Ten Reasons the Awakened/Awakening Fail to Awaken Others

July 3, 2012

Many people who are awakened to the fact that everything about America and most of the world is one huge elite fraud want to help their family and friends wake up. That’s a good thing. The problem is that some of those people do not have the skills or personalities to be able to communicate this information to the appropriate people in the appropriate manner. The result is that the unawakened become even more intransigent in their conformist views and brainwashing. At that point it becomes nearly impossible to wake them up barring some cosmic intervention. Sometimes you can have good intentions with bad results.

Here are a few of the mistakes that these people tend to make when attempting to wake others up:

1) Ego – thinking that you are better or smarter then the unawakened

2) Forcing your opinions onto others as fact when only facts are facts

3) Getting angry or impatient when immediate conversion doesn’t happen

4) Taking the unawakened negative response personally

5) Giving up after one or a few tries

6) Not understanding that a planted seed takes times to grow

7) Dwelling on fringe conspiracies like UFOs instead of concrete issues where real proof exists like 9/11

8) Not being able to admit that you are sometimes wrong

9) Wasting time on those who are not open-minded and who will reject any attempt to awaken them

10) Not providing concrete sources to back up your claims when they are questioned or ridiculed even when you know the unawakened will not check them many times.

Until you begin to do this for humanity instead of self-gratification you will never be successful. All that will happen is you will piss off people who think you’re a blowhard know-it-all. Consequently many of them will not only reject your message but any message of truth from anyone else in the future. You’ve doomed them and hurt the movement all because of your massive ego and desire to be “right”.

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  1. Thank you for this article, very honest and true.

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