Have A Yahweh Humbug Christmas!!!!!!

December 23, 2011

I am not a Christian. I have never been a Christian really. My father was a Methodist minister so I was forced as a child to pretend to be Christian on the outside or spend the majority of my childhood at the vicious end of a belt. I wholly deny the existence of a historical man named Jesus Christ who died for the sins of humanity. It’s been proven Jesus is Horus and the initials J.C. come from Julius Caesar. Even before I realized that these biblical characters were all cosmic entities I know Christianity and all manmade religions were a sham. How? They’re manmade. Nuff said. The people in power write history and they always lie to maintain that power.

Even though I never really believed I had gotten accustomed to playing along with all the stupid rituals and going to church and feeling guilty for having sexual fantasies….blah….blah….blah. You know that had to end, if for no other reason than I wanted it to be free of it for my own guilt-free gratification. That doesn’t mean religion is true. It just means I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to know why all religions are historically and literally false. The contradictions in the Bible provide plenty of evidence for fraud along with the hateful god (aka Satan) of the Old Testament. Even then I thought I was quite strange to believe in no god at all until the new atheists reared their ugly heads. People think that believers are the opposite of atheists. In their minds they are but in reality the opposite of a lie is the truth and the truth is that there is a god. Both atheism and theism are lies.

Christians feel the pressure of cultural diversity these days from the Jewish media promoting atheism because that’s what Judaism really is. It recognizes their demiurge Satan, aka the planet Saturn, as the true god even though Jews know about the real one. They just hate the real god of true love because it denies them ascension beyond this realm because the fourth chakra (the heart chakra) requires love which they lack in every conceivable way. They are stuck here in this material plane, although they keep using their stolen Egyptian secrets to try to find a wormhole or some other method to get off the planet. If they cannot then they will be content to stay here as phony gods with us as their servants, slaves and worshipers. Hopefully I’ll be dead by then and won’t reincarnate back to this dreadful place of money worship, the only true religion still intact.

The Jews invented all religions to divide the world but now they need to dissolve them all and unite them under their New Age global religion which is nothing but more Satanism. Some prefer to call it Luciferianism but I avoid that because Lucifer is the bringer of light. They use him to create this photonic 3D reality but it’s really not Lucifer doing it. The evil is Satan and that’s why Jews worship the planet Saturn on Saturday. It’s also why I worship Jupiter on Thursday. I’m a Pisces and that’s my ruler. Anything that resists Saturn can’t be all that bad even though Jupiter is just another moniker for Saint Peter. I am no Catholic. The Catholic Eucharist is vampirism and cannibalism of the worst sort. They are spiritually feeding off of all of us which is why there are so many vampires in recent years.

The funny part is that many people refuse to celebrate Christmas because they believe it to be pagan. That’s not really true. It’s just the Winter Solstice removed a few days over time because of the precession of the equinoxes. They had to choose a date so maybe they should have made Christmas a floater like many Jewish holidays that fall on different days each year. Pagan just means you are worshiping a false god. Well that’s the entire religion of Christianity and ever manmade religion because the so-called historical figures are just star references mixed in with metaphor and allegory. Whenever you celebrate a holiday created by the Jews they use it to drain your spiritual energy and hence become more powerful.

Case and point. Every major holiday Americans go out and spend themselves to death ending up further in debt. Debt is nothing but death. If you know Hebrew you can see how silent letters and vowels are used to mask the true meaning. The Egyptian symbols on the dollar bill is talismanic black magic. It drains you and empowers the Jewish elite. You just don’t see the actual energy transfer so you don’t think it’s happening but it is. There are lots of things they do to us that we cannot see but they still happen anyway. Could you feel your pineal gland calcifying as you grew up from drinking flourinated water? Of course not but it happened anyway. Can you feel what the chemtrails are doing to you or what the chemicals in your food are doing to your internal organs? Not at any given moment until the damage is catastrophic but it’s still happening all day every day. The elite Jews are patient because they aren’t going anywhere. That they know for sure.

If you want to have a holiday celebration that’s fine. Just don’t call it Christmas. Just don’t put up a tree. Invent something else and call it whatever you want. That way you won’t be partaking in the ritualistic energy transfer that the Jewish elite count on every year. I can almost guarantee you that something tragic will happen in the next few days. Boxing Day is a favorite day of the Jewish elite to orchestrate and perpetrate a disaster. Everyone is recovering from Christmas and returning gifts to the store or trying to catch an after Christmas sale. You are extremely vulnerable at that time. I’ve heard that Israel may even launch the attack on Iran on 1/6/12 which is the Christian Day of Epiphany. We’ll have to wait and see unfortunately since humanity doesn’t have the balls to bring these pederasts, parasites and perverts to justice once and for all because we are in love with their death notes called dollars.

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