The Myth of Black Female “Double Jeopardy”

February 15, 2012

We always hear these days about how much harder it is economically and otherwise on black women than black men because of “double jeopardy”, in other words black women experience twice as much discrimination as black men because of sexism combined with racism. This is simply untrue for very simple reasons I will elucidate.

First of all no one to my knowledge has ever performed a study to ascertain if it’s true in the first place. You cannot just assume an assertion is true without real valid data to back up your point. I can say Planet X/Nibiru is real but without evidence to substantiate this claim there is no reason at all for anyone to lend credence to it, although many have fallen for that Jewish media trap.

Second this assumes that black men and black women experience white racism in the same way and we don’t. Black men are not only mentally and emotionally attacked but also physically by white racism. Black females are not nearly as often targeted physically because women in general are not perceived as physical threats to men because they don’t have our muscle mass and levels of testosterone. Black men are often shot on sight by racist police officers of all races including black ones. Police brutality is rampant in America against ALL people of color and even poor whites many times.

Third this assume that black women and black men are unified in their struggle against white racism. We are NOT. Black women have decided collectively through social engineering and brainwashing via the Jewish media that money and the phony American dream is far more important to them than stable families and real love from good black men, which they believe falsely to be scarce since they never position themselves in proximity to the places these type of men congregate because of their desire to live near whites in overpriced, uppity neighborhoods with very low crime rates. Black women are now a tool used by white racism (including Jewish racism) to continue the extermination of black males. Black women have collectively chosen to replace black manhood with the quest for money, starting when they kicked fathers out of the house to get an extra welfare check during and after the FDR administration. FDR was a Jew by the way so we know this was intentionally done to destroy the black family, which they still fear intensely to this day.

Finally, double jeopardy is a fraud because many white males are sexually attracted to black women, meaning they will promote them in corporate America and otherwise to get them into bed. Black females graduate from college at far higher rates than black males which further equips them for these high paying jobs. Once the money starts rolling in black females, like most Americans, become addicted to it especially if they come from a poor family. I understand that when white females are in positions of power they can and do sometimes exhibit racist behavior against black females but ultimately most hiring decisions are made by white males. Since most men don’t care what race a women is as long as she is attractive to us it stands to reason that racism against black females by white males, especially attractive black females, is grossly overstated. They love having that black booty bounce around the office all day. It makes the day a lot more enjoyable for all men.

In summary black female “double jeopardy” has been largely overblown, just like the myth of the gigantic black male phallus (although I don’t mind benefiting from that one). The people calling the shots in corporate America are mostly white males and many of them are sexually attracted to black females. While that does constitute sexism of a racial nature it also results in the promotion of black females into higher paying positions. Sexual racism against black men almost never results in higher incomes for us because women still do not make the majority of hiring decisions in corporate America.

“Double jeopardy” is just another lie to make black men appear even more lazy and shiftless than most non-blacks already believe the vast majority of us to already be. The assumption is that black women receive twice as much discrimination as black men and yet are successful in spite of it so black men must be even more depraved since they experience less discrimination than black women and yet continue to trail them in income and education. That completely ignores the sexual factor in white male hiring decisions and the fact that black men are specifically targeted for exclusion in corporate diversity to cripple our ability to support our families which results in our emasculation in the eyes of the black female.  These black women then turn to money, represented by white men, for their security and phony happiness. It’s the modernized version of Willie Lynch.

For the sake of simplicity I did not consider the effect, if any, of gays in this equation but clearly there would be some small effect from that group as well since gays would tend to hire more gays, regardless of race.



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