Easter Is The Sun (not the son) Rising In The East

April 8, 2012

Christians are mind-controlled slaves. They give their power to the priest class each year on Easter in the false hope that a Saviour is going to return to save them from the priest class. How stupid is that? Easter means exactly what it says…..EAST. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Easter also means “Pa-Khonsu” in Egyptian which is an epithet for the sun god Horus. In Anglo-Saxon it means “goddess of the dawn” who is identified with Ashteroth, Ishtar or Isis. It is simply a date to mark the vernal equinox where the days begin to become longer than the nights. The twelve disciples are the twelve signs of the zodiac and the story of Jesus is the story of the sun traveling through all of them. That’s all. The only reason it became personified is because the people were too stupid back then to understand astrotheology. Apparently they still are because this is all paganism. Easter is also Middle English for Ester, an ancient pagan sex goddess. Estrus in Latin refers to ovulation so we can see why the Easter Bunny and eggs are part of this pagan ritual. Nothing is hornier than a damn bunny. The colored eggs come from the Anglo-Saxon myth of Ostara who changed her pet bird into a rabbit to amuse the kids. That rabbit then brought forth colored eggs which Ostara gave to the children. If that’s not enough proof then how about the fact that the name for the mythical sun and Jesus both add up to 888 in Greek? Coincidence? You’re out of your mind if you think so. Get off the fluoride.

No one is coming to save you from anything.  The sacrifice is not about killing a man named Jesus and then begging God for salvation. It is about sacrificing this left-brain physical existence for a right brain spiritual one. Christians and believers have been had but it’s up to you to overcome the cognitive dissonance and break the spell they cast on you as a child or whenever you accepted these perversions of reality. Jews created Christianity to keep Gentiles in the dark……..literally and figuratively. Jews, like the Seventh Day Adventists, worship on Saturday because they worship Saturn or Satan. Some believe Saturn used to be the sun of the Earth until it got bumped out of the way by another cosmic object, creating Venus in the process as well. Judaism is Satanism which means so is Christianity and every other major organized religion. All will wake up eventually because you have no choice in the matter but why not do it now and save yourself a buttload of painful reincarnations?

If the link and video below don’t convince you that the literal interpretation of Christianity is a farce then you have a mental problem even worse than cognitive dissonance and need to seek professional help to overcome your religious addiction. Astrotheology is not Satanism. Astrotheology is the truth. Religion is the actual Satanism.


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