Light-Skinned And Dark-Skinned Are Separate Races

February 25, 2012

Most people are brainwashed to believe that race is a real genetic truth when in fact it is only a social construct to stratify the have’s and have not’s. Only six genes determine what people call race but what people really mean when they say race is culture. No one hates anyone simply from the color of their skin. That’s just a convenient way to recognize people in your out-group. We are taught that there are only Caucasoids, Negroids and Mongoloids and that every other “race” like indigenous people, Indians, Puerto Ricans, etc came from one or more of those three over time. That’s just dumb and you’re dumb if you believe it. You don’t have to know the truth to recognize a lie folks.

We are conditioned from birth, whether outright or just from daily casual observation of society, that lighter is better and ultimately that white is better than black. Let me just say that there is no way that whites came from blacks or vice versa. Blacks and whites are two distinct groups of humanoids created for different purposes. How and why it was done I cannot answer and neither can anyone else since we do not retain memories between reincarnations for most people.

My point is simply that if we consider black and white to be “races” then light-skin and dark-skin within races are also races because it is used in the same way to stratify a group of people. Race serves no other purpose. It is a divide and conquer tool of the elite. I’m not saying all races need to band together and defeat the elite, although that would be in our collective interest. I’m saying that anyone who looks different from you in some way that society values is really a separate race from you. Tan white people are a different race from whites who cannot tan because they are more highly valued from having a “healthy” tan. Lighter Brazilians with more Portuguese blood are a separate race from the generally darker Afro-Brazilians. It doesn’t matter if it’s interracial or intraracial. It’s all ranking people based upon the color of their skin. Of course physical attractiveness plays a huge role as well so that can also be considered a race i.e. those who conform to some accepted beauty standard versus those who do not.

You can see this divide play out every day in America and across the world. Spike Lee make a film about it a long time ago called “School Daze”. Basically the light-skinned blacks, called the Wannabees (because they wanna be white), hated the dark-skinned blacks called the Jigaboos. That dynamic is still prevalent to this day and people under its spell discount it as just peoples’ personal preferences. It is not a personal preference to hate or like someone because of their skin color. That’s just your ego telling you that you aren’t a racist. You cannot dismiss an entire group of people who you have never even met simply based upon their skin color and call that a preference unless it’s just a preference to be evil.

It doesn’t stop there of course. We saw this phony paradigm in Rwanda where Europeans divided the Hutus from the Tutsis even though they both were genetically from the same Bantu tribe. We see in between lighter skinned Asians like the Japanese and Chinese versus darker skinned Cambodians, Laotians, Thai and the like. This is a global conditioning because lightness equates with whiteness and whiteness with money. Once your brain receives and accepts that programming from the elite there is almost nothing that can free you from it and that is where 90% or more of Americans are right now, struggling against each other to survive in a rigged system where no one can possibly win except the elite.

Even more peculiar is this phenomenon within the black community. Many black men and women, regardless of their own skin color, demonstrate a “preference” which is really conditioning for either lighter or darker mates. My family has some light-skinned people in it and most of my cousins date only light-skinned people. They refuse to admit that they believe lighter is better because it’s closer to white or that they subconsciously equate lightness with money through whiteness. They never look deep inside themselves to identify the true source of their so-called beliefs which are in fact given to them and not chosen. They are like the birds in the Matrix, just doing their job as parts of the program.

Strangely, darkness within the black community became very popular and still is based on the conditioning of the individual. Many people like to cite Wesley Snipes as the earliest example of the dark-skinned macho mandingo fad but it really goes back much further to Sidney Poitier and African slavery before that. Now we have a generation of women of all races who think Morris Chestnut, Tyrese, Omar Epps, 50 Cent and other dark-skinned celebrities are the best thing since sliced bread and I guess that would be white bread. It is just another level of divide and conquer, a bringing forth of the outdated system into the modern world. Americans don’t realize just how much of what they believe to be their original thoughts are actually given to them by the media. That makes you a computer because you are being programmed. Computers don’t know they’re being programmed either, and like humans, they usually don’t care.

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  1. What about African, asian, hindi albinos with blonde, red and sandy hair and blue, green, gray eyes? also how come we can produce somebody white but it cant happen vice versa?

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