The Psychology of American Apathy

December 2, 2011

It’s frustrating for people in the so-called “truth” movement to see the apathy of the average American toward the decline of the country but this apathy has been engineered mentally, physically and spirituality. It’s not just people who don’t give a damn for no reason. It doesn’t excuse it but when you understand the causal factors at least you can use some psychology to try to reverse it instead of arguing with them which leads to more resistance from them and ultimately undermines your goal.

Here are some of the reasons I’m seeing that people just don’t care anymore:

People just want to feel and appear better off than their neighbors and friends aka the Joneses. They are too far removed to compete with the Rothschilds so they settle for competing with the people they see most often in the most shallow ways possible.

People don’t want to believe their government is 100% criminals through act or complicity. They believe conspiracy theorists are overstating things and that we need to get a life. Inside we frighten them because they can sense the truth but they just make fun of us as a defense mechanism so they can go back to sleep.

People believe Jesus or some other non-existent deity will rescue them. Black people are especially guilty of this one. We will never recover from it as a race. This is why we are not seen as a threat by any of the global elite.

People believe they will die before the situation becomes critical. In other words parents don’t care about the future suffering of their own children. They will never admit that of course but the proof is in the pudding. Americans are horrendously short-sighted creatures.

It’s easier to just deny the horror of it all than face your worst fears so this is just cowardice and denial. It has replaced the instinctive fight or flight response. Now Americans either become paralyzed with fear or stick their heads back into the sand, sometimes both.

Even if it is true then there is nothing myself or anyone else can do about it because money is too powerful to be defeated. Money has no power folks. It only has the power we give to it. This system could be crippled tomorrow if we would just stop believing in it like capitalism is some deity worthy of our worship.

Social engineering has been so effective that people have too many personal problems to worry about those in power. People are hooked on drugs. People have all kinds of neuroses. They have unresolved childhood issues and on and on. When you are so busy trying to deal with that few have time or interest in solving mankind’s problems as a whole. We stay focused on the individual far too much to ever wake up as a whole. Look at how people worship celebrities as if there is really something godlike about them. They really believe that these brainwashed Hollywood losers behave the way they do on TV in their real lives. There’s an excellent documentary about this phenomenon called “Starsuckers”.

People equate debt with death. In other they think they will die unless they have paper money. Nothing is more feared than death, especially by those who do not believe in reincarnation. Most people are one major illness away from bankruptcy and those illnesses are becoming more and more common with all the toxins, mental, spiritual and physical, that we are ingesting and absorbing on a daily basis. They were spraying chemtrails today in Charlotte NC. Obvious as hell too.

False patriots. Americans claim to love their country but forget what Thomas Jefferson said (not that I’m a huge fan of a racist, slave-holding rapist). “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. We’re lazy cowards who want someone else to do the work while we sit back and benefit. Well this time it won’t work because almost everyone is sitting back and that’s not enough to change our dilemna. All we can do is delay the inevitable with that attitude.

Breads and circuses. Professional sports, shopping, manufactured needs, working extra hours for free out of fear of being replaced by cheaper labor, etc are all huge time consumers for the average American. Obviously you can’t be waking up while you are spending your time going deeper into a coma.

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