Why The New Age Movement Really Wants To Destroy Christianity

January 3, 2012

I cannot argue with Christians when they say that the New Age Movement and the New World Order want to destroy Christianity. They are one in the same and they are both run by Jewish elites. Where Christians go wrong is when they falsely assume that the Jewish motive is to destroy their actual Lord and personal Saviour who lived on Earth as God in human form. They think the Jews want to crucify their saviour all over again. That is all bunk and the Jewish elite know it’s bunk. I used to believe Jesus was a metaphor for the sun which sustains life on Earth. After further research it is beginning to appear that Jesus is actually a metaphor for Saturn, which the Jews worship. They worship Saturn on Saturday as well. So what right? Well Saturn is really Satan which means Jesus is most likely the same. They wage war by means of deception. Even their own Bible states that “many will be deceived”. That means Christians and anyone else who falls for organized religion.

Honestly it’s a red herring whether or not Jesus is the Sun or Saturn. The fact remains whatever he represents is an astrological body, not a person that lived on Earth with the power of God. The Jewish elite just want to unify the world under one New Age global religion of communism, fascism and luciferianism/satanism. In other words Christianity has outworn its usefulness. Religions are only good for dividing people. When you want to unify them you have to destroy them all in favor of a new one or none at all. That new religion has yet to be announced officially but clearly it is only one Mossad false flag away from coming to fruition. Many think it’s the New Age movement but we really don’t know at this point.

I know Christians don’t believe this because they don’t believe anything except the literal interpretation of the Bible, which has been proven to be false a hundred times. That is a pity because if you fell for Christianity then you will likely fall for all this New Age theosophy bullshit too when the time comes. The elite have all sorts of fancy technology that can easily deceive organized religion into believing anything they want. Remember they have hoarded and hidden ancient technology and secrets from us so we are really much less advanced than ancient Egypt, Sumeria and even the Phoenicians. We have literally gone backwards in time technologically, much like the backwards precession of the equinoxes.

I’m not saying that everything the global psychopaths believe is in reality a fact like the existence of a demonic entity that created this world and is in total control through them. What I am suggesting is that the Jewish elite believe it to be so. For me that is enough to treat the situation with due concern. Sometimes crazy people are crazy because of paranoid delusions and sometimes they are crazy because they know the actual truth and want to use it to manipulate people. Either way we all need to be prepared and get off the low-truth diet of cognitive dissonance. If there is anything I know for sure it’s that Jesus is not coming back to save Christians or anyone else for that matter, including the Jews themselves.

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  1. I thought it was the white supremis first then the jews

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