Why Many Black Women Are Ok With Being Fat

May 14, 2012

We all know that many black women are obese. Just take a look around you.  We know much of it stems from overeating for various reasons, lack of exercise, poor diet, etc. That’s the first why. The other why is why do they seem to be ok with it? It’s extremely unhealthy and most men do not find obese women attractive. Those that do usually have some sort of fetish so what is driving this complacency with so many black women?

I’m tired of hearing the excuse that black people do not have access to healthy food or that organic food costs too much money. First of all no one said you have to eat organic. Non-organic healthy foods are still better than fast food or traditional soul food which is packed with swine, grease and salt. How hard is it to go to the grocery store and buy food that won’t kill you? The problem is habit. Eating unhealthy food is a black habit, one of the worst because it ends your life prematurely. That’s not white people doing anything to us, although many attribute “soul food” to a carryover from what white slave masters used to feed their slaves. This is really us doing it to ourselves and then when someone dies from heart disease, cancer or diabetes then comforting each other with the lie that God took them because it was their time. God didn’t kill anyone. You killed yourself and destroyed the temple that God granted you stewardship of at birth. Your death is on your hands because you really committed slow suicide. Educate yourself on what to eat and then just do it. Then help your family do it too.

There’s no getting around it. The Jewish media definitely influences black women’s perception of themselves. When you see overweight black women on TV like Monique used to be (she has since slimmed down to keep a man) it becomes normalized in your mind. There’s a sort of phony self-esteem that goes with being an obese black woman like even though I’m a fat I’m still sexy and got good pussy. I find it sickening from a physical and mental standpoint. Sure there are guys out there that will fuck anything but most of us would rather if these women kept their distance. We might end up looking like a pork chop to them one day and end up on a milk carton. There is nothing to be proud of from overeating and ruining your appearance and health. This overcompensation and internal insecurity must be confronted by each and every black female that still thinks they are just as hot as women who take care of themselves inside and outside.

One of the major obstacles to resolving this issue is that the level of obesity continues to grow. That means you have more and more obese people interacting with each other and reinforcing their negative behavior. Once again normalization takes place and nothing changes. What do you think two fat black women hanging out are going to do on a Friday or Saturday night? I’m sure it is going to involve eating and/or drinking something unhealthy or at the very least something packed with empty calories. Eating unhealthy is a social activity for black people. We look to cook out, drink, then sit back and talk or watch TV, then eat some more, then sleep, etc. That sounds like recipe for death. Almost all of the women on my mother’s side are extremely overweight. They hate me because I eat healthy and regularly exercise. Why? Do they want me to die early too just because they have made that choice? Quite frankly, yes…….they do. Misery loves company and so do fat people. Within their circles obese people actually stigmatize healthy eating and exercising like there’s something wrong with people that do it.

For many black women, especially poor single mothers, overeating is about depression because they have to raise one or more kids alone because the father didn’t care, got sent to prison or killed. They know very few men will commit to a woman who has children by another man so at that point they really stop caring about their physical appearance outside of hair, nails and clothes. Many of them also become promiscuous at that point too because they think it’s the only thing they have to offer a man, especially one with no children. That ultimately leads to more children which leads to more depression and more overeating. There will always be guys who will have sex with overweight women but few of them want to date them. I like thicker women myself but my limit is around 160lbs depending on a woman’s height and build but I would never date an obese black woman because it is a poor reflection on me if I’m dating someone that doesn’t think more of themselves than that. The point is if you are just horny and desperate many men will lower their standards just to bang something. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. I’m just saying it happens and we all know it does. All it does is further damage the woman’s self-esteem because none of those guys are really even attracted to them in the first place, especially when they are sober. They are just taking whatever they can get since a lot of men associate sex with manhood these days so the more notches the better in their eyes. Pretty soon just being a booty call becomes good enough for these women since they are often stuck at home bored with the kids and unable to afford a babysitter so they can go out and mingle. Grandparents are only going to babysit for so long and then the well runs dry.

Another factor I believe is that white women and other non-black races these days have bigger butts themselves. Black women always feel they have to have the biggest ass of all races so now black women have leeway to take the sublime to the ridiculous trying to maintain their status as the queens of big asses. Of course when your ass gets that big it becomes a huge mound of cellulite so then you have to throw on some tight clothes to conceal it and compress it before going out to falsely advertise what lies beneath. By the time the man and the woman get drunk and/or high it probably won’t matter much to either of them anyway.

Finally many black women say they find exercise boring. I can understand that. I’ve been exercising for over twenty years and it can get old and monotonous at times just like any repetitive activity. When that happens you just switch it up. If you normally ride the treadmill try the elliptical. If you play basketball try tennis instead or swimming. If you do cardio then try some weight lifting. Always keep some music with you for your workouts as well. It makes the time fly by and gives you more energy while working out. If you’re burnt out then take a few days or a week off. I do.

If you don’t want to exercise then you can always find an excuse to avoid it but it also helps to improve your self-esteem and enhance your self-confidence. When you feel more attractive you are perceived that way as well because of how you carry yourself and the energy you project that men can sense. If you have no hobbies or interests then you need to turn off the TV and find some. You will never discover who you truly are or what God intended you to be while your brain is being programmed to mimic fantasies on an electric screen of Jewish filth that was designed to do just what you are allowing it to do. Get off your ass and prolong your life. Killing yourself is a selfish thing to do. I’m sure your friends and family would agree.


  1. This was an inspiring post, particularly the last few paragraphs. Thank you, I enjoyed it thoroughly. 🙂

  2. Well said, my brotha!!!! My fellow Black women need to wake up. Being “strong” Black women who have no need for men (or so they think!!!!!!!) takes a toll on such women, creates stress, and drives them to turn to food for comfort. Food becomes their men. We have to do better!!!!

    • Unfortunately nothing will change my brother unless God intervenes directly, which he won’t. God expects us to fix this problem but blacks, and most other religious people, sit back and wait on Jesus or whoever to do all the heavy lifting. The Jewish elite have destroyed the majority of the black race and are destroying Africa, along with the Chinese, as we speak. Feminism, crack cocaine, welfare, AIDS, the gay agenda and many other programs have ripped the black family to shreds. We never sustain any type of defense. Instead we turn on the TV, down some toxic soul food and get our daily dose of dumbed-down programming. We’ve lost. God won’t forgive us for not fighting back either. We will have to atone for allowing the Jewish Satan to win in this world.

  3. it has nothing to do with a god, it has to do with self. back away from the table and get off your fat ass! great post 🙂

    • haha…….well i think everything to do with self has to do with God because there really is no self except for God. That gets into Buddhism and Gnosticism. Black folks are hooked on soul food which sounds good for your soul but it isn’t. It’s bad for your body (at least the traditional way) which means it’s automatically bad for your soul because body connects to mind which connects to soul. That’s why most of us die around 60 or earlier. The other thing is black folk believe in Christianity. Christianity has some truth in it like all religions but it is a religion created by whites and for whites. Without proper religious instruction we are unable to connect with the true God. Instead we are substituting the phony white God of materialism and money. Then we turn on Jew TV, the same people who financed slavery, and fill our minds with filth. From there we hang out with our family and friends and reinforce all of the filth by condemning those like myself who refuse to conform and destroy the soul granted to me by God itself. What a shame…….Sorry but it won’t change. Most of the souls of Americans are already lost, consumed by money. If there is nothing to salvage at death God has no choice but to destroy your soul to separate the filth from the pure and then create a new pure soul that can start its journey all over again. That means many people walking around today are actually zombies. They are alive but their souls are so polluted that when they die they will cease to exist. Again……what a shame…..We deserve better and we are better but we just don’t believe it from the generational cumulative damage from slavery that became the media. Notice Jews did both of those, not whites.

      • “That means many people walking around today are actually zombies” – I couldn’t agree with that statement more.

  4. I’ve always wanted an answer to the question of why does it matter what size a person is? Why do people care about how big or small a person is? If you are not attracted to big women big men who cares why is it a fetish when a man likes a big woman. There are plenty plenty of skinny in shape women who cheated everyday not can’t get a man to commit to them , they sleep around. but they are okay because they skinny or thick. If its not for you that’s fine but don’t act like fat women shouldn’t think they are attractive or if you are skinny your life is going to be perfect because you will still keep dealing with the same garbage and struggles of the world. Its much more to life than how big or skinny someone is.

    • Nasty is nasty but being obese and proud of it is like being proud of having cancer. It is visually disgusting because many women who are obese wear tight clothes as well. It demonstrates an obvious lack of self control when you cannot control how much you eat or if you never exercise. I find it personally repugnant and physically disgusting. A few men actually prefer overweight women so they are out there is small numbers. The Jewish controlled media now sets the standards of beauty that we accept and almost all of us were raised on the European beauty standard so that’s why most find obese people nasty. I agree that there are many nasty skinny people but when you have all those nooks and crannies like a huge person you create all kinds of unpleasant odors where they can hide. The body is God’s temple. Being obese is just one of the many, but most obvious, ways that we desecrate his creation. Also I’m tired of paying higher medical costs of people who just don’t even try to control their eating. They are a huge financial burden on society. We are all God’s children but being overweight to most men is very unattractive on females. That’s just the way it is because that’s how white people brainwashed almost everyone.

  5. Most black women are okay with being obese because of the Freudian concept of wanting to, essentially, fuck your mother. The vast majority of older black women are overweight. Black men by and large (not including you, apparently) prefer fat women because its a safe way of fucking something that resembles their mothers, but not directly sleeping with their mothers (that’s incest, dawg). We can displace this by sleeping with fat white women, who symbolically also represent wealth after centuries of African conditioning, but the fact remains; thin black women look like National Geographic rejects to the average black man. Black men are even aroused by the vinegar stench underneath saggy black breasts and pay no mind to the stretch mark that ‘decorate’ an ebony woman’s stomach. Now, I’m no white guy trying to call black people the niggas or compare them to apes. I’m a brotha who is trying to be real, X2REP. But honestly, give me a better reason why repulsively fat black women wear tight clothes and ‘strut their curves’ like their Pinky when they look like a lopsided garbage bag?? Cos they know SOMEONE is bound to fuck them. Guess fat chicks are easy, but whites and Latin folk skip on women who are as large as our sisters…

    • Good points. Can’t disagree with ya at all.

  6. Black men “by and large” do NOT prefer overweight black women, if this were so you wouldn’t see so many of them chasing skinny white, Asian and Hispanic women. And no, the white women aren’t always overweight, they’re usually at a healthy BMI. Also, I being black, 5’6″ weighing 125 lbs, I’ve never had a shortage of attention from black, white, Hispanic or Asian men. But believe me, if I ever were to be overweight the attention would drop significantly with ALL races. Few black men are attracted to overweight women, and I think you’re confusing curves with being fat. This seems to be a common misconception amongst overweight/obese individuals. Instead of calling it like it is, fat, they say curvy. Wrong. Curvy is someone at a healthy weight with and hourglass or pear shaped figure. Most black women would be considered curvy if they lost weight, your curves do not go away simply because you are thin.

    And I would like to add, most Africans are not overweight, most are thin (and not due to lack of food either) and in shape. This is more of a black American women problem. I’m a Nigerian-American and no one in my family is overweight let alone obese. We’re all repulsed by the overabundance of overweight black women in the media, on YouTube, and everywhere on the internet, posing seductively while squeezing into inappropriately tight clothing. Why they think they’re so sexy and attractive is still a deep mystery to me. Everyone is repulsed by them and yet they remain clueless as to why black women are considered undesirable compared to women of other races. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.

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