Time Travel Is Not Possible. There Is Only The Present.

July 3, 2012

The Jewish media loves to pretend that time travel is possible and that one day we’ll figure it out and use it for good or evil. They’re wrong and they know they’re wrong. They know there is only the present and there will always be nothing but the present. The past is simply you brain recording what happened in the former present just like a VCR or a camcorder. It doesn’t exist except when you access those memories. You can’t go back to it because there is nothing to go back to. Reality is NOT some random series of overlapping time realms which are accessible to us via advanced technology.

Just as there is no past outside of the human brain there is also no future. The future, far enough ahead in time, consists of an infinite number of possibilities. The closer those events come to the present the more narrow the possibilities become. I can’t say I’m going to be in Germany in an hour when I’m in the United States but I certainly can say that and have it become true if I have a week, giving me enough time to schedule the flight.

The future is mostly about anxiety from the past. Humans are conditioned to avoid the unpleasant and seek the pleasant. We become anxious about the unpleasant happening in the future present and eager for the pleasant to happen in the same. It is part of the duality of human 3D existence. In our minds we worry about potential negative outcomes. That is why we have insurance. It’s why we save for retirement. It’s why we put alarms on our houses and cars. We fear negative things happening to us. We have learned from the past what we need to do to try to avoid most of them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t but we never stop trying to ease our future suffering. That’s what money is all about. It gives us pleasure in the present and eases our worrying about the future. Unfortunately that future is largely out of our hands because we cannot control the interplay of the infinite number of events that statistically may or may not occur leading up the one event that actually will occur in the present which has not yet arrived.

Saturn is time. God is timeless. Time travel is fiction.

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