Top Twelve Toxins Destroying Your Brain (But You Don’t Believe It)

April 27, 2012

1) BPA (Bisphenol A) – This is a chemical in plastic that neuters men and women by destroying your reproductive system. It’s in the interior lining of almost all canned goods. Eat up. It’s also on almost all receipts you get from the store which means it’s also all over paper money since those two usually come in pairs. Spend up.

2) Chemtrails – These aluminum and barium sulfates are being sprayed all over the country and world using military planes. Why do they want us to breathe this or what are they trying to hide in the sky? They don’t care about blocking solar radiation unless that radiation is actually good for us and there are theories that espouse the belief that the solar wind is actually the battery of the human soul.

3) Microwave ovens – These devices destroy nutrients in food in seconds. If you put vegetables in there all you get back is fiber with most of the nutrients zapped away into something else. Even cooking vegetables on the stove for too long can do much of the same damage. If you’re one of those who like those microwavable veggies and dinners don’t say you were not warned when you contract cancer in ten years. All of this stuff has a cumulative effect over time.

4) Non-stick cookware – They leech toxins from the non-stick chemicals like Teflon and PFOA causing a host of maladies from thyroid disease and low sperm count to cancer and high cholesterol. Look it up for yourself.

5) Pesticides on non-organic fruit – We’ve known about DDT for ages and its negative  health effects. Monsanto is ensuring that although DDT is gone there are still plenty of invisible toxins on and in your non-organic fruits and vegetables.

5) Hormones in red meat and milk – This is the main reason why women, especially white women, are reaching puberty so fast these days and men are going to jail for having sex with them because they are 15 and look 25. White women in general used to have no ass at all to speak of and now they have bigger butts than many black women. Ask yourself how did that happen in the span on 20 years? It’s chemicals folks…….the same ones dumbing you down and slowly altering your DNA to become whatever the elite want us to be.

6) Nitrates and Nitrites in processed deli meats – I always wondered why those obese Italian gangsters in the movies died so young from heart disease and cancer. It could be all the processed deli meats they eat (plus lack of exercise except when they are strangling someone). I know those are all stereotypes. The real mafia/mob is the Jewish one but these preservatives are bad for you and the FDA knows it. Someone got paid. Then you get sick. Money wins.

7) Prescription drugs – Remember when they took Vioxx off the market because it killed thousands of people. Well that’s nothing compared to the epidemic of prescription pain killers. Honestly I don’t know one single white person that is not taking either an antidepressant or abusing painkillers like Xanax, Vicodin, Percocet, Oxycontin or whatever. Now they have a new more powerful version of Oxycontin being released soon called Zohydro. Gentile whites just don’t get it. Jews test these depopulation/control techniques on blacks and other people of color. Once they have it perfected or close to it then they release it on whites. Jews fear whites still have the ability to wake up and stop them because whites have done it nearly a hundred times in the past. I hope whites have one more in them because people of color are just way too stuck on Jesus and the Holocaust load of crap to be of much assistance, not that many whites would want our help anyway.

8) Wireless devices/Cell phones – If you don’t think cell phones and other wireless devices like Blackberrys are bad for you or can cause brain cancer with long term exposure just look at the little insert that came with your device if you still have it. It clearly says on each and every one of them that you should NEVER hold those devices directly against your head. I think that speaks for itself. We are going to start seeing a massive increase in brain cancer within the 10-20 years because young people fry their brains all day with these devices. Bluetooths are no better. In fact some studies show it’s worse. If you have to put a phone up against your head at least switch sides once in a while when you feel the side it’s on warming up or sweating. Use the speakerphone when you can. Send an email. Write a letter. I don’t know. Stop frying your damn brains people. Every study outside of the US (where people are not so easily bought off en masse) has shown correlation between brain cancer and significant long-term cell phone use. Is your conversation really that important?

9) HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) – They changed the name of this to just corn syrup but it’s still the same toxic cheap crap that your brain cannot handle because it’s an unnatural substance and foreign to your body. You have to read the labels on the food you buy now. Most breads and condiments also have tons of HFCS. It makes you fat and it clogs your veins just like a Big Mac does. Diet soda is not the answer because the sugar substitutes, except for the ones like erythritol, are carcinogens. That includes sucralose. Avoid them at all costs.

10) Vaccines – Most of us have little control over this because our stupid parents let the doctors and nurses inject us with mind and DNA altering crap from childhood. Thanks mom and dad for not being more informed and then using the excuse that you did the best you could. Sometimes your best isn’t good enough. Our good buddy Bill Gates is also pushing global vaccination so that the Jews don’t leave anyone out by mistake. Our bodies can fight off most diseases by themselves with antibodies. We don’t normally need this crap and much of it doesn’t work anyway, at least in the way they tell us. If you eat healthy and exercise your body’s immune system can pretty much take care of itself. If they tell you your kids have to be vaccinated or they cannot attend the school that’s a lie. Sue them. The same applies to booster shots for college students.

11) Flourinated and bottled water – If someone had told me twenty years ago that people would pay for bottled water I would have laughed them off the planet. Guess the joke’s on me now huh? Everyone should know by now that fluoride is bad for you even in small doses. It’s a neurotoxin even as a chemical compound like sodium flouride. Hitler had it put in Germany’s drinking water to keep the people docile during his reign. The problem with this and everything else is that people don’t feel an immediate effect so they think there is no effect. That’s typical American myopia. We never see beyond two feet in front of us from the corporate media fog that has enveloped us. Many believe bottled water is the solution. Wrong. See #1 above. Even worse many bottled water are simply tap water which means they still have fluoride in them anyway. So you basically paid extra money for the same result. Not too smart but then again that’s the whole idea.

12) GMO foods – Thank you Monsanto for destroying the nutritive value in our food supply with genetically modified organisms. Thank your for terminator seeds so that farmers can only grow one crop and we all become dependent on the government to supply our food. Thank the police for arresting people for growing their own food and trapping their own rainwater. Thank the elite for Codex Alimentarius that will someday ensure that most of us remain in a nutrition-deprived state that prevents us from physically overthrowing our global oppressors. I’m still waiting on those GMO labels on my food since most of them have no warning whatsoever at this time. I may be waiting a while. Of course most Americans don’t read the labels or know what they mean anyway so people would probably think GMO meant something good and buy even more of the shit.

The point here is not to turn everyone into hypochondriacs. We have enough of those people known as Virgos. The point is that when you combine all of these toxins into one they accumulate in the body and cause all sorts of physical, mental and emotional illnesses. If you refuse to believe it like most then just keep killing yourself. It’s your choice to poison yourself, whether you do it quickly, slowly or not at all. We all are being poisoned. It makes sense to minimize, not just to extend your life (if that’s what you want because I don’t) but also to improve the quality of your life so you don’t spend whatever time you have left in a hospital bed bankrupt from the medical bills the Jewish insurance industry refused to pay as part of their depopulation agenda stated loudly and clearly by Henry Kissinger.


  1. Really sad…

    We’re helpless in many respects .. for everything we attempt to control, they’ll get us with something else down the road. I wish I knew how things turned into this. Seems this sort of sinister stuff was going on even when the founding fathers were around. Isn’t that when the NWO began its dastardly deeds?

    • It’s the Jewish elites man. It’s always been them from thousands of years ago. Whites have defeated them every time in the past but just expelled them instead of final solution of keeping them from power so I hope whites have one more in them this time but technology has given the Jewish elites an advantage this time and their social engineering techniques have become more sophisticated. Maybe if the cosmoc gives us a divine push in the right direction we can wake up ten percent and that will be enough. It’s going to have to be enough because we’re running out of time. Good luck. We’re gonna need it.

  2. Dude You’re Parinoid.

    • Thank you Kirsten for your unsolicited opinion but you’ll be dead soon if you’re doing most of these things. Paranoia has nothing to do with facts. Do your homework instead of telling people that have already done it that they’re crazy.

  3. 13) Mercury Fillings – see “Smoking Teeth” on YT.

  4. I really like this post, other toxins are:

    Aspartam, Saccharin, Neotame
    Titanium dioxide
    Monosodium glutamate
    artificial vitamin c
    Alkohol and smoking
    Iodised salt
    compact fluorescent lamps
    Deodorants, Make-Up, Fragrance

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