My Four Problems With “Gays”

June 17, 2012

I have no problem with gay people in general. They are entitled to the same rights and civil liberties as straight people. They should be free from harassment and discrimination in all walks of life. I don’t even care of they get married. Marriage is a manmade institution. People think it’s sacred because it’s part of religion but religion is manmade as well. It’s all about control and gays are one of the most controlled groups in society. Just because we cannot see the little elite perverts because the curtain who use political frontmen as scapegoats for their plots doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They’ve always been there because humanity allows these psychopaths to continue to exist. Hopefully one day we will develop a pre-birth genetic filter for this psychopathy (assuming we haven’t already) before these madmen and women even come into existence. Sometimes playing God can be a good thing.

Having said that there are a few problems I have with so-called “gays”, at least the ones guilty of them.

1) Hitting on straight people.

If you’re gay and I mean really gay then you should not be trying to hit on straight people. We should be as sexually repulsive to you as you are to us. Some gay people think they can somehow convert straight people into being gay. The elite are already doing that with social engineering anyway but some gays think that some straight people are so desperate that when we cannot find s0meone of the opposite sex that we will take someone gay as a second choice or fallback plan. That is asinine. Straight people don’t want gays if we can’t find a straight person. We just want to keep looking for a straight person. We don’t want to get drunk and high and then experiment with being gay. If some people do then they weren’t straight in the first place. And don’t give me that bisexual crap. There are no bisexuals because there are no people who have exactly 50% straight sex and 50% gay sex. How often do you see straight people trying to pick up gays? I rest my case.

2) Hiding in the closet.

If you’re gay just come out of the closet. If you’re bisexual then that means you’re gay too so you also need to come out. Some gay women like an occasional penis and some gay men like an occasional vagina but they’re still both gay. Why be a coward? Gays have more rights than ever now!!! Why pretend to be straight if you were truly born gay? You are what you are. There is no reason to hide it. Now if you are one of these wannabee gays who just enjoys the gay lifestyle because you have been brainwashed then you should just be honest that you are sexually confused. Why get married, have kids and then have gay sex on the side? You are going to traumatize everyone close to you that finds out about it later and they will too. Obama loves gays too so you even have the president on your side. He’s pushing the gay agenda like no one before him for several reasons: 1) The elites are instructing him to do just that, 2) He is actually gay himself. Can I prove that? Nope but I know that Obama is gay, 3) This is part of the transhumanist agenda where we all become worker drones, clones and slaves where no gender is necessary because population will be controlled through technology instead of sex. The masses will be cloned and only the elite will naturally reproduce, albeit inbred, which of course will continue to exacerbate their genetic deficiencies. “Star Wars” wasn’t just a movie. Neither was “Children of Men”. It’s coming to a reality near all of us very soon.

To the naysayers…….go kill yourselves. You would still deny it was happening while it was actually happening because you’re too much of a bunch of mentally and spiritually vacant pussies to handle anything resembling reality, let alone actual reality. I know where some very high cliffs are so just send me your email address and I’ll relieve you and the world of the burden of your continued existence. It’ll be quick and painless……..well mostly painless.

3) Socially engineered gays who were born straight.

Nothing gets on my nerves more than straight people who have been brainwashed to behave gay without knowing it. First of all it demonstrates that you have no self-control. Before “Will and Grace” these people never even thought about engaging in gay sex. Now that we are deep into the gay agenda they are coming out of the woodwork. These are people who literally absorb everything they see on TV and in Hollywood because their undeveloped brains are blank slates for the elites. They have no idea who they are so they allow the Jewish media to tell them. They are already completely enslaved and require no further programming. They have no soul to call their own, and as such, have been completely disconnected from God. Those souls will be destroyed at death and recycled for someone else who hopefully will utilize the gift of free will bestowed upon them at birth instead of allowing its usurpation by machination. There is nothing you can do to help these growing numbers of phony gays and gay wannabees. They think it’s cool to be gay and they enjoy the lifestyle. They are willing tools and unwitting pawns of the New World Order agenda of depopulation and total enslavement. Fuck ’em. Sometimes you gotta cut your losses folks.

4) Finally Gay is NOT (and never will be) the new Black.

Some real and phony gays love to pretend that they are the most oppressed people in the history of the world when we all know that’s been blacks for hundreds of years of recorded and recent history. Gays were not rounded up by Hitler. In fact some believe Hitler was gay even though he was married. The “down low” doesn’t happen often with black males but it does happen frequently with the elites who pretend it’s mostly black males to sow further discord between black males and females. With black women like Oprah I’m surprised all black men aren’t gay. Obama is a perfect example of the “down low”. Deposed Congressman Anthony Weiner is another recent example. He wasn’t cheating on his wife with another woman. He was either cheating with a man or molesting little boys and/or girls.

There is an entire laundry list of differences between the black struggle and the gay struggle. Obviously gays were not sold into slavery, murdered for looking at straight people, beaten, castrated, burned alive, lynched, raped, worked literally to death, bred like animals, separated from their families, forbidden to learn to read and write, denied suffrage or anything else that has happened to blacks in the recent past. The suffering of blacks continues to this very day in various institutional forms that will never be addressed because it is all part and parcel of white privilege…….exclusion of blacks by inclusion of whites. Gays are not targeted by the police. Gays are not disproportionately sentenced to death row. Gays are not disproportionately denied loans by banks. Gays are not redlined and their neighborhoods are not gerrymandered. Gays are not denied quality education and healthcare. If anything it’s the opposite.

Unless you are out of the closet or a flamer no one even knows you’re gay. Gay non-whites still receive the regular skin color racism though and many times mistake that for homophobia. How could somehow hate you for being gay when they don’t even know you’re gay? Stop looking to play the gay card. If there is any group of people in this country who can rightfully claim victimhood it’s blacks. and native Americans. Our entire history, culture, religion and language were erased and we were force-fed our own religion back after it had been whitewashed and eurocentrized. That did not and never will happen to gays. Gays used to want no attention at all. Now they want attention for everything. Pretty soon they’ll have their own parking spaces and placards like handicaps and expectant mothers. Some straight people are so desperate that they’ll have sex with anything.

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  1. I also feel suffocated y gays. Apparently it’s not acceptable to be repulsed by them. Yet I really repulsed by their activities and values. They are very aggressive and manipulative as a group. I resent teh desacralizaton of sex and the constant quest for attention. Yet the real beneficiaries are white malse in an already-white-male-dominated society. I am sick of them, especially the males who pretend to be so great and then you see them having sex in parks. How dare they think they are appropriate leaders for humanity.

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