Gay Isn’t The New Black…..It’s The New Jew.

May 27, 2012

Gay is not the new black. It’s the same old Jew hack. Jews always love to use other groups to distract whites from them ruining the country and stealing everything. They used blacks for this when they first came to America. Once they created the idea of “race” and whites bought it the stage was set. Black became everything negative. White became everything positive. Remember Jews are nothing but Africans with white skin. All that remained at the point was to make white people feel guilty about their treatment of blacks. Then Jews hopped on that bandwagon of guilt using the God’s “chosen people” myth and the phony Holocaust. Now they are untouchable after all the gains they made in the background of the civil rights movement they started as a front for the infiltration of every facet of American power.

Gays are now being used in place of blacks to promote Jewish causes. Just like the civil rights movement, gays are in the forefront with Jews running everything in the background. Gays are so angry at straight people and conservatives that they cannot see that they are being used just like blacks were, and rightfully still are, so angry at whites that they could not see the Jewish handlers pulling their strings during the 60’s.

Make no mistake about it. Jews never create anything new. They can’t. Creative impulses come from God through the soul. That’s why they love giving themselves awards for stealing other people’s ideas. They have no connection to God, being trapped in the lower three chakras, so they cannot do anything original or creative. That’s why they steal everything and then claim it for themselves after relabeling it and repackaging it so people think the Jews are so smart. They’re thieves, nothing more. Look at all of the sequels and re-makes coming out of Hollywood. That’s Jews just recycling ideas because they don’t have any except how to steal. That’s why they’ve been kicked out of so many countries. They run the same lame gameplan of subversion using a bogus monetary system everywhere they go but it never worked until they got their precious global central banking. That’s hook, line and sinker for the human race as we know it.

Gays better wake up. I don’t care if you’re a real genetic gay, who are small in number, or one of the majority of gays who adopted the gay lifestyle later in life because of brainwashing by the Jewish media, childhood abuse or whatever. You are all being used. Sodomy laws have been overturned everywhere. Soon it will be legal to have consensual sex in America with fourteen year olds. It’s no holds barred with Jews. They practice every sick form of perversion known to man whether it’s sodomizing little boys in the hopes of extending their life by draining the vital force, whether it’s relatives having sex with each other, whether it’s free porn on the internet, snuff films, child sex trafficking or what have you. Anything goes with these godless subhumans. They want all of us to be just like them and they’re about to have their way with us because Americans worship their worthless Federal Reserve notes.

I gotta say America had it coming. We all need to get the hell out of America now. There is no telling what will happen during the Queen’s Jubilee, the Transit of Venus and especially the 2012 London Olympics. We are sitting ducks.


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  1. Well spoken, my friend! From your lips
    into God’s ear!
    This year will see the return of the Messiah
    and the extermination of Satan’s Jews!
    Daniel Gilfry
    Swedish Liberation Party

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