The Historical Racism Behind Barbecue

June 2, 2012

Black people are notorious for practicing things for which they have no accurate historical perspective. Christianity is clearly the most glaring example of this ignorance. Jews (although that term didn’t exist then) took Christendom from Africa, whitewashed it into Christianity and then force-fed it back to blacks during slavery and now today most believe whites invented when all they did was plagiarize and re-brand it. That’s why the Bible is completely full of shit in most places. Masoretic Jews altered the original text which came out of Africa. Who knows if it even exists in its original form anymore but blacks are now brainwashed that Jesus was a real person that is coming back one day to save them from the evil white man and Jew. It ain’t gonna happen. Even if Jesus was real God wants black people to set themselves free and not wait on him to do it for us.

But that is not the only example of things blacks hold dear that have a dark and sinister origin to them. Every Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and July 4th, Americans across the country partake in a sick ritual of animal sacrifice called barbecuing. The word originally derives from barbacoa, a Spanish word for a method of roasting an entire animal like a pig or sheep. It originally came to America in the Carolinas eventually spreading to Texas. It probably made its way to Texas through Mexico. The European colonizers and interlopers basically stole the technique of smoking meat from Amerindians in the Caribbean called the Taino. They used it not only to cook but to preserve meat for later consumption. Whites thought the practice was “barbaric” and actually they were correct in regard to life of the animal but this became part of white and Jewish justification to slaughter the natives and treat them as savages.

In addition during slavery the barbecue pits were sometimes used by slave masters to torture their slaves by roasting them on their backs whenever they “misbehaved”. I’m sure conscious blacks would think twice about barbecue if they knew about this (and some do) but most of us would just keep right on chomping down on swine, getting fat and sick and then paying all of our money to the healthcare system before going bankrupt and dying from inadequate care. It’s no wonder there is an epidemic of obesity in black America today when unhealthy traditions like barbecuing and “soul food” are lauded and celebrated as being black because of their origin in slavery.

In the Carolinas, where I shamefully hail from, barbecuing became very popular in the post-slavery era. European pigs and hogs had already been brought to America during slavery because they were easy to raise and care for. Whites always saved the best cuts of meat for themselves. Blacks ended up with the poorer cuts so often they would chop it up and sauce it to death to make it taste better. Some blacks made a living selling barbecue and whites would just get theirs to go in sort of a Jim Crow reversal. However, once whites were able to steal the preparation techniques they opened their own restaurants and segregation returned.

I’m not dissing the entire practice of barbecue because it is a social event where people come together to have a good time but all of us need to realize the true origin of it and how it was used by whites not only to justify slavery and genocide but as a torture technique for some slaves. It is also a massive consumer spending event that generates tons of cash for corporations while mostly clogging people’s veins and shortening their lives.

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