Gabby’s Law: The Disarming of America Continues

December 13, 2011

Check out this link. Gabby Giffords or someone working for her is now pushing for more gun control to keep guns away from crazy people. How will they determine who is crazy? Well it’s anyone who doesn’t want to be a slave to the elite of course.


Look at the current signatures. They’re probably fake anyway but many of the names are Jewish. Hahaha…….In case you didn’t know both Giffords and Loughner are Jews. Loughner was actually a member of Gabby’s Youtube channel before the shooting as well. They even went to the same synagogue. You can’t make this crap up folks. The woman never got shot in the head or else she would still be in early recovery, permanently disabled or dead.


  1. She didn’t get shot in the head ? WTF are you talking about… did you get shot in the head? Are you the sergeon who operated on her?And what does the fact that she or anyone else was Jewish have to do with anything? I see, you’re a fucking Nazi propeganda monger. I’m for the right to own firearms and own several myself and have a permit to carry concealed but people like you make me sick. You and those who think like you should be barred from owning guns. I hope your next swaztika tattoo gets infected and kills you.

    • Were you there and saw her get shot in the head? That’s what I thought. Elite Jews lie about everything and they control 100% of the media. You’re obviously a Jew yourself. Well fuck off Jewboy. If you hate my blog then go read someone else’s. It’s a free country and I can believe anything I want. You have no say in the matter dickhead. Maybe you should move to China, Tibet or an Arab country where everyone’s freedom of speech is restricted when the government sees fit. FASCIST psychopath!!!!!

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