Texting: When You Care To Send The Very Least

July 17, 2012

I may be a little old-fashioned but to me a lot of those things used to be better than what we have today. Why? Because technology puts a gap between human beings and distorts human nature. It replaces emotion with zeroes and ones. It leaves us feeling empty, detached and depressed as humans. Maybe that’s why one in three women will be on antidepressants in their lifetime. Humans need to be near each other physically so we can feel each others’ vibes and absorb each others’ energies. The internet has all but replaced meaningful human contact. Even teleconferencing is no substitute for actually being in the same room or location with someone. Money is also another culprit that has driven a permanent wedge between all of us. Why worry about love when you can go buy something as a substitute for it even though it never lasts like love? That includes pets as well. As much as you love Fido nothing is a equal substitute for human contact. Nothing. We keep trying and we keep failing but there is nothing. Not one single thing so we’re insane for continuing to look for something that doesn’t exist…..just like the God particle.

The worst example of this modern dehumanization is texting by cell phone. I admit cell phones can be handy when you live far away from someone and you want to hear their voice or text a pic of a newborn baby. It’s also handy in emergencies. On the other hand it’s terrible for transmitting human emotion. Texting is like forcing someone to have a one way conversation with you but on their terms. They can choose not to respond at all. If you call them on the phone they can also choose to not answer but then you don’t even hear the first thing they had to say unless they leave a voice mail. Texting says I was thinking about you but I really don’t want to have a real conversation with you. It may be the hip way to do things these days but hipper ain’t always better.

Don’t get me wrong. Texting has its usefulness. It’s cool for sending phone numbers, email addresses, directions and yes/no replies to short, simple questions. The problem is most people want to use it for entire conversations. Now we have removed not only the face and body from the equation but also the voice itself. Now it’s just words on a screen and we all should know by now that English is a programming language that was designed by Jewish elites who wanted to be able to constantly slip suggestions into our subconscious. Read Ellis Taylor’s “Esoteric Alphabet” and “In These Signs Conquer” to see what each letter really represents. That’s why everyone the world over has to learn English, so you can become a nice controlled slave for the elite. Most think English is dominant because of business but they’re wrong.

For me if I get a text from a female I’m interested in I never reply to it. My expectation is that they will call after that. If not then I know she wasn’t really interested in who I am. They just wanted to play text tag like an infant with a new toy. I don’t think young people see it as disrespectful but that’s because most things they are accustomed to are disrespectful, not only each other but their teachers, parents, elders, strangers and whoever else gets in their way. In defense of texting, however, maybe some people (including myself) don’t like holding a phone or using a bluetooth. With texting you can do it and then sit the phone down while waiting for a reply, which may take seconds, minutes or hours to arrive. On the up side though at least you aren’t holding the phone directly next to your head which most foreign studies have correlated with an increase in the likelihood of brain cancer over time. Of course those studies were buried in the US, much like many people will be in the coming years when brain tumors start to skyrocket. You can’t blame the phone manufacturers though. It clearly says in the documentation for every cell phone that you should NEVER put them against your head. I guess Americans just don’t read anymore. We’re too busy texting when we care just enough to send the very least.

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