The True Purposes of Christianity

December 7, 2011

To make Christians fear hell, fire and brimstone for telling a few lies they never got forgiven.

To make Christians focus on the afterlife instead of here and now where the criminals and thieves live and thrive.

To take your money via tithes (and false patriotic taxes) so more people can be indoctrinated or killed if they don’t go along with the program.

To make you feel guilty via original sin and “chosen people” nonsense so that Americans get all the negative karma for the hideous acts commanded by the real ring leaders but announced by Obama.

To make you feel that God loves Jews more than Gentiles, even though Judaism is really just atheism, Luciferianism and Nazism all rolled into one.

To keep you from discovering the truth about the figures of the Bible who are actually just cosmic entities with different names.

To provide a social club of group think to reinforce the comfort of the lies.

To divide non-Christians from Christians.

To provide a way for Israel to do whatever it wants while we pay for it.

To make you feel that questioning your beliefs is heresy and blasphemy so you remain mentally brainwashed for life and unable to break free from your religious prison. That will doom you to repeatedly reincarnate making little progress toward ascension.

To hide the truth of reincarnation so Christians believe their souls had a beginning and that this one life is their only chance to get things right creating tremendous stress and guilt that brings you right back where you started.

What a mind fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blak Rant

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