then “pulled” building #7, why? to destroy the records of who owned what, and how much.

    It is not IF London will be hit, but WHEN. The last day of the Olympics, or the second to the last day, seems the most likely now. One thing is for certain, they sure want us to think something is going to happen.

    An interesting theory, that could utilize both days, concerns the sinking of the Titanic on April 15th 1912. The ship “hit the ice berg” in the waning minutes of the 15th, and sank on the 16th of April, 1912. An excellent case can be made that the Titanic was actually the sister ship Olympic, and that she was sunk for two reasons. First to defraud Loyd’s of London, and second to murder the opponents of the Federal Reserve Act. That act was signed on December 22, 1913. There is so much evidence I can’t list it here, but J.P. Morgan owned the White Star Line and got off the doomed ship with a Jesuit priest, later called “the lucky priest,” just before she sailed. Morgan was also the force behind the Federal Reserve Act.

    Conclusion, the Olympic will be sunk again, 100 years later, and at the hands of the same families who sank it in 1912. Will the Queen survive an attack on London? Most of what I have read says yes, but If Elizabeth is in fact the harlot that rides the beast in Revelation (another interesting theory) she will be burned with fire. She has ridden the Beast for 60 years now, and the Beast is weary of her. Many believe her oldest grandson will ascend to the throne as the Anti-christ.

    Remember God always has another move, and He has the final word. He has used the devices of men against them before, and He will again. It is the Kingdom of God that is coming upon the earth, not the NWO.

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