Was “Batman Massacre” A False Flag?

July 22, 2012

James Holmes, a nerdy neuro-scientist from San Diego, walks into the back exit of an Aurora, CO movie theater with tear gas and assault weapons (including an AK47) and kills 12 people injuring scores of others at the premiere of “Batman – The Dark Knight Rises”. What doesn’t fit here? Actually the question should be what DOES fit? Nothing fits.

First of all where did this nerdy guy get this hardware and where did he learn to use it all? Who left the exit open so he could just waltz in and commence the slaughter? There is a guy that is still missing from the scene, supposedly unrelated to the shooting. Where the hell is he? It’s like the people who disappeared from Flight 93 and no remains were ever recovered. The same happened at the Pentagon. They say the bodies were vaporized and yet they found passports of the alleged hijackers. Hahaha……..Americans really buy this retarded shit.

Why the Batman movie series where debate always occurs between who are really the good guys versus the bad guys? Why the same series where Heath Ledger supposedly overdosed in much the same manner as Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston supposedly did? These were ALL ritual sacrifices.

This happened on the second day of Obama’s campaign trip in Colorado. Maybe Obama needed a boost in the polls? or for the November election? Now Obama is visiting the family members of the victims today. Give me a fucking break. This sacrifice was most likely done for Obama and now he is visiting his victims?!?!?!?!

This nutjob Holmes, if he really did it at all, was probably MK Ultra’d to perform this act using some type of activation, whether it was a letter in the mail, a telephone number or what have you. It still goes on because these people were programmed from a young age and when the elite need one for their “lone gunman” fiascos they just look one up who fits the bill and put them into action without them even knowing it. Total deniability.

J=10=1 and H=8 in gematria or using the Isisian codes. That totals nine which is also the number of the theater where the attack happened. Nine is the number of return. It’s the number that keeps us trapped in this phony reality where our right brains are keep asleep. Also James has five letters and Holmes has six. 5+6=11 the number of death. Put them together and it’s a subliminal for 9/11. Who did 9/11? Israeli Mossad. Let’s pile it on. The attacker’s initials are J+H which can be written Jah. That’s short for Yahweh folks. It’s the Jews stupid. Holmes even worked as a counselor at a Jewish day camp.

Aurora, CO? Come on man. The entire planet was just covered in auroras a few days before this from a massive solar flare that hit Earth. Aurora is the roman goddess of the dawn. What is the dawn? It is the sun rising. Which sun? Some say Saturn used to be the sun of this solar system but was relegated. What other planet has major auroras in the solar system? Saturn. It’s the planet worshiped by Jewish Satanists. They worship on Saturn’s Day or Saturday. The movie was called “Dark Knight Rises”. That’s really the dawn of the dark night of Saturn or Satan.

James could also be a biblical reference to King James. Holmes is slang for a pal or friend, an obvious slap in the face to the victims. A holm is also an island in a river or body of moving water. Where is Saturn? It’s the outermost significant planet all by itself. It controls time and time controls motion. Saturn is a holm. Holm can also be holm-oak which is holly. Holly is pretty close to holy and references Christmas, just like James references the Bible.

Aurora is right down the street from Denver. Why Denver? Denver represents the Tribe of Dan. Obama is most likely a descendant. Dan is the serpent that bites the heel. Remember when Kobe Bryant got into trouble for banging some blonde slut at a hotel in Denver? Remember the recent wildfires all over the state? Have you seen all of the satanic art at the Denver International Airport? Rumor has it that there is some type of underground facility at the airport but no local officials will comment on any aspect on it. Something is seriously up with Denver. It’s a base for something. There’s too much weird shit going on there. This is also going to be more fuel for the fire to ban assault weapons and augment gun control overall so only the criminals can protect themselves. The Gabby Giffords false flag was just a drop in that bucket.

Are you starting to see how these people think? I won’t say my line of thought is 100% accurate. It doesn’t have to be. These suggestions are powerful but our egos convince us that they have no power when they do. The elite know this and take full advantage of this black magic to keep us in fear. Make no mistake about it. This was a sacrifice, possibly a warm-up for the Olympics or some larger sacrifice about to take place. Unfortunately we will have to wait and see since Americans don’t believe in conspiracy theories, regardless of how much valid evidence is presented to them. We just wait for the next attack and hope we are not in the line of fire. It’s somebody else’s problem. We’re too busy making money, spending money, doing drugs, watching TV, getting laid and ignoring our kids to give a shit about anyone but ourselves. That’s what makes this country so great right?


  1. Check out the Lil Wayne video with skeletons in a movie theater which was released a couple days before the shooting (at 3:38):

  2. it was an ar 15… don’t be like the jew media that can’t tell a starter pistol from a glock and a tank from an ak 47 dude. The media was revising their facts from day one in the newspapers too as to weather he actually used the ar 15 and shotgun on those people in the theater or weather they were just left in his car and he only used the two glocks.

    • Who cares what it was? That’s not the point. The point IS that it WAS a staged false flag operation against the people of the United States Corporation. The minutiae don’t matter. That’s how they control the opposition…..with insignificant details. The same thing happened with their 9/11 false flag. Now people argue over whether the Twin Towers came down from only explosives, nanothermite, missiles, TV fakery or Judy Wood’s energy weapon theory. None of that matters. What matters is the official story, just like this Holmes case, is a lie. Truthers always have to be right with their stupid theories and miss the big picture while letting the criminals get away with it while they argue with each other.

  3. By the time the MKULTRA program ended in 1963, Agency researchers had found no foolproof way to brainwash another person.[32] “All experiments beyond a certain point always failed,” says the MKULTRA veteran, “because the subject jerked himself back for some reason or the subject got amnesiac or catatonic.” Agency officials found through work like Cameron’s that they could create “vegetables,” but such people served no operational use. People could be tortured into saying anything, but no science could guarantee that they would tell the truth.

    From: http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/NWO/Manchurian_Can8.htm

    The event sounds too real to true, but the alternative explanations sound too false to be real.

  4. http://www.voltairenet.org/The-Norwegian-Massacre-the-State

    You should read this article which is very well-written and professional of a similar event.

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