Gyno-Anglophilia = Addiction to White Females

March 10, 2012

I’m noticing a growing trend in the black community and since I don’t know the word for it, if there is one, I had to make one up. Basically anglophile means someone who is obsessed with European culture and gyno means female so gyno-anglophilia means obsession with white females. It is a real addiction in America and it affects all non-white males to some extent but of course none like black males. Maybe that’s because we’ve been in America the longest being subject to European beauty standards. Maybe it’s because black male-female relationships have all but collapsed from Jewish feminism and media brainwashing of everyone. That brainwashing includes powerful stereotypes that dumbed-down Americans believe to be 100% true across the board. You can never underestimate the combined effect of poor education, poor diet, chemtrails and daily doses of fluoridated water as well.

Since I spent most of my life in North Carolina I don’t want to pretend that this phenomenon is happening everywhere in America. I believe it’s more common in the South because of the history of the interracial taboos there from slavery. What I do know is that every black guy I know who likes white women has an unhealthy fascination with them. This is not anything new of course. Rich black men in the limelight have always pursued trophy white women in a vain attempt to make themselves appear more palatable to genteel white society. What they never understand is that a rich black man with an attractive white woman will never be palatable to any white man, just like most black men find it unpalatable the way Halle Berry only has romances with white males in the movies.

Now we have Ice T loving Coco (who is really just fat now) and Lamar Odom married to Khloe the witch. Interracial has gone mainstream. Don Cheadle is even banging skanky white chicks on Showtime now in the series “House of Lies”. I guess this is a sign to idiots that blacks have arrived. In fact it really just means that the Jewish elite are promoting racial dilution because distinct races with identities pose a threat to their global power structure. White males are absolutely correct when they complain that race-mixing is being promoted while the Jewish elite maintain their pure bloodlines. What many white men don’t get is that black males are not promoting it. They are just victims of it just like many white women who watch too much TV and listen to gangsta rap and modern hip hop trash. Jews are promoting this to destroy the white race because they fear white Gentiles will eventually wrest power from them and topple their new world order which is nearly complete. A single mixed race of mutt slaves goes hand in hand with their global agenda.

This addiction to white females by non-white males goes much deeper than just physical attraction, however. There is a genuine obsession-compulsion complex whereby many of these men flatly reject all other races of women. That’s not just media brainwashing in my opinion. I believe maternal childhood issues are at play here along with the idolization of everything white or light. It is no secret that most black children are raised by single mothers, meaning the men have no real father figures. Without a positive male role model the mother has no way to imprint proper behavior toward black women so black males get it from the media instead. To make matters worse Americans of all races are constantly bombarded with overt and subliminal messaging that normalizes and idealizes whiteness. If you are not white then the next best thing is to date someone who is or at least as close to white as possible within your own race. Psychologically that offsets your own non-whiteness and makes those people feel more accepted in their minds while in fact they have become less accepted in reality because white males view you as stealing their women.

Another major factor in this growing trend is the Jewish porn industry and strippers. Most of these performers are white women and we all know how porn has infested the internet just like the Jewish elite have done America. We all can plainly see how music and strippers have been linked. You can hardly find a music video anymore without naked women in it playing the stripper role on the pole. This media bombardment of males with white female sexuality has created pockets of non-white males all over the country who refuse to date any woman who is not white. They believe white women to be cleaner. They believe white women to be freakier in bed. They believe white women to be more demure, more feminine and less confrontational. All of those may be true in some cases but it is simply the social engineering at the root of it. Nothing is ever true across the board for everyone.

There are clean, feminine, freaky women of all races out there but growing numbers of non-white men believe only white women can satisfy them, especially now that many white women have bodacious bodies that were once only found on blacks and Latinas. Big booties on white women have become accepted thanks to women like  Coco, Selena, Jennifer Lopez, Vida Guerra, Kim Kardashian, et al. Food hormones and recessive genes are likely the culprit with many white women but they also tend to work out more than other races to maintain their figures because they know it means money. Plastic surgeons aren’t doing too bad these days either.

So what is the cure for gyno-anglophilia? It’s simple and I know it because I used it to cure myself of this malady. The cure is stop watching porn on the internet and brainwashing filth on TV and in Hollywood. In a matter of weeks you will have an entirely different perspective on females in general. Also stop going to the strip club if you go. All of these activities create a “white female worship” mindset in non-white males. There is nothing inherently special about a white woman versus any other woman. It’s all media induced so if you unplug the media then over time your brain will return to the proper perspective the same way eating less crap will make you more healthy. Now I could care less what color a woman is. I only care about whether she has a nice body and can carry on a decent conversation. There are women of all races who fit that bill. Just remember it’s not a personal preference when you only date white women and you’re not white. You think you had a choice but the media took it away from you without you knowing or approving of it to destroy the white race. Take it back and restore your sanity.

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  1. Wow, Wow, Wooowww.

    You need to write your own book. Seriously, you need to write a book.

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