The American Tripe Of Birthday Hype

March 5, 2012

Today is my birthday. Who cares right? It’s just another day and a workday at that. I gotta make sure the government via corporations keeps giving me fiat currency that is actually a lien on the government’s bankruptcy so I can have food and shelter. Basically we need jobs to keep from dying. Nice huh? I’m the ripe old age of forty-two which is twice twenty-one so I guess that means I can drink twice as much now while I’m having my mid-life crisis, fooling around with 18 year olds who just want my money and leasing an age-inappropriate vehicle.

Birthdays in America after meaningless after twenty-one for men but women never let these subjective milestones pass without doing something to screw up the rest of their lives or else they consider the entire affair to have been a complete failure after which they plunge themselves into an abyss of gloom and doom. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. American women are bat-shit crazy because they imprint from TV and Hollywood and then ego-maniacally deny that it is happening at all. Even the ones who don’t watch have friends that do and end up bat-shit crazy by contact.

Many American women love to pretend that their birthday is a sacred occasion where everyone should give them money and gifts and worship them for absolutely no reason whatsoever just like socialites like Paris Hilton who is known for being a slut and having a rich dad. Wow……I’m so impressed. I have even seen some women pretend that they are having multiple birthdays every year, which basically means no one even knows when their birthday is or cares. It is as if they want the entire world to fall at their feet and worship them for a day. No one ever does. No one ever will. Americans are selfish to the core. We don’t care about anyone else’s birthday. We only care about our own so there is never anyone around you on your birthday who really gives a shit, except those who are hoping that you return the same bullshit phony concern and presents when their turn comes a few months later. Nothing is done altruistically in America anymore. Maybe it never was. Everyone wants something in return. That is completely antithetical to the teachings of every major religion, although religion is certainly no benchmark for morality in many cases, but I love how Americans pretend to be righteous using words but completely Satanic in thought and deed as if God wouldn’t really be able to ascertain their true motives even if humans cannot.

I am not bitter about not celebrating my birthday at all. It truly is just another day and night is just day without the sun. I just chose this subject because it was relevant to endless list of what ails America. I love the fact that with each passing illusory moment of time I am getting closer and closer to leaving this wretched dimension of hatred, conflict and manipulation of the many by the few. Most will never wake up and understand what the quest for cash has done to them mentally, spiritually and psychologically. Honestly they don’t even care that they are basically destroying their souls for something that doesn’t even really exist and then they wonder what is wrong with me. Why don’t I love money the way they do? Why don’t I dream about it and spend every waking moment in its never-ending pursuit? Why don’t I screw over everyone and everything just to make sure I have more than everyone else? For most it’s money over mind. For me it’s mind over money. You can never be free if you love money and there is no defending love of money out of fear of not having your imaginary needs and wants met because if we all united then fiat currency would be gone tomorrow and we would be back on the gold standard or something similar. The only thing that’s going to be gone tomorrow at this point is the human race, minus a few hundred million needed by the elite to sustain their global machine.

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