My TSA Raping At Tampa International Airport

February 12, 2012

I just basically got anally raped by the TSA at the Tampa International Airport on my way to Charlotte NC. Basically I had packed some brass knuckles in a carry-on and that’s not allowed, even though I did it a few weeks ago and no one from TSA said a damn thing. Now why would a real terrorist do anything they know or suspect would be detected? That’s idiotic. What’s funny is the TSA guy in charge of the shakedown looked like an Arab. haha…….He could have been a light-skinned Indian. This insult to my person took about an hour and I ended up missing the last flight to Charlotte so I am now spending the night in the airport. Anyway this is your country America. It’s a bunch of overpaid losers with no power in their lives who feel powerful when they molest and torture innocent Americans who have not done a damn thing and all for the lie of 9/11, which was perpetrated by Cheney, Chertoff and Israeli Mossad to maintain the military industrial complex for the bankers. Think about that every time you are asked to strip down for absolutely no reason.

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