Does Eating Pork and Red Meat Cause Bad Dreams?

April 24, 2012

All my life I’ve had bad dreams whenever I eat certain types of pork. The worst offenders have been pork loin and pork roasts. It never failed. If I ate that for dinner then bad dreams would happen. I didn’t become paranoid about it for the longest because it took me a while to establish the correlation. I’m sure doctors would claim that I ate too close to bedtime or that there is some chemical reaction causing it. Hogwash.

I believe in reincarnation and I believe that humans who accumulate a lot of negative karma in one life can and do sometimes come back as animals because they treated people and/or other living creatures so badly during one or more of their previous lives in this world or others. In other words a lot of Americans are probably eating animals that used to be Americans because we are largely a nation of rude jerks and assholes chasing paper as the only goal in life and separating our souls from God in the process.

I gave up most pork ( I still eat bacon and sausage sometimes unless I can find turkey equivalents that don’t taste like cardboard strips ) and almost all red meat. Before Sunday I would occasionally have a steak but after a long night of nightmares I’m finally giving up red meat altogether. There is no way that pork and red meat could consistently cause nightmares the way they do unless souls weren’t still attached to those animal carcasses to some degree. It may be a faint connection from the trauma of the slaughter but it’s still there in the meat when you buy it at the grocery store refrigerated or frozen. I don’t want that in my body and you shouldn’t either unless you just don’t have a soul. I believe some humans indeed do not.

Of course I cannot prove this anymore than I can prove reincarnation is true but why take a chance. The closer we get to December 21, 2012 11:11pm the more things like meat-eating are going to matter to what happens not only to yourself but to all of mankind since we’re in this together in many ways.

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