The Illogical and Cruel Misandry of Age of Consent Laws

December 15, 2011

When are we going to start charging underage teenagers who misrepresent their ages to adults (18 and above) with a crime? It is utterly ridiculous to throw an 18yr old males in jail for having sex with a 17yr old female. Besides it is happening all the time all over America in high schools. They’re called seniors and juniors. Women these days look much older than they should because of all the hormones being put in the food, water, milk, etc. If someone looks like they are in their 20’s it’s not the job of the man to get a birth certificate or other form of id. These underage women are lying and they deserved to be jailed for that crime. It is not rape when it is consensual nor when there is only a year or two age difference.

This is just another example of gender discrimination against men. Misandry is the same thing as feminism. Women love to be portrayed as the victims all the time. Women can do anything that men can do these days. In fact women now have more rights than men. They can lie all they want in court and get men locked up. They can steal our paychecks even when they make more money than we do. They can prevent us from seeing our children. It goes on and on. You can even tell in Hollywood with all the female superheroine and supervillain movies out now. I saw one last night called Catch-44 with Forest Whitaker and Bruce Willis. All the women did was make fun of men, rob them, tease them with sex and then ultimately kill them. They are performing feats of strength via special effects that are just silly and ridiculous to watch while the men sit back and make awkward jokes or flounder about like an idiot waiting to be saved. Is this what we want to teach to our daughters about healthy relationships?

Almost all young women know whether they want to have sex or not well before 18yrs old. Many girls have sex before they even reach their teen years. With the barrage of sexual imagery in the Jewish media it is no wonder. These messages basically tell people to have sex for pleasure instead of when you are in love with someone. I have no problem with recreational sex but to make laws against based on some objective cutoff age is dumb. In fact it is cruel and unusual punishment. Men who are convicted of statutory rape may have to register as a sex offender. How is an 18yr old male who has consensual sex with his 17yr old girlfriend a criminal and a rapist? He most certainly is not. This is just part of the Jewish plan to demoralize and destroy men because we are the brawn who can kick their asses out of this country. They do not fear women because they control their minds with money and insecurity about physical appearance. Whenever women need to vent they don’t blame the Jewish elite at all. It’s always some Gentile man’s fault.

I don’t expect people to wake up to what is going on here. We haven’t to this point and the social engineering is becoming more and more overt and obvious. Americans just don’t care. We just want whatever we need to satisfy our personal desires and to hell with everyone else. Even many of those who are doing good things are doing them largely out of ego and the self-aggrandizement. This world is doomed. Lucifer is in charge 100%. You may not see it but I do. In the words of Yosemite Sam ” Say your prayers varmints!!!!!”.


  1. I agree the so-called age of consent laws are absurd,.
    I even agree that the law is discriminatory against men and women, with women being unable to join the infantry and with men often criminalized as sex offenders and rapists, the man always being the bad guy trying to make girls to what he wants and girls being innocent white victims and all that bullshit. Even the legal articles themselves use terms like “he” and “any man” etc.
    However, claiming it is the fault of the Jews and Satan is completely irrational and has no basis in reality. What’s more, you’ll end up causing discrimination and further harm.

  2. Why do you men want to have sex with little girls do badly? I’ve been reading other anti-feminsts/mra websites and 99% of you men want to have sex with girls as young as 13 (but only if she’s hot). It makes me wonder if other men think like that too and would I be accused of being sexist for stereotyping?

    What about the fat, ugly girls like me (I’m actually older than 18)? Do you guys wanna have sex with an underage girl that’s ugly and overweight? Probably not.

    But hey since women, err, girls, are popping out babies at age 14 in other countries, why don’t you guys move there? Just asking

    • You’re a misandrist and men hate you. Men have rights too. Why do MILFs and cougars rape little boys in junior and high school using their teacher role for easy access to the innocent? We need laws enforced regardless of gender. If men get executed for rape women need to be executed for rape as well. Get your female-biased crap out of here. If you want to be equal then you have to be equal in every way, not just the ways you prefer. Men have had enough and we are turning the tables on this feminist BS that has destroyed the family and America in the process.

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