Can’t “Touch” This And Don’t Want To

May 11, 2012

What does the word “touch” really mean? Most think it means to sense something through contact with your body, usually your fingers. It also can mean to be emotionally stirred but here’s the actual origin of the word:

late 13c., from O.Fr. touchier “to touch, hit, knock” (11c.), from V.L. *toccare “to knock, strike” as a bell (cf. Sp. tocar, It. toccare), perhaps of imitative origin. Meaning “to get or borrow money” first recorded 1760. Touched “stirred emotionally” is from mid-14c.; touching “affecting the emotions”.

That’s right. Touch means “to get or borrow money”. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows how the Jewish elites operate. No doubt Fox (666) is banking big on their new “Touch” series starring Keifer Sutherland. I was fascinated at first by the gematria theme of the show and how everything always ends up hunky dory but how does that really mirror real life?

Most people want to believe that they are conceived and God provides them with a brand spanking new soul. Nine months later they believe they are born, live some numbers of years and then die. At death many believe they are judged and then sent to some heaven or hell based on whether or not they performed right actions during their life. Doesn’t that seem a little contrived and simple? Why would the God of all creation be that simple? It doesn’t make any sense because it’s simply untrue and most are too lazy to do the research to understand how and why it cannot possibly be true. Instead they fall back on their faith crutch to fit in and hope for Jesus to do the rest while walking around in a stupor all day long doing the bidding of the elite, consciously or otherwise, which basically means going to work, paying your taxes and living for a weekend of sports and drug/alcohol abuse.

All that aside I began to notice in the first few weeks of “Touch” that several themes were present. First of Jake, played by child actor, David Mazouz, is Jewish so now we basically have a Jew playing God via his little Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The rest of us Gentiles are too stupid to understand what the numbers really mean. We are the uninitiated in the eyes of these people who abuse the power of the knowledge they have stolen from ancient Egypt, Babylon and Sumeria and kept hidden from the rest of society, ostensibly for our “own good”. Yeah………right. These people are power freaks and pederasts who don’t have a full understanding of the occult but just enough to control this world. They are doomed to fail ultimately from that lack of understanding of the true nature of God.

I also noticed that this series makes many references to 9/11. The elite Jews who planned 9/11 want to keep that fresh in our minds at all costs. They need that fear because it feeds their dark occult magic. It sickens me to hear all of these references to 9/11 and Al Qaeda in the media because the media is owned by the same group of people that perpetrated 9/11 with the aid of Cheney, Chertoff and Israeli Mossad. It’s been proven folks. Whether you want to live in fear and denial is your choice. God helps those who help themselves.

The most sickening aspect of “Touch” in my opinion is the gross, yet subtle, messages it sends about race. Everything about blacks is stereotypical. One episode showed African women standing up to a male abuser in their village like all black men beat up women when in fact no one hates women more than the male Jewish elites. One show portrayed the counselor’s mother as a homeless schizophrenic. In another Danny Glover was killed like the black man on Star Trek or in a horror movie who never makes it to the end of the show or movie. Danny Glover is an accomplished actor and activist and couldn’t even make it through the first season. The light-skinned counselor is slowly but surely schmoozing up to Keifer Sutherland. They will eventually end up in the sack together and together as some sort of screwed-up extended family. Race-mixing is promoted by the Jewish elites as long as it’s not their own race. Their bloodline, as demonic and inbred as it is, must remain pure for their dark occult magic to be as effective as possible. The message here is quite simple. Light is better than dark but all black skin is really bad. The Jewish elite hate blacks because they know they come from us. Just look at how Jewish comedians like Sarah Silverman never get enough “nigger” jokes into their routines or some of those Comedy Central racist roasts. Most Jews are a sick fucking bunch folks, elite or otherwise. They are perverts, child molesters, murderers, in-breds, megalomaniacs and anal-obsessed sickos.

You can also see other races like Indians, Arabs, Latinos and Asians portrayed in stereotypical roles. This show was supposed to be about bringing people together globally but it’s nothing but a complete hodgepodge of racism that promotes more division. Arabs all treat their women bad. Asians are all intelligent or worshiping Buddha. There of course was a lesbian episode since homosexuality must be promoted as well since the elite Jews are all gay. It’s just more of the same crap we’re used to from the elite Jews. They continue to poison our minds, bodies and souls to maintain permanent control of this world. They cannot leave. They cannot ascend……but we can.


  1. wow!!!!! a lot of hatred going on there, but i have to disagree- you said that “You can also see other races like Indians, Arabs, Latinos and Asians portrayed in stereotypical roles” but the same can be said about the jews portrayed in the series- you see a hassidic jew, wearing long garbs and is a diamond dealer- looks like everyone is sterotyped- jews included

    • People should hate anyone or group that is trying to destroy them. Jewish elites are trying to destroy every distinct race on the planet except their own. Stopping them is called self-preservation. We have volumes and volumes of proof of what the Jewish elites are doing and have been doing for centuries regardless of whether they are taking orders from someone else. Not stopping them is suicide and that is what Americans are doing. Americans are weak, lazy, uninformed and cowardly. We want to be slaves so Jewish elites happily oblige us. When someone tries to kill you you defend yourself by trying to kill them. It’s that simple. Otherwise your life has no meaning.

      • real intresting tv series going on, and somehow people mange to twist it and blame everything on the “jew”, while you clearly can see that the “jew” is sterotyped just like everyone else in the series. but hey, i guess this is nothing new, anti semitism is old and still exists, good you have someone to blame though, although if you look through history it was the jewish people who were killed and massacred, but again- sometimes hate just stems from a need to hate, so enjoy turning every opportunity you get into a reason to show your hate. as for your volumes and volumes of proof, i would love it if you could share it with me, and maybe open my eyes to this race extermination the jews or so busy at.

      • Robin you’re out of your mind so I won’t waste my time. What the Jewish elite have done has been thoroughly documented even by them. You just believe they are God’s chosen people and that the Holocaust happened just as they say because they also write our history books. The TV is a liar and you’ve one of the brainwashed sheeple. You have to always check sources whenever doing research or however you get your information. You’re wrong and you will realize it one day. Of course you might be a Jew yourself.

  2. Lol, I never laughed like now .. You have serious issues .. You are full of hatred, anti-Semitism, and seeing things that do not exist .. I really feel sorry for you and recommend you contact a psychiatrist. I believe someone (probably Jewish) hurt you and left a scar that makes you hate very much all the Jewish people, people who have not done anything to you, you do not know anything about, and writing and making up things even the time you wrote them was not worth it, let alone read them .. But oh well, at least it works as a stand-up comedy. And if all this hatred does not come through scar, so I guess you’re just an anti-Semite and for this there is no cure. what’s the series got to do with jews, that you had to put all the nonsense you wrote? I have no idea what to do with the series to the Holocaust and the fact that it existed? (Even though you think it’s fiction of Jews). When a person full of hatred and anger, he will find a way to let his hatred be found in different places and in different ways, and in this case a television series.
    By the way, being black is not exclusive only to Christians, there is blacks Jews, and a lot. So The child actor in the series is a Jew, So? The player who plays a Hasidic Jew in the series is not really a Jew .. It does not mean I will stop to see the series, right? It does not mean I will write pointless crap and eliminate history of Christianity because of it. By the way, was a chapter about a young couple in love, an Arab and a Jew, and part on a group of Arabs who fled from Israel that chased them .. I did not stop to see the series because of that, because I know that’s not true. Incidentally the actress who played the Arab girl, in reality She a Jew. Maybe I will throw stones at her because she played an Arab?
    The child was merely playing the role, which is a kind of prophet/righteous, where exactly did you see him claimed to be God? And even if it were so, it is only a series .. Or when Jim Carrey and Morgan Freeman played God in comedy “Bruce Almighty”, then you also note something about blacks playing God? About whites? Christians? Or that even there you find a Jew on which you could throw your frustrations and anger? Series “Touch” there is blacks, Latinos, Jews, Christians, and all you want, then maybe there is an episode of black beat women.. Why just see this episode as one piece of a stigma about black? Maybe your black and suffers from an inferiority complex? Perhaps your abused woman lived in denial rather than take a stand?
    the episode is not talking about blacks or stigmas .. So there are black women being beaten by black guy, but it certainly does not mean that all blacks beat their wives..
    But if that’s what you think when you saw the episode, and even bothered to write it, then it means that the individual thinks about black people as people who beat their wives, that you, and only you .. Definitely not the creators of the series.
    I on the other hand, when I saw the episode I did not think about black or white, racism or stigmas .. I never even thought about it until now .. I saw the subject of violence, and to take a stand. If there was an episode of Jews hit a woman, you’d find something to write about it .. After all, a person full of hate, racism, and anti-Semitic, see imaginary things, and connect it to the complexes and his or her mental problems one way or another. Turn to a psychiatrist as soon as possible, it will do you good.

    • You’re entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to not give a damn.

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