America’s Complex Black-White Racial Dynamic

June 9, 2012

I’ll get straight to the point. White women don’t give a damn about black men outside of the bedroom. I know most men of all races are just happy to get laid and don’t really care why women choose them but I’m different. Men have a choice too. We don’t have to have sex just because a woman wants us to, regardless of how physically attractive she may be. We own our bodies the same way women own theirs. Women these days hate when men assert dominion over themselves because they feel entitled to sex merely from being female. I don’t want to share my sexual tantric energy, the most important energy in the body, with some female who doesn’t give a damn about who I really am or about the day to day struggles that black people face against deeply entrenched institutional white racism in America. If you want to drain yourself in that way then go ahead. I guarantee there will be negative karma down the road for disrespecting God’s temple in that manner because every cause has an effect. If you commit a negative cause then rest assured there will be a negative effect. God didn’t do it. You did. God made the rules and you broke them. I’ve done it in the past myself so I cannot escape my karma either.

You can become completely separated from your soul by sharing your sexual energy with the wrong people or for recreational sex. I’ve done plenty of it in my 20’s and 30’s and testosterone makes me want to return to my former ways every day. The sexual urge is the strongest one of our species. It had to be to keep us alive. Now we don’t really need its same intensity but it’s still there and now being manipulated by the Jewish media to destroy the family unit and turn everyone gay. If you thought genocide was effective population control how about everyone being gay? That’s even better because it stops people from having children altogether.  The elites don’t even have to waste the time killing people that don’t exist.

I think many people understand that black-white relationships, and interracial relationships in general, are largely sexual in nature from the taboos established from slavery and perpetuated today by the Jewish media’s modern thug image. Now with movies like “Something New” and TV programs like “Lincoln Heights” Jewish Hollywood is telling black women to pursue white men, the descendants of the same ones who raped our ancestors during African slavery, which was financed by the Jewish elites who today still refuse consideration of any reparations to the descendants of African slaves in America today while they continue reeling in billions for a holocaust that never happened to them. I’m sure there are exceptions but most black women who pursue white men just want their money or to piss off black men when they go in public because a black man broke their heart and they haven’t dealt with the agony of the rejection properly. Instead they just want revenge and since they falsely believe that all good black men are dating white women from the brainwashing served up by the Jewish media, they want to show their ass in public to piss off black males who find their dating white men repulsive and offensive on many levels.

Most, if not all, of my few close friends now refuse to date black women because they have become amoral, egocentric drama queens with no identity and no sense of historical perspective. They think that we’re just all Americans now and that hard work determines everything now that they are getting college degrees while black males languish under the yoke of the prison industrial complex. Black women have given up not on black men (they haven’t even considered it ) but on fighting white racism. They have embraced the white world of material and corporate success at the expense of the entire race. What’s funny about it is when they become financially successful to some degree they almost never have a man so they settle for booty calls from these “little boy” thug losers because the Jewish media has brainwashed them into thinking machismo is manhood and that real black men are all dating white women. When a black woman meets a good black man they run like hell. They are completely turned off by anyone who speaks proper English and doesn’t curse or use a lot of street slang. They are turned off by any black man who doesn’t dress like he’s twelve years old in Tims, Girbaud jeans, hoodies and fake gold jewelry. If you’re not a real thug don’t worry they’ll still have sex with you as long as you can dress the part, talk the talk and walk the walk. They’re so brainwashed that they cannot even tell the difference. They are not fucking you. They are fucking the image of you. What you really are doesn’t interest them in the least.

Like I said there are only 10-20% of black men who are looking to date exclusively outside of their race. I am one of them because I refuse to be an actor for women who like losers just so they can bust a nut. It’s called having conviction. If you can’t handle a real black man then stop saying you want one when in fact you are content with the “little boys” you are booty calling every time you get that  late night urge. You’re a pathetic excuse for a human being. Why I chose to look outside my race is because I know black women will not and cannot change. Their programming by the Jewish media, including our own people like Tyler Perry, is complete and irreversible while we still live within this European culture of domination and control of everything black and African. The game is won. The only question is do you want to put up with a crazy black woman for the rest of your life. More and more black males are at least experimenting with other options, although the Jewish media would have you believe it’s ALL black men.

So why are the Jewish elites hellbent on promoting race-mixing when they themselves refuse to do it and keep their bloodlines pure and inbred? There are several theories. One is that by promoting race-mixing of rich black men, whether athletes, celebrities, musicians or whatever, they will keep that money in the overall white community. Another is that it destroys the black family and the white family at the same time. Race-mixing destroys racial identity and racial identity is a formidable foe against the  game plan for world domination (sounds like Stewie from that sick Jewish cartoon Family Guy). Whatever the reason(s) are you know they are up to no good. You don’t even have to wonder about their intentions. If the Jewish elites or the non-Jewish elites are promoting it then it’s ALWAYS bad…………ALWAYS.

So back to white women. White women are a different breed. They love sex (and drugs) but they are selfish and arrogant to the core and completely incapable of love. They use every man (or woman for that matter) they come into contact with and when they have drained them they move on the next victim in vampiric, parasitic fashion. They live for the moment and nothing more. They hate their own children which is why Mexican nannies raise most of them just like black nannies did before Mexicans stole that job from us. Granted white women have been historically mistreated and abused by the white man who hate them even more now because it’s legal for them to screw around outside their race without getting a beatdown. White women can simply call the police now and have white men arrested for domestic violence, assault, stalking or whatever and then get a restraining order to boot. Of course some white men don’t care what the law says (since it was originally set up solely to protect white property rights) and end up injuring, maiming or killing the white woman anyway along with the kids a la Scott Peterson.

So now we have a bunch of injured parties. 1) The black male who has been demonized and effeminized by white racism and the Jewish media, 2) the black woman who has been brainwashed to believe there are no good black men but who really doesn’t want one because they don’t think they’re macho or ghetto enough to give them orgasms, 3) the white woman who is tired of being under the control of white man out of fear of violence or poverty and 4) the white man himself, including European Jews, who basically started all of this nonsense out of childhood insecurities resulting from their collective Oedipal complex. It’s the perfect storm for race-swapping and that’s exactly what the Jewish elites are promoting via their domination of the media and Hollywood, including the porn industry.

The thing is that it could never have worked without making money into God because white culture worships the material world of physical reality and consumption. Black culture has traditionally worshiped the spiritual world of non-physical reality largely because whites did not permit us to have much to consume.  Now that the Jewish elites have hijacked the banking and financial systems of the world everyone worships money. Instead of ascending the Tree of Life toward Kether we are instead descending back into Malkuth from whence we came. It’s not just Americans either. India and China are following suit as are the Brazilians. It’s a global phenomenon. No one can ascend to higher planes of existence or realms of consciousness who believes not only that money is real but that it is the most important thing in life. Humanity is in for a rude awakening on 12/21/2012 at 11:11pm EST. If not then then not long after. Who even knows if our calendars are accurate? Saturn rules time and the Jews worship Saturn (aka Satan) on Saturn-day or Saturday. Like I said before every cause has an effect. We have already produced the cause with wrong action so now the negative effects are continuing to unfold before our very eyes.

At this point you might be thinking that most black men don’t have much money so why would white women want them? There are several factors that contribute the willingness of the white woman to betray her own race. Obviously the media is a huge factor but also what she watches on TV and at the movies. If a white woman watches BET all day then she is much more inclined to embrace interracial dating (really just fucking). If she watches Oprah and the View then if she dates black men at all they would have to be clean-cut, educated and financially successful. Those white women still want to get in the trenches with thugs but they are too terrified to actually live out their fantasy. They also place a higher value on the material comforts that white men and successful black men can provide. They are not going to throw it all away just to bust a few nuts. White women are opportunists. They always seek the high life whether that’s material possessions or doing drugs. It’s what they consume from the Jewish media, however, that determines whether they will obtain that life from the white man or non-white man. However you slice they don’t give a shit about black men regardless of what they say or what role they are playing at the moment. They think it’s cool to fuck black men but they view us as disposable objects. If one of us gets killed or sent to prison they are fucking another black guy the same day. they have no loyalty to anything but themselves. Just like with black women white women fuck your image and nothing more. Of course they are nothing special to us either since we just need to bust a nut too. Everyone has become objectified, disposable and expendable now because of our collective worship of money and materialism. A nation of people with nothing inside will seek their self-worth through possession of worthless external objects. You may think a ca, house and nice clothes are worth a lot but that just shows you place value on the wrong things. God values the spirit so worshiping money means you are denying God. Think about it.

I find white women a simple but interesting study because just when you think you’ve found an exception to the rule they blow their cover and show their true color. It’s always the color of green. That’s why black women are painted as gold diggers because it’s really white women. Don’t get me wrong. Black women are gold diggers too (as are all Americans) but white women are the originals. Black women are just imitating white women because that’s what black people do. We worship the white race. We imitate whites to make ourselves feel acceptable to the broader society. We discard everything African in our lineage as somehow inferior. Oh sure some of us keep it real but most are still money worshipers at their core. I know whites like to imitate our culture to feel cool or to make money off us but ultimately they have no respect for people who make no demands of them and blacks don’t. We capitulate completely to whatever whites want and usually out of fear. Blacks talk more shit than anyone but we are the biggest cowards of all races because we always back collectively. Who cares if you beat up a white guy for calling you a “nigger”? What did that change? When you put material comfort for yourself and your loved ones over the welfare and existence of your entire race then you have a severe mental problem and that is exactly where black America has gone wrong trying to get rich or die trying. We are deranged because we are emulating the deranged white race who are not nearly as evolved as we are in our natural state. Association always brings assimilation.

Now white men are pissed off at men of color because their women are flocking us for sex and we are welcoming them because they do nasty things in bed that our own women would never dream of doing, even on your birthday. But males of color are not to blame. It’s the Jewish elites who own and operate the media and the white women who accept the programming and then act on it. It doesn’t matter who told the Jewish elites to do it from behind the curtain. They are the ones actually executing it and white women are falling for it. It was no accident that Obama was elected at the same time all of this race-mixing was being promoted. White men are being pushed to the brink of extreme violence and their own version of vigilante justice. White men see every race but their own being brought up economically and socially under affirmative action and diversity practices while the white masses languish in abject poverty similar to that of the black masses, except without white privilege of course. Whites made a deal with the Jewish devil for skin privilege and now it has backfired because that paradigm is no longer useful to the elite’s global agenda. They are disposable just like the rest of us.

How will this end? Most likely in some contrived race war akin to Charlie Manson’s prediction. The problem for people of color is that the white masses have most of the bullets though. They stockpile them at home with an assortment of guns and other weapons of warfare waiting on racial Armageddon. I’m sure they would like to use those on the government to avenge Waco and Ruby Ridge but ultimately they will be used to vent their anger on blacks and other people of color. Americans refuse to deal with the Jewish question (and their hidden handlers) so we will continue to blame each other and project our anger onto groups not responsible for this chaos. The Jewish elites will continue laughing all the way to the bank, especially since they own the banks, and then they will bring totalitarian order out of chaos. More and more of us will have less and less and eventually we will all bow our knees to the global shadow government under a global religion. People like myself who resist will be tortured mercilessly and ultimately slaughtered.

It’s not all Jews behind this however. How could it be when there are only 30 million of them worldwide many of whom have no idea what is really going on? Elite Jews were just given control of the key industries of media, government, banking and pharmaceuticals to warp the American mind so that much of the power structure could remain hidden behind Christianity and Catholicism. Jewish elites don’t have to run everything to control Americans. The mind controls the body and they as masters of social engineering and neurolinguistic programming. They got your mind already so they don’t need your body. You willingly give it to them when you go to work every day and pay your illegal taxes. We will continue to try to hoard resources for ourselves in competition with our fellow man, as if that could somehow save us from the endgame. All they really needed was the phony idea of race and a few phony religions. The rest was a cakewalk.

We know that they are doing. We know how they are doing it. We even know much of why they are doing it. It’s the WHEN that we don’t know and that’s what is driving the fear that gives the elites their advantage. We’re sitting ducks hoping that we aren’t the ones the elite choose to take out first, as if they couldn’t take us all out at once if they chose. Not too bright a species are we humans……..not too bright at all and our candle is about to be extinguished forever.


  1. Now here is a Brotha who completely gets it!
    Do you have a YT channel?


  2. a very heated, thought provoking topic; imho it boils down to one thing…. & that is respect! (cliched i know) bad economy, lusting after money, sex, white guilt, black guilt, politics, wars. etc… everything that happens, happens to distract us from ourselves, we dont feel worthy if we cant afford that car ( thst so & so has across the st fro example) the media has enslaved people & made people so dependant on material things (im a victim too) it got that bad that i was close to suicide…. competing with others to earn more, who has the bigger “male organ” who a person should look up to… be your own role model, forget the fake news, love yourself, love your race, respect snd love everyone else with that same thought, trust yourself & empower others…. its really in us as individuals, & by having a lot of faith in ourselvles & by “not” listening to zionist controlled media/news/pharma corps/ etc…

    • Amen and congrats on your awakening. It is the end of the old you and the birth of the real you…..the God you. Americans like to call themselves Christians. They’re almost all just money worshipers. It’s sickening and almost everyone denies money even rules their lives. Money is a religion and it’s becoming global too thanks to the jewish-run central banks. There is no way back at this point. We’ve already plunged off the cliff and now are waiting to see what happens when we hit rock bottom. As long as you have God you don’t need anything else. It’s in all of us but very few have to courage or self-reflection to seek it. Seek and you WILL find!!!!! Take care.

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