Why Neither Bombs, Planes Nor Nanothermite Alone Collapsed The Twin Towers

January 2, 2012

I’ve never given much credence to the theory of Judy Wood on 9/11. Once Steven Jones came out with his hypothesis that military grade nanothermite was used I considered it case closed. Bear in mind that none of this argument has anything to do with the veracity of the official story. We know the official story is a lie regardless of which theory of the controlled demolition happens to be true ultimately. Based upon that alone Bush, Cheney and Chertoff are guilty of treason and should be tried and executed.

What I hadn’t considered about the Steven Jones’ theory is that nanothermite was used in the days after the Mossad attack to break up some remaining large pieces of debris so that calls nanothermite into question. Also the complete pulverization of the building could not have been caused by nanothermite alone. There had to be some other outside acting massive force to produce enough energy to vaporize 1000 toilets and to cause cars in the area to spontaneously combust. There are pictures of pieces of the building turning to dust in real time and yet much paper debris is unscathed and blowing around as you can see in video footage. Clearly that is not the product of plane fuel fires, bombs or nanothermite alone.

Enter the directed energy weapon. Most Americans don’t know about the existence of this technology. Nicolas Tesla revealed much of this technology before the elite murdered him and confiscated his work. How did this alleged weapon cause this much damage on such a powerful scale? Hurricane Erin was in the area that day (which means the elite created it expressly for 9/11/01 using weather control technology). That provided the conduit needed to channel this energy effectively. If you look at the path of Hurricane it heads toward the Twin Towers (people in the Towers could see it coming that’s how close it was) and right after the collapse it veered sharply out to sea at almost a right angle. That is impossible with Mother Nature at the helm.

I don’t want to create any more red herrings here since we already know the official story is a lie but someone definitely wants to keep this powerful military technology a secret. We already know that HAARP can create hurricanes and other significant weather events so none of this should be a stretch for any rational person’s imagination.

I also want to say that I no longer even believe that planes hit the buildings. TV fakery is much more likely from what I’ve seen since I formed my initial opinions, especially given the fact that BBC announced the collapse of WTC7 while it was still standing in the background. That alone demonstrates media complicity in these events so TV fakery is a very plausible scenario given the fact that no credible witnesses actually saw incoming planes. What they heard was missiles, just like the missile used at the Pentagon while a plane flew over the roof to make it appear the missile was responsible. We know for a fact from tens of witnesses on the ground floors of both buildings that there were explosions in the basements. Maybe the directed energy weapon couldn’t reach that far down or they just needed to take out the foundation first to make sure the pulverization was complete. Those details are not significant.

So here is the mostly likely scenario of what happened on 9/11. Missiles were launched at each of the Twin Towers. Digital planes were overlaid with those incoming images using common graphic software. Bombs were then detonated in the basements of the Towers to weaken the foundations. Finally the directed energy weapon brought the buildings down from top to bottom one after the other once Hurricane Erin approached close enough. The timing had to be precise but the Mossad false flag murder of 3000 innocent American citizens was not without its failings, which I won’t go into.

For me, enough said. We may never know the whole truth but there are disinfo/misinfo agents everywhere. In fact someone may even accuse me of the same. I don’t give a shit. All that matters is they are lying, not what they are lying about. Look at the evidence for yourself at Woods’ web site if you dare, assuming your cognitive dissonance took the day off.


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