Christianity: The Religion For Lazy People

April 23, 2012

Not only are most Christians brainwashed, arrogant assholes who think they’re better than non-believers and believers of other religions (which they all consider atheism because they’re so lazy) they are also the laziest creatures on the entire planet. Even Catholics are not as lazy as most Christians because many of those people are hard-working Latinos, pardon the stereotype.

My first bit of evidence is that all Christians are told they have to do is believe Jesus Christ (who wasn’t a real person) died for their sins and they’ll go to heaven when they die. Bullshit. You’ll just reincarnate back here in this third dimensional hell to keep trying to purify your soul. Why would anything that important be so easy? What happened to “no pain no gain”? Christians don’t understand that we are all a small piece of God having a physical experience. Once you realize that and give up your attachment to material possessions you can genuinely love people and activate your upper chakras (4-7) and free yourself from the cycle of reincarnation and purgatory. Reincarnation is even espoused in the Bible but your preachers never tell you about that on Sunday morning.

Second and perhaps most importantly most Christians think Jesus is going to come back and save them from the evil elite. There was no human Jesus. It’s the sun and only the sun. No contemporaries of Jesus ever wrote about him. The only account we have is Paul who used to be Saul of Tarsus which is really Saturn or Satan. That’s why Jews worship on Saturn-day or Saturday. There are no statues of Jesus like there are of another important religious figures like Mohammad and Buddha. Either Christians didn’t think very much of their precious Jesus or he didn’t exist….probably the latter. The trick is that by doing nothing you will allow the elite to continue and fulfill their agenda. The  elite require your inaction and it appears they have it for the most part.

To make matters worse most Christians haven’t even read all of any of the Bible. When they do they don’t understand it. They never investigate the veracity of other religions and certainly nothing as heretical as astrotheology. Most Christians are just a bunch of lazy fucks who are comfortable being stupid,  ignorant and high-minded from being a member of their in-group……savages. I’ll bet if you checked the literacy rate for Christians overall you’ll find it is much lower than the general population and especially that of nonbelievers.

I used to hate getting up on Sunday to go to church but my mom said God woke me up all week (no he didn’t my circadian biorhythms did that) so I owed God at least that much. Most so-called Christians rarely or never attend church. Why? They’re too damn lazy to get their asses out of bed on Sunday morning. Many of them are still hung over from Saturday night or laid up with someone they met the night before and now cannot remember their name to ask them to leave politely.

Finally many Christians just claim to be Christians so they won’t be ostracized by the flock for having alternative beliefs. In other words they are conformist cowards. That’s another form of laziness because they refuse to be brave enough to endure whatever criticism may come from not believing in the literal historical versions of organized religions which have no basis in reality whatsoever. Being lazy is one thing. Being a coward is another. Being ignorant is just the icing on the cake. Call it cognitive dissonance or whatever you like. It will result in the extinction of the human species and the rest of us don’t deserve that. Apparently the Titanic is about to sink a second time.


  1. Ahem.. excuse me, but this is mostly a pile of stereotypical hogwash. Jus saying.. 🙂

    Do you actually know any real Christians?

    • It’s not hogwash. You just hate the truth like most humans. I was raised Christian as a preacher’s kid. I’ve seen this first hand my entire life until I freed myself from the lies. Good luck explaining to God why you believe Jewish Biblical “hogwash” because it won’t be nearly as forgiving. No loving God would do the things that the Old Testament God has done. There is no historical Jesus. It’s been proven that the New Testament maps out the zodiac and constellations like when Jesus chose his twelve disciples from fisherman the Sun was in Pisces the fish. It ALL maps out similarly. You should get a copy of Ovid’s Metamorpheses or listen to Santos Bonacci on oraclebroadcasting.com. The Bible is true. It’s just not literal or historical. Saturn is Saul of Tarsus. Jupiter is Jew St Peter and on and on. You’ve been duped. Be a man and admit it. There is only one reality and we all share it as long as you choose to embrace the truth instead of cognitive dissonance and lies. If you leave this world believing that a just and loving God would commit a blood sacrifice of his only son to forgive your sins then you are a sick individual. God is already perfect and always has been perfect. Only Satan requires blood sacrifice. Only Satan would tell Abraham to kill his son Isaac. Your Biblical God is pure evil. Get a grip not only on reality but morality as well. The real sacrifice is giving up the material world for the spiritual but Christians are too “thick” to understand the allegory/metaphor and need everything explained to them like little children. Of course when the priests explain it they just tell you it’s literal and you believe it, mostly because your parents told you it was true when in fact they got duped too. Religions are nothing but a generational collective of duped individuals who keep passing it on to their progeny. You cannot possibly know the truth until you step outside of your current beliefs to see if they really make sense or if others have a better explanation. Most Christians have just been conditioned to defend the lies to protect their “sacred” and evil world view. It’s all psychology 101, not even 102. The fact is that you’re just plain wrong but your ego won’t let you admit it to yourself because it would shatter your world.

      • You come off really angry about it. Seems to me that if you really believed everything you just replied to me that you would be at peace with yourself over it; you’re anything but. You don’t read as if you’re someone trying to “help” humanity see the truth. You read as though you’re attempting to force feed something distasteful and false to the world, and we aren’t buying it; that is Satan’s MO.

      • Why shouldn’t I be angry at a bunch of delusional people who have ruined the world for everyone else who doesn’t their beliefs? Christians are the intolerant bunch along with every other organized religion of zombies.

  2. No, I’m sorry. It’s you that comes off as intolerant and radical. You don’t have any right to dictate anything to anyone, nor do I to you. You can believe whatever you like; it’s your choice. No one’s “ruining the world” by their perspective and personal opinion; that’s just pure hyperbole.

    • Yes you are ruining the world because you vote based on your religious beliefs even though this country is supposed to be a separation of church and state. You are intolerant because you vote for people who ONLY support YOUR personal religious beliefs whether it’s abortion, gay rights or what have you. That’s intolerance. I am a radical. I support getting rid of all religions so we can save the planet and humanity from complete destruction. Religions were only invented to divide the people while the rich conquer. You are just a group of pawns in the elite’s game and you refuse to acknowledge it out of ego. That’s fine. This game was over a long time ago and it’s people like you that did it.

  3. Sounds really immature and intolerant to me. Anyway, can’t stay to argue further, but I have every right to my political pov just as you do, no matter what I base it upon. Yes, your pov is incredibly radical and frightening because it goes against the American constitution of freedom of religion. Here’s hoping you think on this more deeply in the future instead of reacting from a very emotional place.

    • You do have freedom of religion but you don’t have the right to force your values onto others by voting only for people who support you through 501.3c’s and other discriminatory practices against nonbelievers and those of other faiths. We also have the freedom of no religion but I guess you don’t observe that part since it conflicts with your religious dogma.

  4. You’re looking at this from a completely black & white perspective, which is unfortunate. People with other perspectives and points of view aren’t just something you can angrily lump into a box — just because you don’t happen to understand or subscribe to what they believe. They are not all the same. Take me, for example, I don’t fit your little stereotypical mold that you’ve drawn for us here in your blog.

    You’re coming off really narrow minded, which is ignorant and intolerant, and not even other atheists, agnostics, or the unbelieving are going to support you in these kind of stances. When people are very young, they turn to these extremist, narrow perspectives that don’t allow for perceiving of anything in shades of gray; in other words, everyone is either all good or all bad. This is unrealistic and isn’t the way of things in reality.

    Perhaps attempt to move away from the putting everyone into your neat little roles and boxes and allow them a little wiggle room so that they can teach you that they are about far more than you may realize.



    • I’ve qualified all of my characterizations with many or most appropriately. I never say ALL. Many Christians are not even Christians. They just go to church to socialize because that’s the way they were raised. They don’t know a single thing about what Christianity is all about or the message that the mythical Jesus taught. Nothing I can do about how screwed up Christianity really is except expose it for the fraud it is.

      • You should read this article.

        Mind Control of the Masses

        A select group of people know they are contributing to the success of creating confusion among the masses of this world in order to conceal their true agenda of which all human beings are a part, willing or unwilling. The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government that is the true ruling power. You are governed, your mind is molded, your tastes formed, your ideas suggested, largely by people you have never met or heard of before. This is the logical result of the way in which society functions today. Vast numbers of human beings must co-operate in this controlled manner if they are to live together in peace and prosperity. Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this conditioning, it remains a fact that in almost every act of daily life, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in your social conduct or your ethical thinking, you are dominated by a relatively small number of people who understand the mental processes and mental patterns of the masses. The real issue or concern is whether or not you are aware of the fact that your freedom has been substituted by mind enslavement.

        The urgency of your attention this very moment is straightforward. Your mind is being controlled by others and used against you. You are now ready to understand the truth and the madness. It is time for you to wake up and take control before you are physically, emotionally and mentally changed forever. Consumerism has been used as the substance of this new creation while psychology is the essence of deceptive change. The general populous has become consumption and economic slaves of addiction.

        You are in total control of your mind so let no other human being fill your mind with fear, uncertainty, psychic phenomena or mental waste. There is no battle between good and evil. By allowing your mind to dwell on such polarizing symbolism, you allow yourself to keep participating in the subservient deeds of those you don’t even know. The checks and balances of the good and evil model provide the illusion of fear, uncertainty, luck or misfortune in your life. Pass no judgments and these phantasms of deception and control have no basis.

        Now look around and see how many minds are infected with addiction and consumption. Look at how the “puppet masters” have raped minds through disbanding, fragmenting, splintering and even destroying knowledge that might have helped many realize their own true being and essence.

        Knowledge has been twisted and used against you to control your freedom. Today’s society has become rich in academic twisted knowledge and very poor in awareness and truth. Religion, philosophy and new age spiritual teachings are only a few of the various devices being used to blind you from the truth of who and what you really are. Your own mind is being used against you to consume your true identity and keep you under the watchful control of the “puppet masters” who rule through means of fear, uncertainty, addiction, consumption and twisted knowledge.

        Your mind has been turned into an unfathomable and imperishable ocean of deception. It is your own mind that has become your enemy. It is always the habit of the human mind to be thinking about something, to be always contemplating upon the forms and figures of various persons, places and things. It is your mind that has the cravings and desires and the “puppet masters” know this in great detail.
        Think of how you have been conditioned into deep thought with the planning and scheming of lusting for wealth, power and control. It is through your mind that you experience the pleasures of success or the agony of defeat. As a friend, your mind uses its techniques of deception to get you to fulfill its desires. As an enemy, it uses fear to threaten you into fulfilling its cravings. Your mind may lead you astray any way it can, by keeping you from discovering your true identify. This is for the most part, the design of those who would willfully deceive you. Whether you believe it or not, you have been living in someone elses world right up until this very moment. Your mind has been conditioned to accept the puppet masters view of pleasure and your physical senses have been shaped to conform to their will. Your awareness right now is beginning to take back control of your life which has been stolen from you.

        Is your mind in love or attached to any physical object? If so, you have been conditioned. Are desires, cravings, attitudes or opinions clouding your attention? If so, your senses are playing on the desires and cravings created by others. You are being moved about like an emotional rag doll. Now think how long it took you to lose control of yourself. It started with your parents and your grandparents.
        It was a slow methodical process of programming you out of your own true identity.

        Modify, impair or change the human brain and you reduce, increase, or modify the mind’s ability to function autonomously. Your mind needs you to take charge of your desires and cravings. To do this you have to attach your mind to the greatest thought that exists. The thought of your own unique identity, inner peace and freedom.

        Need more proof. The reconstruction of your consciousness into this automaton thing is being executed in such a manner that it goes virtually undetected; in fact you are doing it to yourself and don’t even know it. Why with the proper incentive, you’re doing it to yourself and just love it – look at all the “stuff” you have. You’re so comfortable you have become passive, submissive, and you don’t even have to think. You just go with the flow. It feels good and quite natural running on automatic. However, disrupt your automatic mental state with even the simplest of problems – like misplacing your keys or wallet – and life becomes a living hell in your mind until you find those keys or wallet to re-establish your habitual routine. This becomes true of any little problem in life. You want it resolved as fast as possible, to stop the mental frustration, torment and confusion. You have become so addicted to living life under the control of others that even small annoyances become stressful events in your life.

        You are constantly being fed images, sounds and information to keep your mind habitually thinking and speculating upon matters that have little or nothing to do with your life. This keeps you self-programming your mind to react and respond in specific ways to various stimuli when presented. For example, your television is literally programming you. The negative factor associated with the news is the same stress factor that causes changes in your mental and emotional thinking patterns which cause physical changes to your body; sickness, disease, and possibly premature death. Why you even carry the news with you wherever you go, stressing everyone out with it. You argue with others about it, even fight physically about these opinions that were given to you. After only a few years of the news, the stress and this unnatural human interaction, have made you addicted to living someone elses life. You even start things going with those you know will argue and fight with you over a trivial matter. You get your mental and emotional fix in this way. Emotional, drug like habits are being developed in you to generate abnormal states of depression, loneliness, and many other unusual and unnatural states of mind. Through repetition, your mind quickly identifies itself with certain unnatural, emotional, and mental states of consciousness as being normal. A few years ago you would have viewed this as abnormal.

        Your emotions are being used against you to lead directly to the habituation and subsequent automation of your mind. Your emotions are being developed to rule over your intellect because as a determinant, the emotions offer greater subjective identification to unnatural stimuli. A few uncontrolled people see this form of mind manipulation being used to lead the masses towards war. While the reason for war always appears to be developed around intellectual reasoning, the real rallying points pivot around the long term, deep rooted feelings that have been cultivated in your minds over many years.

        People are medicated so heavily with emotional stimuli, that very few can ever accomplish anything in life. While you imagine, think about, and consider all sorts of things you would like to do in life, you never seem to be able to make your dreams come true. As the years roll by, your mind becomes habituated and addicted to living life in an emotional failure mode. When it comes to making the proper choices and getting things done, your mind continues to worry and speculate upon all sorts of obstacles that prevent you from taking any action towards manifesting your dreams.

        You are under the influence of, and listening to, the “puppet masters” as they dictate to your mind and its emotions. You are being controlled. Your life is becoming more and more illusionary, lacking less and less in the substance of experience.
        The computer, the Internet and virtual reality are quickly habituating many minds into automatons, to function like robots in the labs and slave factories of society.

        You have lost consciousness of who you really are. You are a prisoner in your own mind. You are being held hostage by the invisible strings of others you do not even know. In fact, these small groups of people want you to stop reading any further, right now.

        You must learn how to “switch off” these preconceived ideas and open your mind if only for a few moments at a time to see what is being communicated to you. You must learn how to “switch off” or temporarily ignore the subtle programming and imagery being used to control you if you are ever going to realize your true identity. Whether you believe these things or not, our shared destiny has been realized and the choice is now yours.

  5. Mainstream Christians don’t even preach morality anymore. Megachurches and non-denominational born again “Christians” have defecated on the word of God and 2000 years of Christian history and replaced it with a feel good false gospel where hedonism is the purpose of life and sinners go to Heaven and saints burn in Hell. There are no rules!

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