Mommy and Daddy Dearest: Strippers and their Clients

April 9, 2012

American males have been conditioned by the Jewish rap and rock music industry to idolize strippers but many think you need a lot money to sleep with strippers so they avoid them because they have a lot of debt, a low-paying job or are unemployed. Ironically those are most of the guys who are actually sleeping with strippers, especially if they sell drugs. The guys who spend a lot of money don’t get much action. They get promises and lies while the strippers slip out the backdoor of the club at the end of the night with a bouncer walking them to their car leaving you sitting there drunk looking like the biggest dumb ass that ever walked the earth. Today it’s about drugs first and foremost and then money second. The women that are hired by strip clubs are mostly women who have been sexually abused at some point in their lives. Almost all of them have never had a reliable father figure in their lives. This causes them to seek out men who will treat them in the same way. Those women are forced to become more like men because of the absence of a father or presence of a bad one. Most of the customers are similarly damaged men who are seeking substitute mommies. They have of course been emasculated. Women and men both need strong mothers and fathers or the mental damage from the missing parent will appear in adulthood as some sort of perversion, compulsion or addiction. It’s a fact. The elite know it’s a fact because they spent billions of dollars studying human behavior and determined that feminism and materialism is exactly what would create this condition in America, allowing them to take over everything using their phony currency once the family was destabilized and ultimately destroyed.

What men need to understand is that most strippers live very boring and predictable lives. They are professional escapists. They go go to bed when the sun is coming up. They sleep all day. They wake up, get high, smoke cigarettes, eat shitty food, go to work, dance, barely make tip-out many times, buy more drugs, then return home to a loser who takes their money and then treats them like dirt. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. This is what these women have become accustomed to because they have low or no self-esteem. You cannot change them. You cannot date them. They are emotional vampires who will suck the very life out of you if you let them not to mention your 401k. They have no control in their personal lives and exhibit what professionals would classify as psychotic behavior. Their bodies are the only thing about themselves that they consider worth anything so you best believe it will cost you money or drugs, and usually both, if you want to spend your time chasing a fantasy. Men believe strippers are highly sexual beings. Most are quite the opposite because of childhood sexual abuse. Real strippers are just comfortable being naked in public but that doesn’t make them sexual. Since men are so visual we have a hard time understanding that. The horniest women are those who had normal healthy relationships with their fathers. I look for that. Those chicks can’t get enough sex and there is no crying afterwards either. Strippers these days are just flat out broke. They hate dancing but it’s all they know, even when they aren’t good at it. That’s why they need to get fucked up prior to hitting the stage.

Since we men have such massive and often fragile egos many of us believe we can walk into a strip club nicely dressed with a little money and use our game to pick up strippers. No you can’t. Maybe you can pick up the ugly strippers but not the fine ones. For the fine ones you need drugs  and lots of them. I mean cocaine, Xanax, ecstasy and oxycontin. Anything else won’t do. Women can get their own weed so if that’s all you have then just stay at home because you will end up back there alone anyway. Black clubs and white clubs are somewhat different when it comes to drugs because most black strippers don’t take all of these synthetic pills like white strippers do. Most black strippers drink and smoke weed and that’s about it. They still have daddy issues though so that part doesn’t change. Another difference is that most black strippers at black clubs are also prostitutes. They call them parties but depending on how upscale or downscale the club is you can pay anywhere from a hundred to five hundred dollars an hour for some very overrated sex. You would do better to just buy an escort. Trust me. Been there. Done that. Not doing that again. Black women are already notorious for under-performing in bed and strippers are no exception.

I’m not promoting going to the strip club, having sex with strippers or even selling drugs to get sex from strippers. I’m just telling you how it is so you can decide for yourself. If you want to have sex with fine white strippers you must have cocaine. If you want to have sex with fine black strippers you must have a ton of money. That’s all there is to it. They aren’t that complicated. If you want a relationship with a stripper then there is something wrong with you. These women are not datable. They hate themselves making themselves incapable of any healthy expression of love. Many of the customers are the same way. I guess I could always identify this because I’m not like that myself. It makes strippers mad to see guys like me in the club. They are drawn to the losers and jerks. I’m a polite, educated, well-spoken black male with a college degree and a six figure job with no kids. I am the ultimate anti-client to a stripper and a reminder of just how fucked up their lives actually are. That used to be a good thing but it only breeds resentment in strippers today who are barely making enough money for diapers every night or who have overspent themselves and now find that they cannot pay the bills without having sex with the customers.

Several of my so-called friends are obsessed with the strip club. It’s all they talk about. I just hang up on them sometimes or put them on speakerphone while I’m doing something else, not paying attention to them at all. They are like little girls obsessing over a cute guy they met in school. It is really quite pathetic. I like strip clubs because I can go see attractive women who are naked and get some lap dances while having a few drinks. To me that’s fun but it ends there. If a stripper is hot and she wants to sleep with me for free  or a very low price I’m going to do it but I’m not peddling drugs to these lost causes and heaping bad karma on my shoulders for the rest of this life or any other. A lot of these strippers end up with STDs because they get high and have unprotected sex with someone they barely know or their cheating boyfriend. I’ve seen a stripper get into a car with a group of guys after hours who had a bunch of coke. We all know what happened that night. Three holes and five poles means somebody is getting waiting in line for leftovers.

It’s a sad commentary of the state of America because in actually strippers are not that different from regular women you might meet at a dance club or pub. Most of them have daddy issues as well. Most of them will try to use you and take your money if you seem like a sucker. Most men actually are suckers and fall for it, especially when the woman has a great body or whatever turns you on. The only difference I see between strippers and non-strippers today is that non-strippers can’t get plastered while they are at work. Maybe that will change soon too. Strippers can and do get plastered at most clubs because it makes the night go faster and they can actually enjoy grinding on complete strangers. Strippers used to be real strippers. Now they are basically drug addicts who were sexually molested as children. You can thank feminism and the media for that, both courtesy of Jewish influence in America. White people will always sell out other whites for enough money. This is tribal warfare between white Gentiles and white Jews, nothing more. Blacks are just pawns in the game keeping white males angry while Jews make off with all the money. They’ve only done the same thing in over a hundred other countries before being expelled and no they don’t teach that in public education because the NEA is run by Jews as well.

If you want to find a mate and start a healthy relationship in America good luck. I know it sounds depressingly negative but your relationship is doomed from the start. All of us have been socially engineered into the normalization of deviant behavior. That can never end up in long term happiness. I’m content with just having some fun and some peace of mind while the elite finish us off. I understand the ebb and flow of the universe. Things will get worse and then things will get better ad infinitum. That is God’s design and it cannot be abrogated. So buckle up because the worst part is yet to come for those of us still alive today. We won’t live to see the improvement phase that is a few hundred years away. Hell not even babies born a hundred years from now will see that, assuming the elite haven’t destroyed the entire planet after finding and relocating to another habitable one for themselves. Mankind did this to ourselves with our money worship so there is no point in crying over spilled milk at this point. What is done is done. May karma have mercy on us all.

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  1. From your other blog you said:

    “I was raised Christian as a preacher’s kid. I’ve seen this first hand my entire life until I freed myself from the lies.”

    Blogger, I believe you’re running from God, your parents, and the life of Christianity you’ve been trying to escape since you were a young man. You’re the prodigal son in the bible, essentially. You’ve been brought up in the way that you should go but you’re allowing this world’s values to play with your mind and perspectives. You’re being influenced and it shows in your values.

    You can’t escape truth though, hon. Ever. It will keep coming back and smacking you in the face, no matter how far or how fast you try to run away from it.

    You’re obviously an intelligent person who is attempting to do well for himself. Think things through and stop hating on your past; it will serve you well one day, I suspect. Don’t be tricked or fooled by what this world values. At one time, you knew the Lord; there is no substitute….

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