The Horribly and Irrevocably Disfigured Legacy of MLK

January 16, 2012

Was MLK a puppet for the Jewish elite? In either case it is doubtful if he understood that he was being used as a front man for the phony civil rights movement started and funded by Jews so that they could progress in the background toward subversion of the US government while whites unleashed their projected angst and fury on visible black leaders and powerless nonwhites in general. There are many specious assertions about the private life of MLK. Some say he cheated on his wife or that he would beat women during drunken rampages. Those ridiculous claims will not be addressed here. We do know that Jews often frame Gentile leaders by bribing them or blackmailing them after drugging them and taking photos of them engaging in licentious behavior. Maybe that did happen. It really doesn’t matter. All of our self-proclaimed leaders are compromised to a lesser or greater degree or the Jews have them killed. There are no mavericks who survive and that goes for Ron Paul as well.

I believe that MLK was really trying to do what he felt was right and best for the country and world. He was a global citizen but at the same time he was a Christian who did not understand the real meaning of Christianity. Like most Christians he believed, partially or wholly, that the Bible was a literal historical account and the word of God. Anyone believing that is setting themselves up for the fall, akin to that of Lucifer. The Bible has some truth in it, some lies in it and a whole bunch of astrotheology. That means as a whole it’s full of shit because you have to cherry pick the truth from it with a discerning mind. Most Americans do not have discerning minds in case you haven’t discerned that either.

I have always preferred Malcolm X over MLK because Malcolm was militant. That is the approach we need to take with removing the Jewish elite from power. We need to reject the “forgive your enemy not seven times but seven times seventy” biblical nonsense. These Jews are not Biblical Hebrews. They just stole that historical role from those people and claimed it as their own. They are frauds. I don’t care what is in their DNA or where they say they are from. I’ve heard tens of terms like Hyksos, Essenes, Maccabees, Philistines, Canaanites, Akkadians and on and on. Americans don’t really care where these creatures originated. They just want them gone. The problem is that over and over whites continue to sweep the problem under the rug and expel the Jews to another country where they once again set up shop and start their global agenda all over again, eventually reaching the country that expelled them the last time. That’s idiotic unless you just don’t give a damn about your children’s futures on this planet.

We teach children (via the Jewish run National Education Association curriculum) that MLK was a man all about peace, justice and equality and then the Israeli lobby bribes and blackmails our government to have the military go bomb darkies and steal their resources. Anyone see cognitive dissonance at work here or is it just me? Everyone in this country is so angry these days and blaming everyone else but the Jews and themselves for their personal shortcomings in life. We are a nation of children venting on those we consider the weakest like a bunch of bullies. If Jews steal your money then why not blame the blacks for obtaining their fraudulent mortgages? Sure why not? If Jews are trafficking drugs into the country then why not blame blacks for selling them on the street? If Jews are trafficking guns then let’s blame blacks for being so horribly criminal and violent. Sure. Let’s give the Jews exactly what they want…a scapegoat and a diversion that takes all eyes off them so they can continue to destroying all Gentiles with minimal resistance.

I remember when I first heard Obama being compared to MLK. I almost vomited on the spot. Obama is the complete opposite of MLK. He says one thing and does another. MLK said one thing and did the same. Obama is a liar, a thief, a hypocrite and a murderer but Americans are used to being fed a steady diet of falsehoods and hypocrisy so apparently their brains have gotten used to it, desiring nothing salutary any longer. MLK and Obama both received Noble Peace Prizes but the former fought to end war and atrocity while the latter sought only to engage in more death for Israel.

MLK’s most famous causes were racial equality and ending war. Let’s see how that worked out in America. Well blacks have fallen further and further behind whites in their economic net worth. Blacks continue to receive the worst  education, the worst healthcare (if any at all) and the worst housing. We continue to be marginalized in the business community via white apathy and racial exclusion. We continue to be harassed and brutalized by the police. We continue to be denied loans by banks or charged higher interest than whites even when we have good credit. It goes on and on and on. It boggles my mind sometimes how much many whites hate, or at least resent, black people and yet what have we ever done to them besides surviving slavery? Was that our crime? Everything that whites think blacks have done to harm them or their livelihood was orchestrated by Jews and then blamed on blacks via phony religion, public mis-education and the Jewish controlled and owned media. We even still have whites who refuse to recognize the MLK holiday because they hate blacks so much they would rather work than get a paid holiday. They still believe MLK was a commie fascist but never blame the Jews of course or at least never in public. Ahhhhhhh……..the Great American Melting Pot….my ass.

How did we heed MLK when it comes to war? Well we started more wars of course. We allowed the elite Jews to orchestrate 9/11 killing 3000 innocent American citizens. Then we invaded Afghanistan pretending to look for Bin Laden, who did absolutely nothing to us, when in reality we were just wanting to take control of their oil and heroine. Then we invade Iraq after obvious WMD lies so that Israel can use our military to start slaughtering the Palestinians and Arabs in general. Then we invade Egypt. Then we invade Libya. Soon, maybe before I finish writing this, we will invade Iran and Pakistan. What a coincidence that all of these countries are largely Arabs and Muslims, the sworn enemies of Jews. In response to all of this what do Americans do? Complain to the powers-that-be that they want it to stop and then go give some more money to Starbucks and Walmart. Americans are retards but with the steady diet of chemtrails, mind-numbing television programming, Hollywood propaganda, anti-depressants and a flouridated water supply we have basically been chemically and psychologically lobotomized.

In response to this what do we blacks do? Basically nothing. Maya Angelou recently complained about a “drum major” statement on the MLK Satanic memorial that was designed by some Asian sculptor. She said it made MLK sound trite and she was right but don’t we have better things to do than worry about the inscription on a occultic memorial designed to channel energies to those enslaving all of us? Washington DC’s buildings, monuments and geometry is just one huge altar and conduit to the Jew God Yahweh, better known as Satan or Lucifer. Yes they are truly one in the same, despite what the straw-men will tell you. The whole city was designed by Freemasons. I guess they literally had to use that compass and square for once.

Beyond the black magick there are other more subtle programming techniques in use with regard to MLK. When most people see MLK they subconsciously think milk. What’s the saying? “Milk does a body good.” Wrong. Cow’s milk actually depletes your body of calcium and causes osteoporosis. When you associate MLK and milk then milk must be ok right? Another less obvious suggestion is Moloch. Moloch is another term for the God of the Jews. He’s the one from the Bible that ordered the Jews to sacrifice children to him by throwing them in a fiery pit. Then they would play music and make loud noises so they couldn’t hear the children screaming in gut-wrenching agony. Sounds like a great guy doesn’t it? That’s the god of the Jews folks. MLK is an abbreviation for Moloch, sometimes spelled Molech or even Molek. Finally if you employ a little gematria you’ll see that MLK reduces to the number nine. Nine is the number of the return and the number of the fall. That’s why it’s always key in the occult because it keeps people in the same mindset so Jews and their minions can maintain control. If we don’t snap out of this, instead of waiting for a 2012 miracle or the phony Jesus, then they will keep our souls trapped in this plane forever. They’ve learned a few tricks over the millennia for doing just that. Don’t believe it? Don’t worry. Your credulity is not required for your eternal slavery.


  1. You are a dangerously insane individual. I would be interested to hear or read a thorough defense of your claim that the Bible is “has some truth in it, some lies in it and a whole bunch of astrotheology.” I am calling shenanigans on the entirety of it. I look forward to seeing your substantiation.

    • You’re right. I am dangerous but I am completely sane. It’s the world that is completely insane. The phony god Lucifer and the real god will eventually enlighten you on the Hermetic principles and how you were tricked into believing otherwise. I am not here to change the future.

  2. Yea, Martin lutther king has been pimped-out by “the Man”…they use him to keep the Niggers darsile. Just notice how
    Marcus Garvey or Malcolm X is neevveerr shown on those black history month commercials, have little to NO national monument and/or recognition; but M.L.K does. The man who adulates integration with the slave-master; the man who says
    ‘non violent, non violent’ after 400 years of lynching, and pinching of his people.

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