Women Doomed America By Choosing Money Over Motherhood

December 6, 2011

Isis is one of the most important Egyptian goddesses as the goddess of birth and reincarnation. I see a lot of women these days using that as their pseudonym to be cool, especially as a stage name for strippers. If they only knew what that name really meant I doubt if they would take it so lightly.

If you look at the name ISIS you can see it’s the word “is” twice. Isis is the goddess of birth and reincarnation. She is the mother of all creation. Now imagine for a moment if you slide those S’s over to the left on top of the I’s. What do you have then? Yup………dollar signs. American women have done just that. They have allowed motherhood to be replaced by money.

Women have no one to blame for this but themselves for accepting the programming. They refuse to acknowledge how much more vulnerable they are to these shopaholic, materialistic tactics that have been used against them by the elite Jews and their social engineering. Instead they go on rants that every problem in their life is because of some man all the way back to their father. Well families would still be together if women hadn’t bought into feminism and entered the workforce trying to be the equal of man. Women have a huge case of penis envy.

Women can never be equal with men. Men can never be equal with women. We’re not supposed to be equals of each other. We’re supposed to complement each other. Women are better at raising children and nurturing. Men are better at firm discipline and rigorous manual labor. It’s that simple. God created two genders for a reason. Feminism wants to collapse those into one asexual, gender-neutral hermaphrodite. If God only wanted one gender it would have created one gender so this goes against the very creator itself.

This is not about equal rights. It’s about our place in nature and feminism, along with abysmal parenting, has all but destroyed the fabric of American society. Women asked for it and now they got it. Women can never have a successful career without that negatively impacting the children. The children need their mothers there constantly while growing up, not just when the nannies, daycare or babysitters are not available. If women would stop running the fathers off with femi-nazi bullshit then the men could return to their roles as providers. That would also create more jobs for men when women left the workforce. This has all been done to us by design, not by some nebulous “changing times”,  but women never want to look at how social engineering is used to destroy us all. Their shallowness and lack of depth of analysis on this issue has put us right where the elite want us.

Fertility in males and sperm count continues to plummet from all the chemicals in the food and contact with plastics containing BPA. These things are not simply poor quality control. The FDA approves toxins because they are controlled by Jews. That’s why Jews don’t eat goyim food. They only eat kosher food that is pure and safe and then they charge the goyim a kosher tax on much of it to boot. They never screw you over in just one way. That would be a waste of time to them. Throw in prescription pain killer addiction, chemtrails, flouridated water, non-stop media breads and circuses and you can see how we have been anesthetized.

We now literally have a nation of zombies walking around unable to think clearly and unable to form stable families. Many women are becoming infertile and men are becoming impotent. Forty years ago doesn’t look so bad now does it? Things weren’t perfect when women were pressured to be stay-at-home mothers but most women were fulfilled with that lifestyle because it’s natural and they are instinctively good at it. After Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, both Jews, got into women’s heads with their anti-family, fulfillment-is-a-career nonsense women started believing that life can only be meaningful when they do exact same things that men do, including watching football. We’ve done one huge gender flip-flop and now our enemies are really going to screw us because we’re too weak to fight back now. Thanks a lot mothers of America. You killed us all.

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  1. School is over until after Christmas break, so I have time to burn and ripping apart other people’s ideas is sort of fun. So I’m back for the first time in…I don’t know…6 months?

    FYI, I have this response saved on my computer. If you delete it, I’ll just repost it. Trollish behavior perhaps, but it amuses me.

    Since, given our previous discourse, it doesn’t appear that you operate from a standard view of reality, history, or facts, most of what I’m going to say is probably not going to influence you. You will, likely, just make up some alternate view of history that involves everything being the Jews fault and tell me that established historical facts never happened. I don’t really care. I can’t let such blatantly false statements stand without refuting them.

    First point. I know quite a few Jewish people personally and have studied the religion and it’s different denominations. Most Jews here in the united states (except Orthodox and Hassidic) do not keep kosher regularly. Perhaps on holidays like Passover or others, but not 365 days a year.

    Second. Yes, women did want the right to vote, the right to work outside the home, the right to have control over their own bodies. However the largest cause of women entering the work force, en masse, was WWI and WWII. With huge numbers of men in Europe and America gone fighting a war, females had to pick up the slack. They became postmen, factory workers, and grocers. They joined the military to do non-combat work to free up more men for combat duty. They did what they had to do.

    After all was said and done and the men came back to their homes, women were not so inclined to give back their new freedom. They liked making money, supporting their families, and having some freedom instead of being a glorified (not really all that glorified actually) baby making machine.

    This doesn’t hurt families for the most part. Poor education, poor choices, and lack of forethought create the single parent homes that cause society so many problems.

    My own mother is, essentially, the bread winner of our family with her doctorate and medical work. Though my father has worked in the past. Both of them made it to all my recitals in school, my mother took me shopping when I needed clothes, dad took me to gymnastics practice, both took care of me when I was sick and helped me with my homework. Our family was perfectly balanced, even if I was (and still am) closer to my father. (more because we see eye to eye better on religion and philosophy than I do with my mother.)

    Also, my parents have 3 children. Just a bit over the national average. We are all well educated, the same as my parents, and fairly well adjusted (something that, given the content of your blog, you do not seem to be).

    And wealth has nothing to do with it. My parents came from, quite nearly, nothing. My dad had 10 brothers and sisters and was drafted during the Vietnam war and used student loans to get through college. As did my mother. They worked hard to get where they are. Anyone can do the same. It just takes a lot of self control and hard work.

    And as for birth rate, yes it is lower now than it was in the 50s. Thank god. Did you know that we now have more than 7 billion people on this planet? There are too many of us. A falling birth rate can only help the situation. Birth rate falls because people are waiting longer to get married and not having as many children because they only have as many as they can reasonably afford to raise, so not as many children are raised in poverty.

    Stop blaming the poor personal choices and lack of self control (i.e. popping out babies when they can’t afford them, not using birth control, having promiscuous sex, choosing to do drugs or drink to insensibility) on other people. Everyone has to take responsibility for themselves and stop blaming their problems on others and expecting someone to fix everything for them.

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