The Debacle and Spectacle of “Metta World Peace” aka Ron Artest

April 25, 2012

Ron Artest has mental problems resulting in persistent anger issues. Everyone knows it.  Just look at his eyes. You can tell that he has managed to sweep them under the rug for a while to keep his job but they are not resolved.  Otherwise he would have never elbowed James Harden in the head causing a concussion like a Muay Thai fighter. Ron Artest is a menace to himself and society yet the Lakers continue to enable his aberrant behavior with their continued public support of him and his actions.

Here is the melee that caused him to be suspended 86 games back in 2004:

And here is the elbow from Sunday’s game against the Thunder:

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that the elbow was completely intentional? If there is then maybe you should have your head examined like James Harden. Ron Artest has a serious impulse control problem and a seven game suspension will not change that. He should have been banned, not just from this recent incident that could have resulted in a more serious injury to Harden but because of repeated offenses like this in the past. He has had plenty of chances to get professional help whether it’s counseling or medication and clearly he has not exhausted all possible avenues for dealing with his personal issues. The rest of us should not be forced to be the next victim of his dereliction of duty to self.

Of course Metta, which means lovingkindness in Buddhism, does not apply to Ron Artest at all. Neither does peace. Artest is a thug. The name change was simply a marketing ploy to get more attention because America is all about image without substance. Artest is the complete opposite of metta and peace just like the War on Drugs is a War on Thugs, just like the War on Terror is a War on Arabs and Islam, just like Clear Skies actually poisons the air and just like “No Child Left Behind” leaves most children behind. It’s more Jewish media lies, doublespeak and propaganda. This whole incident may have even been orchestrated on purpose on the heels of the Trayvon Martin shooting and the Tulsa OK “racial” shooting spree. Remember that 23 of the 30 NBA are definitely owned by Jews and maybe as many as 26 or 27.

See my previous blog entry about Jewish infestation of the NBA:


That means they are always in collusion with the media which they also own and control to maximize the desired effect of these modern day Roman gladiator events we affectionately call professional sports. It’s all social engineering going back to Edward Bernays and company. If you think it doesn’t work on you because your mind is so much stronger than everyone else’s then you are most likely one of those being most highly affected by it because your ego won’t allow you to admit how vulnerable you are to TV’s pernicious effects on your psyche and in your personal life. You are literally a drone, a clone and a mind-controlled slave. Denying it won’t change that.

The issue here is that Artest is a threat to all other players on the court and the fans in the stands when he plays. Clearly the NBA and the media have chosen to preserve media sensationalism over the health, safety and welfare of the players and fans alike. In other words it’s Jews as usual putting profits before people, even though their Bolshevik communism claimed to espouse “people before profits”. By making communism seem like the enemy they made Americans espouse capitalism. Either one would have resulted in the destruction of America because it’s all about division of the people and conquest of the mind. Americans don’t get it and they never do before it’s too late. We love the violence. We love the killing and we love Ron Artest.

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