The 13 Month/Moon Calender and the Day Out of Time

July 21, 2012

Most Americans believe that the Gregorian and Julian calendars are works of art. We believe that scientific men of some era sat down and figured out exactly how many months should be in a year and that twelve is best because they said so. We think the calendar serves no other purpose than keeping time. Calendars always have hidden purposes when they do not conform to the rhythms of nature. The current Gregorian calendar is completely arhythmic when it comes to nature and the cosmos. Ask yourself why do so many months have different numbers of days in them? Why not just have 13 months with 28 days each and a freebie to make 365 or 12 months of 30 and tag on five as a holiday week? Better yet, why not just look at the cycles of nature and just follow them? Well that is exactly what the former approach system did.

The moon takes roughly 28 days to complete one lunar cycle.  The sun takes 365 days for a solar year. That means there are 13 lunar cycles in one solar year leaving one day. That extra day is called the Day Out of Time. It actually falls on Wednesday of next week on 7/25/2012, completing that lunar year. Thursday will be like New Year’s Day for that calendar. Each week in a lunar is a cycle in and of itself, just like a day is. Things build to a crescendo and then die off only to repeat that breath of life continuously. Everything is a cycle in the universe, even women’s menstrual cycles. That’s why it’s important for women to conceive during full moons. That’s why people born in the summer live longer than people in winter. People conceived in the summer are born in spring, the time of rebirth and life. Why not follow the clock that God gave us instead of the one man invented? Maybe the reason we feel so out of sync is because we actually are out of sync. Antidepressants can’t fix that. Of course they really weren’t designed to do that either.

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