People Don’t Need Money. Corporations Do.

July 9, 2012

I’m tired of people who have given up on fighting the elite and this monetary enslavement system who tell me that we as humans require money to live. That is positively asinine. Americans believe we need money to live but we don’t. We cannot eat money. We cannot use money for clothing. We cannot build a house out of money. We used to do all of these things for ourselves. Now thanks largely to technology corporations have taken over the role of providing our basic necessities for survival. The only way to buy goods and services from corporations is using legal tender. How does that mean people need money to live. People choose to be dependent on corporations but that is a choice. It’s not a requirement. If it was then people would literally need money to live. It is simply untrue. We have to stop worrying about whether others will follow our lead when we take a stand and just start doing what is right. Be brave. Make a statement and then others will follow you out of admiration. Your courage will become contagious. They are looking for someone to inspire them so they can take the first step in freeing themselves and others from the clutches of the corporate behemoth that has our minds, bodies, and hence souls, enslaved in this material realm.

We should all know by now that money is created out of thin air by the Jewish dominated Federal Reserve Bank. It is literally a debt note of limited liability. Its value is not what you can buy with it. Its value is actually that fact that we are allowed to use the phony currency under the proviso that our liability is limited whenever we cannot pay those debts. In other words we pay to pay. Every dollar that is printed is also taxed and go right back to the private Federal Reserve corporation.

Now think for a minute. I know it’s hard for most Americans who are brainwashed by TV, poisoned by chemtrails, food additives and vaccinations, malnutritioned by GMO foods and dumbed-down by fluoridated water but give it a try anyway. Why are we relying on corporations to provide us with our basic needs when we can do that for ourselves? The answer is simple. Because they want us to. Corporations want us to rely on them because without that dependence they would cease to exist. We could grow our own food, find our own water sources, generate our own electricity, etc. They have or are in the process of outlawing all of that so that we are legally bound to this corporate state until death. Only by uniting with others and taking back our power by refusing to participate in this system can we achieve true freedom. They have to know that they need us more than we need them. We will not die without them. They will die without us. Stop being afraid of a short period of temporary inconvenience while we are withdrawing from their poison. Friends and family will help to sustain you. We need each other but not a single one of us needs a corporation. Return to nature and nature will return to you.


  1. You said everything, this what a say everyday to the people, is not figth against them, is about to stop to sustain them. But how to make it in a global scale?

  2. We have not had any money since 1913. What we call money is a debt note. Gold is money, silver is money, heck even tulips have been used as money, but only in our current monetary system has debt been called money. Money will always exist in some form, it is taxes that are not needed.

    • Gold is really just a symbol of the sun. It contains the energy of the sun as a mineral that will become a soul after millions of years. That’s why Jewish elites want to hoard all of it because they believe they are God.

      Money is just “mono+eye”. It’s the one-eye on the back of the dollar bill that is the sign of the dark occultists. That one eye represents many things: the human stargate, left brain thinking without the right brain of the Divine Mother. The pyramid is unfinished because the NWO is still underway but the tetrahedral foundation represents 3D reality plus control of time by Kronos or Saturn, the god of Judaism.

      In other words our god is now money under the control of time. We have forsaken the true Creator.

      • The love of money is the root of all evil. It is the mark of Cain, the mark of the beast. It is in their forehead, that is all they think about, it is in their hand, they grab all they can and still grab for more. God’s mark is also in the forehead and the hand. He is all we think about, our hands reach out with justice and mercy. We hate this present world, we long for the Kingdom of God, we wait for the trumpet blast, and the words, “the kingdoms of men have become the Kingdom of our God and His Christ!”

  3. No more chemtrails peace and love we can all get alone.we humans dont need corrupt governments.only god ln our hearts lets save mother earth.or it will take vengance.god is love oppose evil.

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