The Murderous Depopulation Scam of Soda

April 20, 2012

I used to be addicted to soda. I just loved waking up in the morning and feeling that rush from a Pepsi sloughing whatever crap had accumulated in my mouth and throat overnight from sleeping down the proverbial drain. It felt like a clean start from a fresh flush like an avalanche or a waterfall in your mouth.  Little did I know that soda is basically sweet acid when it comes to your teeth. Now after fifty cavities, ten root canals and six crowns I realized that soda had to go along with most sugar. The carbonation really hides the fact that you’re drinking pure poison. Soda was designed that way. I found a documentary called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” about high fructose corn syrup and how the human brain doesn’t really know how to process it so it basically clogs your veins like cholesterol since your body cannot break it down like a simple sugar.

Here’s a Youtube link:

For all we know the dental industry (American Dental Association) is colluding with soda manufacturers to keep people rotting their teeth out. The worst part is that people die every day from obesity and the complications it causes. We all know about that and we all know that in America it’s always profits before people because we worship money as a religion although most of us deny its power over us. I won’t even go into a discussion of the poisons called sugar substitutes. From saccharin to aspartame to sucralose they have been giving us cancer and heart disease on purpose for decades now when they already knew about natural, low calories sweeteners in use all over the world for centuries. It’s just not cost effective to do what is right apparently or either it just goes against the depopulation agenda espoused by Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates amongst others.

So why do Americans keep willfully poisoning themselves? Many times even when they know the awful truth? It’s a chemical trick sort of the like umami used in things to make them taste more savory. In regular soda they pour a ton of sugar. Normally you couldn’t stand to drink it like over-sweetened Kool-Aid. To balance the sweetness they use a ton of sodium (also bad for you)  and then mask it all with carbonation. If that wasn’t bad enough they dump a crapload of caffeine into it. Caffeine is a diuretic. In other words it makes you pee which dehydrates you. Once you’re dehydrated you go back for another soda and before you know it you’re a fat ass going through a twelve pack a day. Do you see how evil people become when everything is controlled by money and corporations? They are literally Satanic in worship of the money god Moloch. I like to finish by telling people to wake up but Americans never will so I’ll just end by saying good luck.

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