Puerto Rico Will Become 51st State This Year

January 15, 2012

Most Americans are woefully ignorant of almost everything so I’ll get to the point. There is a major push recently to make Puerto Rico the 51st state and end their commonwealth status, whatever the hell that means as it is still legally unclear. The next question will be why? The answer, as usual, is because it benefits the elite to do so and harms the rest of us. That is always the answer. The next questions then becomes how does it hurt us and how does it benefit them. Those answers are not always clear but a little history first.

There are basically three political parties in Puerto Rico with three different positions on Puerto Rico territory status. The Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico or PDP is one and favors extension of commonwealth status, the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (NPP) which favors U.S. statehood, and the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), which favors complete independence. Puerto Rico would have to draft and ratify their own state Constitution before that could happen.

On December 23, 2000, President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13183, which established the President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico’s Status and the rules for its membership. This Executive Order outlines the policy and functions of the Task Force in identifying the options for Puerto Rico’s future status and the process for realizing an option. It also gave the mandate to clarify both the status options available to Puerto Rico and the process by which those options can be realized. In other words, the Task Force was charged with identifying for the people of Puerto Rico and Congress those status options that are compatible with the U.S. Constitution, without favoring any one of those options.

On April 30, 2001, President George W. Bush amended Executive Order 13183 with Executive Order 13209, extending the deadline for the Task Force to forward a report to the President until August 2001. President Bush issued an additional amendment to Executive Order 13183 on December 3, 2003 with Executive Order 13319, which established the Task Force co-chairs and instructed the Task Force to issue reports as needed, but no less than once every two years. Executive Order 13517 of October 30, 2009 made further amendments expanding the functions and required reporting of the Task Force.

The 2005 Task Force Report explained that the U.S. Constitution allows for three options for the future status of Puerto Rico: continuing territorial status, statehood, and independence. In so doing, the Task Force did not break new ground. The 2007 Task Force reiterated and confirmed the 2005 President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico’s status report.

On March 16, 2011, the Task Force issued a third report in which President Barack Obama’s administration joins those of Presidents George H. Bush, William J. Clinton and George W. Bush in describing Puerto Rico as remaining under the Territory Clause of the U.S. Constitution. This third report devotes the bulk of its contents to economic analysis and recommendations beyond the issue of Puerto Rico’s political status.

Now enter Luis Guillermo Fortuño Burset (born October 31, 1960). Yes he was really born on Halloween. He is currently the governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States of America. Fortuño is also the president of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (NPP), a member of the Republican National Committee, and will be president of the Council of State Governments during 2012. In other words this jackass is a sellout because he is getting paid to trick Puerto Ricans into voting for statehood.

Puerto Rico, although not a state, already pays many federal taxes just not on personal income like Americans do unless employed by the federal government. I won’t go into the illegality of the income tax on wage labor here but Puerto Ricans also pay into Social Securuity and Medicare but are only eligible for partial Medicaid payments, even though fully paying into it. They paid nearly 4 billion dollars into the US Treasury into 2009. They even have their own FBI, EEOC and other federal agencies and have participated in every single US war since 1898. Despite this fact they still cannot vote in federal elections and have no Representatives or Senators, only one basically powerless delegate. I have no idea why they would want to vote in our fraudulent federal elections but I’m assuming they don’t know how fraudulent they really are……..yet.

Sounds like they are already a state to me except with less benefits but conservative whites and other false patriots will cite that the US will become a bilingual nation, which we already are anyway, and that the poverty of Puerto Rico will be a drain on our resources, the same thing they say about Mexicans. They will complain about the number of House representatives received and the fact that the Senate would then ’em. We’re not going but we don’t mind if they do. I’m not negotiating with people who want all people of color dead because the Jews have once again robbed their stupid asses blind.

Enter Pedro R. Pierluisi Urrutia (born April 26, 1959) a Puerto Rican and member of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (PNP) and the United States Democratic Party. He is the current Resident Commissioner and powerless delegate of Puerto Rico to the United States Congress, having won the November 4, 2008 general election with 53% of the vote. He is the sole representative in Congress of the four million American citizens who reside on the Island. He was sworn in on January 6, 2009 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Bad sign there. Another sellout for sure.

After two previous failed attempts via HR 856 in 1997 and HR 900 2007 that never left the House, on May 19, 2009, Pierluisi filed HR 2499 (really 699 or 666 with the nines inverted via gematria), aka the the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010, a bill to provide for a two-tiered referendum in Puerto Rico to allow Puerto Ricans to express their opinion regarding Puerto Rico’s ultimate political status. HR 2499 passed the house on April 30, 2010 with a vote of 223-169. Notice that 223 is 322 backwards, the Freemason number and 169 clearly has occultic and zodiacal implications.

The referendum will set up two plebiscites effectively deceiving Puerto Ricans into voting for statehood. In the first round of votes, the Puerto Rican people would be given the choice between remaining a U.S. territory and “pursuing a different political status.” If the majority votes to maintain the status quo, this bill would require that Puerto Rico vote on this same issue every eight years. Why every eight years? Eight is the occult number of infinity and the biblical flood. This vote is scheduled to occur on 8/12/12 later this year, another date with significant occult numerology.

If the majority votes for “different status,” a second round of votes would be held on election day 11/6/2012 where Puerto Ricans would choose either statehood or independence-the status quo of “U.S. territory” would not even be an option! In other words, the two ballots would be rigged to favor the outcome of statehood, overriding the wishes of Americans and Puerto Ricans who want to maintain the current commonwealth status.

As of November 2011, the bill proposed by the Governor of Puerto Rico to provide for a self-determination process for the people of Puerto Rico has been approved by the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico and it is under evaluation by the Senate of Puerto Rico. I’m sure it will be passed because they’re all being bribed or blackmailed to make it happen. The bill under consideration by the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico followed the recommendation of the President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico’s Status reports of two-stage plebiscite to determine whether the Puerto Rican people wish to retain the status quo, and if not, which of the two available options they prefer. The 2005 Task Force concluded that such a process would be the best way to ascertain the popular will in a way that provides clear guidance for future action by U.S. Congress.

Here is what the new US flag would look like if Puerto Rico becomes a state and the occult numerology behind it. Instead of nine alternating rows of five and six stars (5+6=11 number of death) so 9/11, there would be six (number of Beast) alternating rows of eight and nine stars (8+9=17=1+7=8). There would be still the Satanic thirteen number of stripes.

Puerto Rico should remain steadfast and declare their independence. They don’t need us meddling in their lives and draining their economy just so they can be called a commonwealth or territory. It’s disrespectful to a people who have such a rich culture and history. Americans know nothing about that. All we do is buy stuff, do drugs, have sex and sit back while the government rapes, pilfers and pillages the global for Israel, The City of London and the Vatican. I don’t belong here.



  1. If you are so unhappy with the state of the Union, so as to recommend Puerto Rico to stay out of it, if you find it so Satanic, I would recommend a glorious alternative : The Confederacy can be revived, through the means of a second Civil War. The new Southern platform would not be based on the return of slavery, which never was their ideal, but of compassionate segregation : the rich having already their gated communities, the not so rich and the poor of all races, cultures and faiths could also have theirs, each one according to the identity of their choice, nobody being forced against their will into any group or ghetto, or kept out of any of them when they share its moral requirements. Anybody could visit any community for a limited visit time and an affordable fee. This would solve practically all security problems and make the poorer’s lot far more bearable. As for the rest of the Union, the North, it would tend to a scandinavian-type of state with all cultures an identities mixed into something quite bland, like a gigantic Ikea store. Most blacks and most hispanics would choose the Old World Order South, except the minority among them willing to be perfect citizens of the New World Order exemplified by the North. Israel could also be divided likewise, one northern state, the democratic republic of Israel proper (allied to Northern United States, and also the marxist-like Arab States), governed along futuristic socialist lines, as the first Zionist intended it to be, and the southern reinstated kingdom of Judah (allied to the Southern Confederated States), governed along the 613 mitzvoth exactly in the same way the neighboring Arab kingdoms are governed by the Sharia law. A super-high wall of separation not unlike the former Iron curtain of Berlin would separate both jewish states at the latitude of Jerusalem, and cross within it the wall of separation between Jews and Arabs we have now, so as to make the latter seem less dramatic to Palestinians in comparison. Each Jew would have his Arabs, and also his Americans, and Each Arab his Jews, and also his Americans.

    • I agree that those who wish to segregate themselves should be allowed to do so but most would never agree with that approach for the bulk of American land. Ultimately Britain and the Crown Temple still owns America on paper because the Founding Fathers were Templars too making the Declaration of Independence null and void. Of course they don’t teach us that. They just proceed under the presumption of that law, the same way they illegally enforce statutory law over trust law to get money out of us by trading us on the stock market via our Certificate of Live Birth. You cannot force an entire race of people to do the same thing no matter what it is for whatever reason, perhaps unless it is facing extermination.

      The entire issue is that what the American people want is never considered because we are the legal property of the British elite. In their minds and the minds of this government we have no legal recourse or right to redress these grievances. This is OUR fault as a whole for being so very negligent and completely derelict in our responsibility in teaching civics and trust law to children and young adults. It is the same American consumerism that now has made us completely dependent upon the state and the corporation for our survival instead of teaching the tradition of living off the land to each successive generation. Now we are not only physically but mentally dependent upon this “phony money” machine.

      De jure segregation is just one technique used to get us all into this mess by allowing the elite Jews to divide and conquer us while they took over the media. It also serves as a useful distraction to making Americans fear everyone who is not like us. We are a sick people who believe Arab terrorists are a real threat to our security, a laughable suggestion. There will be no Confederacy nor wall because anything that might help free us from this bondage is seen as a threat, regardless of how effective it might ultimately be. There is no choice for Americans but unity as a whole to slough this Satanic beast from our backs and grant us all true self-determination. Surely you must see that segregation cannot accomplish that as long as we remain so divided and continue to fund our own enslavement via money worship.

      This does not mean I support or don’t support race-mixing. That is irrelevant to us gaining our collective freedom but that historical taboo of whites not mixing with the inferior blacks or non-whites will keep most from understanding that racial cooperation for a desired end is a separate issue from having sex or children with someone of another race.

  2. If Puerto Rico decided to be independent their lives would be miserable …

    • I am not against race-mixing as such. It just must be done with utmost care. In the same way pure foodstuffs are combined to produce masterworks of gastronomy. Pure races don’t exist, but racial identities do exist, each one characterized by a different canon of beauty. I am not against Blacks living in Wasp environments, or Russian ones, and vice-versa, it may be good for some Whites to live in Black environments to develop other kind of talents (music, religion), provided the environment in question retains its characteristics, in order for the majority within it to be emotionally secure and for the invited people from outside to learn the host culture better. In Barbados you have black-skinned people who live exactly as Britons and among Britons, together with more Blacks who are rather of the Reggae type, among whom a few Rasta-like Whites also live. What is Satanic is both the isolation of all communities warring against each other, as is propounded by dividing countries in smaller and smaller entities incapable of fending for themselves without external banking assistance such as Quebec and Porto-Rico, and also the blurring of all identities and races into some grey goo without other cultural references other than global mass-media. America can both host variegated cultures that are endangered in their homeland (as the Pilgrim Fathers were first when England expelled them), and invent new ones, that are no less numerous and variegated. When I mean restarting the Southern confederacy, it is that way. It has nothing to do with reinstating slavery. Modern Black slavery is nowadays northern, with all Blacks reduced to a savage and gangster-life-promoting sub-culture 100% defined by Jewish-run companies, and prohibition for Blacks to get interested by studies or more refined music for fear of being lynched for playing Whitey.

      • Race is a merely social construct for economic stratification. Black is seen as poor and dumb. White (or light) is seen as rich and smart. There are only six genes out of tens of thousands that determine what we call race so clearly it is not genetically significant to any major degree. What people mean when they say race is culture. Different ethnic groups have different cultures. Americans really have no culture at all except for consumerism and materialism thanks to Jewish brainwashing at every level of society. We will go the way of Rome, Greece and the many dynasties that all crumbled over time into nothingness.

        You won’t have any problems from me because I don’t want any kids, regardless of what color they are. I believe this world is run by Satan so I do not wish to bring any more souls into it for their enslavement. We say it is instinctual for people to have children. The real definition of instinct is “filled or infused with some animating principle” meaning a soul. Satan traps us here to be its slaves because it cannot leave, meaning the elite and inbred Jews who are psychopaths with no chakras above the third.

  3. I’m Puerto Rican. I live in Florida. Honestly, it would break mi heart if mi isla became a state. The U.S.’s values and their priorities go against traditional Puerto Rican values. I already see youth in PR acting like white kids in the U.S. They’re not acting Rican. They just let go of their history like that and it’s shameful. A lot of us are going to be pissed if PR becomes a state. I’m telling you. Ricans are too proud to be shoved into a basket with other states. Half of Ricans are going to cause problems for the U.S. This statehood won’t help anyone. The U.S. should leave it alone. Let PR be independent. The U.S. is already leaching from PR while doing nothing for the island. Except throwing a few bombs down.

    • I hear you man. It’s not just Puerto Ricans though who are afflicted by the materialism and consumerism of America. Indians, Asians, Africans and all others become assimilated into this meaningless shallow lifestyle after arriving many times in less than a generation. America has no true culture. It’s all about seeing outsiders as enemies and then consuming as much as possible in celebration of our self-appointed role as leader of the “free” world as we enslave countries around the world with our phony “puppet” leaders after we have overthrown democratically elected governments. Everything in America is a lie. The government lies. The TV lies. The people believe the lies and then go lie to each other. Americans even lie to themselves. We are a sick bunch. I ma going to have to get out soon. The only problem is if you aren’t careful where you go then our foolish military will end up attacking your new home over a stick of gum.

      I feel bad for people who give their souls in their homelands to come to America and become a consumer. It’s really a bad idea even though it might make life easier for those countries where there are few jobs and a low standard of living is the norm. The Bible says “What doth it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul”? I’m not a Christian or a Catholic but that verse is definitely true. Americans have all the wrong priorities. We are infantile in almost every aspect. We believe a two party system of corruption controlled by the global elite can actually be reformed from within. hahaha……what a joke. Half of the people here are hooked on antidepressants and prescription pain killers. The other half are sex addicts, alcoholics and zombies from watching too much reality TV.

      You have to understand that America was never meant to be a free country. It was meant to be a military base for the elite. That’s why we have over 700 military bases around the world. Israel tells us what to do and we do it because they get their orders directly from the elite, many at the Vatican and many from the 13 ruling bloodlines. There is nothing Puerto Ricans can do. It’s not in their hands anymore because, just like Americans, they think their votes count. Nothing counts in America except money and violence. Every election that matters is rigged for a corporate outcome. Puerto Ricans are already paying big money as a commonwealth but not getting much out of it. At least this way you will have access to more services. The problem is that your “puppet” leaders have been bought off like they always are so eventually America will erase all Puerto Rican culture and replace it with our brand of worthless consumerism designed to steal your soul and turn you into brainwashed slaves for the corporate elite. Sorry man. We had a chance to fix this as one humanity united. That chance is gone. Good luck to you.

    • Join America as a full-fledge state, but reclaim the freedom the original American states had, which was far greater than today’s so-called independent western countries towards Washington and Wall Street.

  4. The majority will win in favor of statehood and the vote has to now,

  5. I think you are insane we puerto ricans want statehood , honestly all of you have some mental issues and you belong in a mental institution i have a PHD in history and I am not American. I agree the republican democrat system is corrupt in many ways

    • I think you are a fucking asshole and I know for a fact some puerto ricans don’t want statehood. You are insane if you think ALL Puerto Ricans want statehood. The US can drop a bomb on you whenever it feels like it so show some humility. We can do nuclear testing down there and give all of your kids cancer and birth defects. You Puerto Ricans are too proud for no reason. What have you really done? Nothing. Your country got taken over by the Spanish easily so what are you so proud of? You got forced to speak another country’s language. That didn’t happen in Africa. They still speak their native tongues there in addition to European dialects. I don’t give a shit about your piece of paper PhD that proves you are indoctrinated. You don’t know jack shit dickhead so take your PhD and shove it up your ass!!!!

      • I believe that puerto ricans are entitled to their own opinions. Some want statehood, others want to remain a common wealth and almost nobody wants to be independent. I am puerto rican and i believe we have lived as a territory for to much time. Some are afraid that they will lose their culture and become diferent people and that won’t happen. It’s like saying that other states don’t have diferent cultures. Texas has cowboys, rodeos, Hawaii has hula dances and Puerto Rico has arroz con habichuelas. But in the end all the states share a common culture, a kind of national culture, which I believe Puerto Rico already has. I believe in statehood.

      • I understand but I don’t believe Puerto Ricans have a choice this time. The vote will be rigged by corrupt politicians. That is the way everything happens in Americans. 100% corruption and everything to the highest bidder. America will makes tons of money off Puerto Rico. It already is. That means the people who throw the vote will get plenty in their pockets for retirement. I know Latin Americans are used to being able to change things with marches and protests in the street but that doesn’t work in America. They don’t listen and they don’t care. If you make too much noise they send the police and military to kill you and maybe even your family. There is no freedom in America anymore. It’s all lie. Anyone who gets in the way of the elite is eliminated. If statehood makes them money then statehood will happen because there will always be Puerto Ricans willing to sell out their own people just like every other “race” on the planet. There is nothing that can be done when the people ALL worship money instead of God.

      • Porto-Rico is already American in too many ways, West Harlem had been the de facto capital city of Porto Rico for too long for Porto Rico to be something else than an American state, although with original traits as many other American states like the Lone Star State have. The only alternative to Americanization is mingling with another quite big contrary political entity like Venezuela, or going back under Spanish rule. Nominal political independence near the US is a pure misnomer, it means a US-elite sponsored regime, it means government by the CIA without intermediate institutions, unless the country is under another even more authoritarian power’s sway like Cuba was under Russia (it is now Castro’s private plantation in the New World Order, that is to say what is to become of all future states including the American ones if the American elite have their say and succeed in demolishing their own nation by dividing it into so many gated community and ghetto like zones). Porto Rico could at best become some sort of fiscal paradise like Bermuda, but that is a deluxe version of colonial dependence the empire doesn’t grant that easily to many peoples. Actually, there should be only one mostly Spanish America, not so many fake independent latin states, as there is one mostly English America, with the possibility for ambiguous zones like Porto-Rico to choose between both now and then. When all people share more or less the same material culture and consumption style, understand a common language even though it might be a second one for many, and aspire for the most part to the same kind of society, they should form one country, as there should be secession when civilizations are incompatible as is more often the case in Europe and the Middle East. In a certain sense, there is a greater divide between Old South and North than between Florida and Porto-Rico, because the former two aspire to different social models, and not that much the latter two. New England could easily turn Scandinavian-style, whereas Louisiana could have easily been some sort of inland West Indie. I am writing for Quebec where many people (about 25 %, 50% by including the mere non-separatist decentralizers) have been dreaming of secession from Canada so as to secure a French-speaking society in America, it might sound great in principle from a romantic point of view, but it means nothing when most people, including first and foremost the most devout nationalists, aspire to nothing else than a better share of the American way of life and listen only to English music. Romantic nationalism of the kind that make many small countries march in the streets against Anglo imperialists is something that was invented by genial Anglo-Saxons like Lord Byron and Edgar Poe and then exported, partly sincerely, partly as a divide and rule device. Its prevalence in the intellectual elite of a country is the sure sign of its culture being more and more anglo-saxon or at least anglo-saxon-like, and that might be the case with Porto-Rico. In other world empires like the Spanish one, romantic nationalism was just unheard of and irrelevant, both for the governing elite and for the conquered peoples. It succeeded in breaking apart South America only under British and then American pressure. It must be also noted that love marriage is also, historically speaking, an Anglo-Saxon invention, it used beforehand to be condemned as such as worse than prostitution by all theologians. Before anglo-saxon imperialism and cultural conquest, the very concept of passionate love marriage and also the very idea one could choose his trade so as to maximize his personal talents and creativity was considered at best very sinful ones. The Anglo-Saxons might have been wrong judging from the ugliness of the world they have built on those ideas (which are co-existential with capitalism), but I think most Porto-Ricans are more like the Anglo-Saxons than the former Spanish rulers or like maybe the future islamic rulers in that respect.

  6. The election is not rigged. If the first vote is won by the people who want to change the current status, there will be 3 other options. Like you mentioned, statehood and independece are two of them, the other option is an enhance commonwealth called the “ELA Soberano”.

    • You have a lot to learn about American politics. Everything is rigged and nothing happens by accident. There is no democracy. Regardless of what happens it will be bought. Money is God here.

      • All forms of democracy have been invented right from the start to have the power process concealed from as many eyes as possible, and enable a ruler to exert a kind of occult power a regular king or even a blood-thirsty tyrant cannot even imagine. Cleisthene and Pericles who invented Athenian democracy made no mistake about it, they could control everything from behind the scene and have their grand project executed exactly in the fashion of opera (and it is not coincidence theatre was of such an importance in that culture) as the people were given philosophical and insignificant issues to discuss, and utmost care was deployed so as to let only feeble-willed and influenceable magistrates be nominated in the name of popular power. Of course Pericles drew Athens’ political course only for dirty Money’s sake, which in that case came from Egypt (to be further made through piracy throughout the Mediterranean, and other occult sources) and was impersonated by Goddess Athena, the deity of sheer cunning (mehtis), not unlike today’s invisible hand of the market. The general principle is that whenever the mass are told they exert power through some rituals, about 40-50% are gullible, or cynical, so as to accept such a lie, whereas the number of those who look for truth and liberty for the greater number will always be tiny in comparison, and an easy target for whomever controls the former. The main use of democracy is to guarantee that the most non-dishonestly intelligent people are scoffed at and assassinated at will without political opposition, and in the case of Athens it was quite clear : most honest and not so rich thinkers like Xenophon had to flee to militaristic Sparta not because they liked the latter but just to escape people-applauded or ignored timely death. That form of government was back in favour later in the future in those states where the main source of money is occult and dishonest (generally maritime empires who thrive of traffic and piracy). Lobby-based american democracy as we are knowing it more and more is not a corruption or a farce of democracy, it is its very purest application. American in the beginning was far less dishonest and far more open to real free-thinkers (even though it was already organized along the principles of occult Egyptian-style Satanism) because it was no democracy at all but an aristocratic republic explicitly set up for the freedom of the one percenters like Jefferson : few history books tell you the simple fact that the little people were on the King’s side whereas the first American revolutionaries dreamt of becoming an American-born nobility.

  7. So did Puerto Rico become a state or not?

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